Woman Caught On Tape Hurling Racial Slur Says She'd 'Say It Again'

by Christina Marfice
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America, 2019: A woman goes on the news to defend her decision to use a completely vile racial slur in an argument

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: Nancy Goodman, a 71-year-old former administrative clerk from Raleigh, North Carolina, is a vile woman. Goodman, who is white, was caught on a cell phone recording hurling a racial slur at two black women in a restaurant. We think you know which slur she used.

Yep, Goodman was apparently upset that these women were being too loud in a public restaurant, so she did not speak to staff or management about her concerns, but walked over to their table and called them “stupid n*****s.”

But that’s not even the worst part of this story.

After the initial cell phone video went viral, a news station in North Carolina tracked down everyone involved — both Goodman and the pair of black women she targeted. In an on-camera interview, Goodman first tried to blame her anxiety for the entire situation. Sorry, but anxiety doesn’t make you throw racial slurs at strangers, lady. You seem to be confusing anxiety, a mental illness that affects people outside of their control, with your racism, something you have absolute control over and could change at any time.

Then, Goodman doubles down.

“I’m not gonna say I’m sorry to them, because they kept pushing at it,” she says.

When the reporter asks her about her decision to use the N-word, she responds with a smug grin (and this is a direct quote), “I used that word because they forced me into it.”

Oh, but somehow, somehow, this gets even worse. The reporter asks Goodman if she sees why people are offended by her use of the word, and here’s what she had to say.

“I do. That’s why I said it. I would say it again to them.”

She would say it again to them. She is completely and utterly unrepentant for her act of blatant, public racism that was not only caught on camera, but shared all over the world.

Obviously, people are responding to the video. Some are shocked. Some are angry. Many are just sad.

This is America in 2019. This is America where the president launches racist attacks on sitting Congresswomen of color and basks in a “Send her back” chant at his own rally. Don’t act like these things aren’t related, because they are. In an America where the president is openly and publicly racist, others feel extra emboldened to be, too.

And that’s how we end up with people like Nancy Goodman.

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