This Razor Brand Actually Shows Female Body Hair In Its Ads And It’s About Time

Image via Billie

New female razor brand is the first to show body hair in ads

Let’s talk about razor ads for a second. In every single one of them, the women are totally, completely hairless even though the product is all about shaving. It’s kind of like advertisers don’t want to show women with body hair because they think it’s unattractive (even though we’re all pretty prickly after a day or two).

Enter: Billie, the very first razor brand that actually shows women with hair. Halle-freaking-lujah.

Here’s the whole delightfully hairy deal. Billie’s advertising campaign features women with armpit, stomach, pubic, and leg hair. And when you see women shaving in the ads, you actually see them shaving hair away. Because it’s not too often that women sit in their bathtub and take a razor to their completely HAIRLESS body (*ahem* looking at you, Schick Intuition).

Georgina Gooley, the company’s co-founder, told TODAY that she wants to ditch the public stigma of women showing their body hair.

“When we started to build this brand, what we did was we went back 100 years and really wanted to understand when did women start shaving in America, what’s the messaging around kind of this hair removal and how had brands been talking to women?” she explained. “And what we found was, a lot of it is rooted in shame and making women feel bad by having body hair and then pushing your product so that you could sell more razors.”

Image via Billie

ALSO — have you noticed that men always have at least some facial hair in their shaving ads? Double standards at their finest.

Image via Billie

Image via Billie

Gooley emphasized that it’s totally, totally fine if women want to keep their body hair — and it’s fine if they don’t. She just wants to make sure that women are shaving it all away for the right reasons.

“We want to be representing what real women look like,” she said. “We never want to tell women that they should have hair somewhere, they shouldn’t have hair somewhere … it’s OK to have body hair and if you choose to keep it, then great. If you choose one day, you wake up and you want to shave it, that’s fine as well. But either way, you shouldn’t be apologizing for your choice and no choice is wrong.”

Image via Billie

The razors themselves are $9, come with a magnetic holder, and are shipped with four blade replacements. They’re also sold without the pink tax, which hikes up the prices of female products. Oh, and Billie has a line of body wash, shaving cream, and after-shave lotion to boot.

Sign me up for all of this. I might shave use the razors to shave a little. I might shave a lot — but you know what? It’s up to me, damnit.