Prosecco Pong Is Here For Your Next Mom's Night In

by Cassandra Stone
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We all need a little Prosecco Pong in our lives, tbh

Drinking games are fun no matter how old you are. That’s just an inarguable fact of life. For most of us, our fondest beer pong tournament days are behind us — mostly because we’ve acquired much better beer tastes, but we also have to be responsible parents now at fun gatherings.

But every mom loves (and desperately needs) a good Mom’s Night. Now there’s the perfect party game to make you want to stay in — enter Prosecco Pong.

That’s right, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s like beer pong’s classier older sister. The amazing folks over at Talking Tables, a Texas-based party store, have come up with your new favorite game for girls’ night.

The rules of Prosecco Pong are easy: two teams toss ping pong balls into twelve plastic —but classy– cups, perfecting hand-eye coordination while sipping on Prosecco. The glasses that come with the game are (of course) pink, so you can feel a little more upscale while reaching your desired level of intoxication with your favorite mom friends.

We honestly can’t think of a better gift for your favorite hostess, bride-to-be, or any woman alive who would get a kick out of playing some pong again for old time’s sake. You can have all the fun of a college kid without the awful, watered-down lite beer. Prosecco is a wonderful alternative to typical pong-y beer without the price tag of champagne.

Basically, Prosecco Pong is the Mom Drinking Game equivalent of a tuxedo t-shirt: it lets everyone know you’re classy — but on a budget — and you like to party. We all need this in our lives.

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