Reporter Reacting To An Approaching Bison Herd Has The Internet In Tears

by Valerie Williams
Reporter Reacting To An Approaching Bison Herd Has The Internet In Tears
Deion Broxton KTVM/Twitter

A reporter’s hilarious reaction to an approaching herd of Yellowstone bison is the laugh we need right now

Your entire feed right now is coronavirus. And possibly Tiger King, but mostly, coronavirus. That’s why it’s welcome relief to see the hilarity that is a reporter nope-ing right out of a live recording at Yellowstone National Park after realizing a herd of bison was coming toward him.

Montana KTVM reporter Deion Broxton was reporting from Yellowstone National Park on Wednesday when he… saw something. Instead of waiting around to see how things panned out, he got out of dodge. And a good thing he did — because the thing he saw was an approaching herd of bison.

HIS FACE. “Oh my god… oh my god,” he mutters before packing up his camera and getting out. “Oh no I ain’t messing with you. Oh no. Oh noooo. Oh no I’m not messing with you.”

Honestly, same. Some folks might be adventurous enough to stick around and see the animals in person but not Deion. And not me.

In case anyone’s curious, Broxton did get footage of the herd grazing nearby once he was at a safe distance. It’s pretty damned incredible — and terrifying. Bison can weigh up to a ton. Suffice to say, we’re glad he escaped before things got extremely real.

YUP he was definitely smart to nope the heck out of that situation. Those are some large and scary animals.

So people were deeply feeling Broxton’s instinct to run the hell away — they were also dying laughing.



Some people made jokes about our current “social distancing” situation.

Some wonderful soul made his reaction a GIF so we can continue to enjoy that perfect “oh hell no” face for all of time.

Even the park itself weighed in when one guy said Broxton’s clip was making him not want to do anything outdoorsy. LOL.

They also used the opportunity to remind people about good social distancing.

According to park officials, bison have injured more people at Yellowstone than any other animal. Remember last summer when video circulated of a nine-year-old girl being flung into the air by one? Broxton was very smart to keep it moving.

To reiterate, you definitely don’t want to mess with bison.

In conclusion, admire bison from a safe social distance and bless the internet for these little gifts during such uncertain times.