Groupon Inserted Themselves In The 'RHOC' Season 14 Reunion Drama

by Kristine Cannon
'RHOC' Season 14 reunion

Vicki Gunvalson and Groupon are the real stars of the ‘RHOC’ Season 14 reunion, so far

We may still be waiting for the “meltdown to end all meltdowns,” but the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14 reunion, so far, was more dramatic in two episodes than the rest of the season ⁠— and it was all thanks to Vicki Gunvalson’s delusions and Groupon.

Yes, you read that right: Groupon.

But let’s start with Vicki. Part one of the reunion didn’t get interesting until Vicki showed up ⁠— and that says something. For someone who was demoted as a “friend of” on the show, she sure brought the dramatics when she threw her fit backstage before she joined Andy and the rest of the women. Vicki not only refused to sit anywhere but right next to Andy, but she also adamantly claimed that RHOC wouldn’t be a show without her.

Of course, she’s wrong.

And the rest of the cast ⁠— and viewers ⁠— weren’t shy to call her out on Twitter.

Part one of the reunion also brought us an unexpected, next-day guest appearance by Groupon.

During the reunion, Tamra Judge claimed Kelly Dodd’s beverage business Positive Beverage (of which Kelly is part owner) was offering its products on clearance. Kelly then claimed that Tamra and her husband Eddie used Groupon for their gym, Cut Fitness. As viewers, we think it ends here ⁠— until Groupon posts a screenshot of Cut Fitness’ Groupon page the next day. “We’re just gonna leave this right here,” they wrote in their now-deleted tweet, to which RHOC cast member Emily Simpson tweeted, “My respect and admiration for @groupon just skyrocketed.”

It doesn’t end there, though. Tamra responded, too.

Let’s get to part two, where we watched the women debate if Tamra was the ultimate pot-stirrer this season (which she was).

“I feel like I’m getting attacked. I feel like I’m against a wall,” Kelly said, to which Shannon Beador later responded, “I’m worried for you because you’re so paranoid.”

The conversation then dives right into the Shannon-Tamra-Jim Bellino lawsuit, where Shannon and Tamra were sued by Jim for talking about his divorce on a podcast with Heather McDonald. Jim later sued McDonald.

“They can’t take accountability or say sorry,” Kelly said to Emily during part two of the reunion.

We then watched a recap of Kelly and Vicki’s feud this season, a feud fueled by drug rumors and harsh jabs.

“You’re constantly doing horrible things to each other,” Emily said. “They fight a similar way; they’re defensive in a similar way.”

And after Kelly and Shannon get into it, Andy asks Kelly if she would ever be friends with Vicki again, and she ultimately showers Vicki with compliments and says she wishes only the best for her. Behind the scenes, we then watch them hug it out ⁠— twice.

But, much to our surprise, part two isn’t quite over yet. We then watch Vicki go on and on, yet again, about how she, single-handedly, started the show.

“Fifteen years I started this show. Turn it down,” Vicki angrily reminds Braunwyn Windham-Burke, after Braunwyn confronted Vicki about the negative comments Vicki made about her earlier in the season.

Get some rest, fellow viewers. Looks like the Vicki meltdown will come in part three, which airs in just a few days on Dec. 26.