What Intensifies Your Orgasm Like Never Before? Reddit Weighed In, And It's A Goldmine

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It’s no secret people are interested in sex. If you say you aren’t, I believe you need to take a deeper look into yourself and realize even if you aren’t interested in having it, it is very interesting to read other people’s experiences. I mean, you might not want to admit you read that article about how to have the best anal, but chances are (even if you aren’t into anything backdoor-related) you want to take a peek and see what all the fuss is about.

The thing is, humans are sexual creatures. We like to orgasm, whether it’s by ourselves, our partners, or a few people in the same evening.

Sex connects us; it divides us; it’s something most people crave and need. Let’s face it, all of that makes it super fucking interesting.

An orgasm isn’t always the end-goal for everyone — you can have a great, intimate time without climaxing of course — but I think the majority of people agree a sexy sesh is better when you can release that tension and have an orgasm.

And the fact there are ways to make the big “O” feel even more orgasmic is a beautiful thing. If we can share tips and tricks with each other, it’s a gift if you ask me, so I’ll go first: Once I had to pee but my boyfriend and I were really getting into it and I didn’t want to stop since I was very close to climaxing and I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

Now, I’d never have intercourse with a full bladder, but if I feel like I have to tinkle a tinge and I’m masturbating or getting busy, I go with it.

Reddit put it out there and asked people what made their orgasm so intense it left a long-lasting impression on them (because of course they did) and the answers were enlightening, interesting, and some were very, um … creative.

Hanner800 wrote, “My boyfriend. Before him I was usually satisfied IF I orgasmed once. I did about half the time with previous partners. With him it’s at least 2-3 times every single time and sometimes as many as 7! It is so refreshing having someone who cares about your pleasure probably more than their own!”

7 times?? Seven? First, I’d like to know how much time they have on their hands and if either of them are able to hold down a job. But also, my vagina hurts thinking about that. After one I’m so sensitive, ticklish I can’t touch my nips, bottoms of my feet, and especially my pearl. This will never happen for me. But, cheers to seven times. Holyfuckingmotherofgod.

Waffles_da_pimp likes it deep, commenting, “Had a gf that could easily deep throat like a champ. One time she let me cum while balls deep down her throat. Wew lad, makes my eyes water thinking about it.”

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Also, not for me but congratulations on stuffing your balls in someone’s mouth, and still leaving her enough room for all of your cum.

If you see a field of pumpkins you are going to look at them differently after you read what ErnestGetsElected said. “When I was a teenager I got so horny I drew boobs on a pumpkin then put a condom on and fucked it. All the little jigglies in the middle along with the tight hole I cut into it and rubberiness of the condom ruined me for pussy. I came so hard I fell over and crushed the pumpkin right in my room. It took weeks for the smell to go away.”

I’d like to think of something witty to say here but I have nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.

IdreamofCake wrote, “A few months ago with my husband. Woman on top and we had both climaxed, he was gently playing with my nipples and I was rocking back and forth rubbing my clit on him when he started to get hard again inside me. Something about him growing while I moved on him set me off. It was this slow building orgasm that went on for several minutes and left me shaking and weak. 15 minutes later my legs were still jelly, and he had to help me to the bathroom, where he took his time showering me off and caressing me with his hands. Had a third smaller orgasm, he dried me off, and took me back to the bed where we cuddled.”

Again, don’t these people work? But also I’m curious to know if she had cake afterwards because I could go for a large slab from reading this alone, much less all the sex.

Sugarshit likes carpet … and it’s not what you may think. “The strangest orgasm I ever had was when I was around 20 years old. I got high and started dragging my feet along some shag carpet, just scootin around the room slowly. It felt so good that I continued for over a half hour, just thinking and babbling and giggling to myself like an insane person, until suddenly I had to stop because my body went rigid and I felt a kind of … sudden seizing, as if I was going to sneeze violently. And then it hit me— I was coming. I’ve never had anything like it since, but not for lack of trying. It was amazing. It left my whole body weak and I laughed-cried afterward.”

Um, sounds like they went for a magic carpet ride. Also, they need to be a team player and share their weed source if they are going to post shit like this. It’s only fair.

Edging can be a great way to enhance your orgasm (no carpet or pumpkin needed). For example, Obvious_Alt_251 says, “A prior FWB had learned how to edge me very damn well. When she finally let me release I’d be paralyzed for a good thirty seconds.”


WhiteTrashRSA has some tips for people with a frenulum (that little ridge of skin that connects the head of the penis to the shaft). “First time ever having sex was a BJ, she sucked my soul right out my body. For the single dudes I lately discovered using a vibrator on my frenulum to finish myself off also produces one hell of a nut.”

That’s great. I don’t have a frenulum but word on the street is you don’t need to be single in order to enjoy this. But, you didn’t hear that from me.

your_lonely_star likes to get dirty in the tub, writing, “In my bathtub, hands free and water running through my clit. Goddamn drowned myself into that water. That was probably the best orgasm till date.”

And duckyiseveil had a fling with seat belts, “Idk if I can say this but I have bondage fetish and I was on the bus and the seat belts were weird do not judge.”

I think cheesec4ke69 spoke for all of us when they commented, “I’m not judging but I’m left wondering what kind of seat belts they were.”

Yes, please share.

Hopefully these tips will get you started, if you know what I mean. And if you have anything to share with the class, we welcome that too. From pumpkins to seatbelts, let’s keep ’em coming … pun totally intended.

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