Required Reading

Required Reading

I read an article yesterday about a new cover for the Anne of Green Gables series. As someone who gobbled up the books as a tween and still watches the PBS version religiously when it airs at telethon time, I was horrified. It’s Anne, for crying out loud! Red-haired, spunky, messy, tomboy Anne!

Sex sells. We know this, as unfortunate as it may be, but the fact of the matter is that Anne of Green Gables is infinitely superior to the other vampire smut that tweens and teens are gobbling up these days. So, maybe, just maybe, the publishers of this edition are actually on to something.

Imagine a twelve year old picking up that book thinking that he or she is going to be reading about some hot dutch blond teenager and her racy escapades. While busy thumbing through to find the juicy scenes, they might — gasp! — actually begin to like the story. And read it. A real piece of literature, and not one forced upon them! Stranger things have happened, you know. (Like horribly written soft-core porn topping best seller’s lists.)

So, I’m thinking some other transformations to required reading might be in order…

The Catcher in the Rye, Smutified

Little Women, Smutified

Romeo and Juliet, Smutified

A Separate Peace, Smutified

The Crucible, Smutified

Not such a bad idea, huh?

OK, never mind. It totally is.