This Man In His 30's Doesn't Think He's A Creep For Flirting With 19-Year-Olds

by Thea Glassman
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A man in his 30’s was confused when a group of younger women were creeped out by him

I know none of us need yet another story about a creepy guy who doesn’t understand boundaries but, alas, here we are. A 30-year-old man took to Reedit to complain that he was firmly shot down by a group of younger women he tried to flirt with. He was confused why these 18 and 19-year-old women didn’t want his presence at their birthday party and my eyes have officially rolled alllll the way to the back of my head.

So, here’s how it all went down. A guy with the username Throweotro posted his story on Reddit, asking for feedback as to why the women thought his behavior inappropriate. His post has since been deleted but was posted to Twitter via @redditships.


Basically, he saw a group of women at a bar/restaurant celebrating their friend’s 19th birthday. He found them attractive and told his friend they should go over. “My buddy told me to leave them alone and that they looked like ‘babies,'” the Reedit user recalled. “He didn’t want to go over at first, but since the breakup, every other woman but my ex has been invisible. He went to wingman with me.”

Side note: if your friend says a group of women are too young and tells you to leave them alone YOU LISTEN TO THAT FRIEND. Ugh.

The two guys go over and he thought it was going well. Then, one of the women told him to “take a fucking hint R. Kelly.” She said that he was making them uncomfortable. Another woman asked the guys to go away. That wasn’t enough to get this man to leave, though. He wrote that he “stood his ground,” because he was irked by the R.Kelly comment.

He also didn’t get it when one of the women explained that he was too old to be hitting on them. But, um, that response fully checks out. 30-year-old men should not be invading the space of 19-year-old women and trying to flirt with them (attn: Moby).

“I said that adults are allowed to hit on adults. It’s not a crime,” the man wrote. “One woman just asked me why I was still standing there and yelled at me to go away.”

The guy’s friend later told him that he should have noticed that the women were uncomfortable and called him delusional. AGAIN, listen to your friend.

Later, a Twitter user posted a Reddit response from one of the women who the guy had been bothering. Her account of the events were, unsurprisingly, very different from his innocent retelling.

“Each time he said something, we nodded and then turned our backs to him. We said ‘thank you, bye’ a few times,” she recalled. “But he was still standing there, talking to us. His friend kept finding excuses to leave. I was annoyed, uncomfortable, and disgusted.”

People on Twitter had many thoughts and feelings about this guy and his whole situation. Basically, everyone was rolling their eyes and informing him that he was, indeed, being creepy.

As if it needs to be said again, men need to pick up on cues, not insert themselves into a woman’s space, and perhaps come to terms with the fact that it’s inappropriate to chat up 18 and 19-year-olds when you are THIRTY.

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