Let's All Relax About Mommy Wine Culture

by Christina Dunn
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Mommy Wine Culture is a classification of moms who enjoy drinking wine and do so as a practice to un-wind, in a non-judgmental setting. There is a widely accepted perspective that this culture normalizes drinking wine as a way to cope with the stresses of parenting. Parenting is stressful, many moms drink wine. The concept is genius. It’s also normal, which is why it’s so successful, and marketable, but it’s not necessarily or always dangerous. This might seem a little bit scary. But parenting is a little bit scary. Let’s all relax.

Parenting is hard. Moms cope by finding hobbies, socializing, exercising, and having wine. It’s legal, it’s normal, and it’s okay. What is not okay is doing these things in excess. When this occurs, we are no longer coping in a healthy way, and as a result, we’re not being the best parents we can be for our kids.

I cope with the challenges of staying at home with two young kids by using all of the above-mentioned strategies, and more. I try to see the Mommy Wine Culture memes for what they are — humorous and relatable, but not to be taken too seriously.

I own a wine glass that has “Mommy’s Sippy Cup” etched on it. It was a light-hearted and well-meaning gift from my sister-in-law, who doesn’t have kids. I choose to have a glass or two of wine after my kids are asleep, most nights, while cooking or relaxing with my husband. If an individual finds these behaviors or ideas offensive, they absolutely have the choice to not follow, agree, or engage online or in person with me.

Mommy Wine Culture does not cause the alcoholic mother to continue drinking. If wine culture didn’t exist, happy hour would always be an option for her to fill that void. In many states, there is wine available for purchase at the grocery store. As for the mother on the edge, if she is pushed into a downward spiral, there are clearly some other issues that need to be addressed, far darker and more deep rooted than anything a meme could affect. Of course, memes and jokes can be triggers for those in recovery or at various stages of sobriety, so it’s important to know your audience and lead with compassion and sensitivity. Always.

Motherhood alone causes us to have enough fears, lose enough sleep, and stress endlessly about a thousand things that are all just possibilities. Let’s not start thinking that because we can relate to or share a humorous post, meme, or tweet that we are in danger, we are offensive, or we are alcoholics with underlying depression or anxiety.

We are okay. Let’s all relax, and maybe, have a glass of wine.

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