This Quarantined Wife Completely Over Her Husband Is All Of Us

by Julie Scagell
This Quarantined Wife Completely Over Her Husband Is All Of Us

This husband belts out the ‘Golden Girls’ theme song to an audience of one: his disinterested wife

Now that we’ve spent 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our significant others, most of us are, well, over it. We’ve gone through the stages of quiet frustration, pointing out each other’s annoying habits, general disinterest, imitating them behind their back, hiding in the closet to bitch about them to our friends, and the short-lived but much-needed door-slamming phase. Well, one man seemed unfazed by his wife’s disinterest in him and decided to throw her a live concert of her very own.

Tik Tok user John Randazzo (who goes by pappajohnnydukes on the social media platform) posted a video of himself singing to his wife in a way you really need to see for yourself. It quickly went viral after being shared on Facebook and, again, once you see it, you’ll understand why.

His precious wife is just trying to do her nails in peace and quiet, and Randazzo is not having any of it. He decides now is the perfect time to serenade her with “Thank you for Being A Friend,” made famous by the Golden Girls, and I think I speak for everyone when I say he nailed it.

Using only a remote for a microphone and his charming personality (though she may disagree), Randazzo really gets into some lyrics more than others (knewknewknewknewkneeeeeewknew). Finally, his wife gives up on her nails and takes a long swig of wine, death-staring the camera he set up to record his own performance.

Facebook/Amber Janae

Now, I’m not positive that’s his wife, but her face says she’s been with him for a very, very long time. It’s the look of contemplating a life well-lived together and a quiet resignation that she will stay with him for the long haul, despite his shenanigans, that, I imagine, happen on the regular.

This pandemic has given many of us a whole lot of forced family time that we did not expect to have. It’s disrupted schedules, schools, work, activities, and a general sense of normalcy most of us dearly miss. We are, however, the lucky ones that get to stay home and healthy while so many continue to work to provide food, shelter, and healthcare to those who are dying from this horrible virus. Most of us will continue to do so even when restrictions are lifted to protect those most vulnerable in our communities, even if that means we must suffer through a performance like Randazzo gave (OK, we secretly love it).

This is why they make alcohol, Netflix shows, and locks on doors.