Comedian Pops Off On Retail Karens In Viral TikTok Videos

by Madison Vanderberg
Scott Seiss/TikTok

Comedian responds the way we wish customer service employees could when faced with a Karen

Here’s the thing about Karens, they’re the worst, we know this, but what also sucks about Karens is that the store employees that the Karen is inevitably harassing never get to answer the way you wish they would. The employees who have to deal with Karens are worried about losing their jobs and are forced to play into the “customer is always right” mantra, which means that during a Karen’s “I want to speak to the manager” outburst, the Karen often wins. Scott Seiss, a comedian from New York, has gone viral on TikTok for acting out how we all wished store employees could respond when faced with an obnoxious retail Karen.

Scott Seiss recreates customer service scenarios we all know and loathe and responds the way we wish all store employee could.

His first video takes on the “you just lost yourself a customer”-trope, you know, the Karens who can’t get what they want so they need you to know that they’re never coming back to this store and proudly state, “You just lost yourself a customer!” Scott, playing both the role of the Karen and the employee responds with, “you think I own this business? You think I own IKEA? I’m a part time employee halfway through a tw0-week notice, I don’t give a shit!”

In total, Seiss created 20 different obnoxious customer videos, with another viral hit centering the customer who asks “Can you just check in the back?” when they can’t find something in the store. The comedian responds in character as the employee who says, “Can you just accept we don’t have it? The back ain’t some magical place. What do you think is back there? Santa’s workshop? The only thing back there is a clipboard with our schedules and some brownies Darcy brought in.”

He also skewered the “you should open up more registers” customer and clapped back with “And whose gonna work them? You think I’m the only one ringing you up because I called dibs? You want me to clone myself or are you saying you wanna apply? When you see we’re shorthanded, where’s your resume?!”

The dude went so viral for his collection of retail drama re-enactments that famous comedians shared his videos and one even made its way to LeBron James, who shared the “you just lost yourself a customer” video and wrote “I’m literally shedding tears right now.”

For convenience-sake and for those of us olds who cannot be bothered with TikTok, the comedian made a supercut of all 20 of his videos and shared them to Twitter.

Anyway, as the kids say, King Shit.