Take A Relaxing Hour To Yourself With These Mommy-Time Makers

by Team Scary Mommy
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We’ve got your relaxation to-do list right here

It’s been almost a week since Daylight Savings stole those precious minutes away from you. You know, the ones you were using to sleep in the morning or surf celebrity gossip in the afternoon. If it still feels like that hour was the one beam holding up the whole foundation of your life and now it’s gone, you’re probably feeling a bit frazzled. It’s time to take 60 minutes (don’t worry, your family won’t ACTUALLY fall apart) and indulge in some me-time.

Ridgeway Soapworks: Serenity Soap

Usually, the only time you take a bath is when you want to pretend you’re the type of person who has time to take baths. It’s impossible to take a “quick bath” so if you’re going do it, do it right. This handmade Serenity soap has a soothing scent of rosemary and lemongrass which delightfully recreates the feeling of sending kids back to school after a LONG break.

Basd: Indulgent Creme Brulee coffee scrub

While you’re soaking in the tub (because who the hell knows when you’ll have time to do this again) indulge in some skin exfoliation with this coffee scrub. Made with sea salt and coconut sugar, it washes away dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of puffiness. It smells so good you might be tempted to lick it off, but then you won’t get the exfoliating benefits, so really, don’t.

Ryan Porter: Girl, You Need to Calm Down candle

Candles are the poster children for relaxation – you’re practically required to light one if you want to feel more chill. In case someone starts knocking at your door asking where their soccer jersey is, it’s a good idea to use a candle with literal directions about what you’re trying to do here.

The 125 Collection: Be You. Do You. For You.

Taking me-time is probably something you don’t do enough, Mama. A gentle reminder about self-care like this can be as calming as any of the five intoxicating scents available for each of The 125 Collection’s candles. Try Lavender & Sage or Tobacco Flower & Vanilla to feel more zen.

Scary Mommy Shop: Mom AF pillow

Since the last time you had an entire hour to yourself was probably during the Obama administration, make the most of it with a nap. Sound too extravagant? Come on, you know you deserve it. Keep your day-to-day badass-ery top of mind when you rest your head on this pillow.

Scary Mommy Shop: Go Ask Dad sleep mask

You’re well past the halfway point in your relaxation hour by now, and if someone hasn’t called you from the bathroom down the hall yet, they probably will any minute. Make sure any pint-sized invasive interlopers know you mean business with this sleep mask. Unless of course they can’t read yet. Then, you’re screwed.

Claws Out: Reclaiming My Time mauve nail polish

If you’ve gotten away with taking a nap in your own house without being interrupted, your family is either being super supportive, or they’ve left home in search of a new mom. Either way, spend the remaining precious minutes painting your nails because obviously you can. Claws Out creates one-of-a-kind polishes that support important causes so you can do good while you look good. Like this amazing mauve.

Scary Mommy Shop: Not the Worst Mom camper mug

All good things must come to an end, Mama, including your hour of me-time. Gear up for the next 168 hours of THEM-time with a motivating mug filled with whatever you need to get your mojo back – coffee, Red Bull, Yerba Mate….

Taking some time to relax is so important — here’s hoping you’re able to do it again before Daylight Savings ends in November or your children move out of the house — whichever comes first.

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