Raising Boys Who Aren’t A**holes Is A Tough Job. Here Are Some Momsplained Tips To Make It Easier.

by Christine Organ
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I have two boys, and it seems like since I was pregnant with the first one, people have been telling me how much easier boys are to raise. To which my response is either a death glare, confusion, or maniacal laughter. Because let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing easy about raising boys.

Well, if you don’t want to raise boys who are assholes, that is.

There are the constant toilet seat battles (why is it so hard to aim into the bowl instead of around the bowl?). There’s the noise and the wrestling and the smelly tween stink. And that’s just the minor stuff. Then there’s the never-ending fight to dismantle the patriarchy and toxic masculinity, so that they learn how to be kind, gentle and respectful men.

It is no small feat. It can get overwhelming. We need reinforcements. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered in this episode of Momsplained..

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