Retro Decorations That Are Giving Us Holiday LIFE

by Team Scary Mommy
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The best part of turkey day is when it’s over — because that means it’s finally time to get some holiday decor up in this place. This season retro holiday decorations are on trend, so we went ahead and found all the best retro Christmas decor to make your home cozy and bright this holiday season, all without busting your budget. You’ll love these!

1. This Poinsettia Garland That Won’t Poison Anyone

If you’ve got little kids and pets, you avoid poinsettias. Luckily this elegant Holiday Time Christmas Poinsettia Felt Garland is perfect for your mantle, and you won’t need to water it.

2. This Fair Isle Christmas Stocking

If you want a stocking that looks like your grandmother knitted it, this Belham Living Red Knit Fair Isle Christmas Stocking fits the bill. At 18” long, you can pack in plenty of stocking stuffers.

3. This Adorbs Little Red Truck Ornament

If Santa drove a pickup, it would totally look like this Little Red Truck Ornament. Why are tiny things so adorable? Bonus: It’s resin, not glass, so if grabby fingers get it, it won’t break.

4. Is That You, Santy Clause?

A modern take on an old joke, these Holiday Time 3.5 ft. Inflatable Santa Legs make it look like the big man himself is just starting down your chimney. The hubs might be grumpy about installing it, though. Bah humbug!

5. This Sweet Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt

Omair Baig

If you want a country holiday touch, this adorable Barnyard Rustic Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt is fab! Best of all, burlap hides a lot of sins, so it’s easy to keep clean the whole time your tree is up.

6. This SO CUTE Lighted Porcelain Christmas Tree

Did your grandmother have one of these adorable trees? If you’ve been scouting thrift stores for one, just go ahead and order this Mr. Christmas 10 Nostalgic Porcelain LED. It’s perfect!

7. This Cool AF Tree Topper

Do you like stars? Do you like tinsel? Do you like lights? Do you want your tree to look like it’s exploding in 1970s flare? Then OMG gets you this 8″ Retro Gold Tinsel Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper.

8. These Ridic Cute Bubble Lights

Fifty years ago, these lights were all the rage. If you’re into swing dancing, rock-a-billy, and skater skirts, you’ll adore this Set of 7 Multi-Color Retro Christmas Bubble Lights.

9. These Sweet Victorian-Style Ornaments That Won’t Break

If you love those iconic reflector ornaments with the long, delicate finials but don’t want to invest in glass when you’ve got lots of tiny fingers? Then you’ll want these Northlight Seasonal Retro Reflector Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments!

10. These Squeeworthy Ornaments That WILL Break

If you’ve got older kids who won’t yank off every single ornament, you can’t beat these sweet old-style Kurt Adler Early Years Retro Glass Finial and Top Christmas Ornament Sets.

Is it wrong to decorate before you give thanks at Thanksgiving? If it is, then we don’t want to be right. This year we can’t wait to fill our homes with these great retro pieces!

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