Rachel Platten Nails Why Pregnancy Isn't An Excuse To Comment On A Woman's Body

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Instagram/Rachel Platten

The only time you should comment on a woman’s body is never

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that along with the general bliss of growing a human inside you, there are insecurities that come with watching your body grow and change. So when someone points out just how much you’re growing, it can be a little (read: a lot) frustrating. Singer/songwriter Rachel Platten shared such a story and it has us all shaking our heads in collective disbelief.

The “Fight Song” singer shared her experience when a friend commented on her body after seeing her pregnant recently. “Hi so yesterday an (excited) acquaintance told me “wow your hips and butt look way bigger! So cool!” she wrote. As you can imagine, this went over like a fart in church because why would you ever say that to another human being?

“UMMMM. then i cried for 30 minutes. Because ive also noticed my body changing because DUH I’m making a human but I’m like ‘oh I’m being hard on myself no one can tell,'” she says. Platten shares that because of her profession, she’s always concerned with her body and becoming pregnant finally allowed her to loosen up a bit and concentrate on creating a healthy human rather than having to look a certain way for the public.

Platten shared her pregnancy news with the world recently, admitting that though she’s thrilled, it’s been a rough go from the beginning. “The truth is, I am overwhelmed with love, joy and happiness about our baby. It’s a total miracle that I’m growing a human and my husband and I couldn’t be more thrilled,” she wrote. “But, I have also had an incredibly difficult spring and summer with serious nausea, exhaustion, constant sickness and all the awful symptoms no one wants to really talk about when sharing the ‘perfect blessed journey’ of pregnancy.”

Regardless of how a woman is feeling or not feeling about their body, or their pregnancy, or their body during pregnancy, Platten reminded us all it’s never ok to comment on a woman’s body, ever. “Can we just put it out there that it is never cool to tell any woman their ass got bigger (or smaller). Just don’t comment. Even if you’re excited because it signals to you the miracle of life is happening – it’s still our bodies and it’s sensitive!” she wrote.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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