Boy's Sneaky Tooth Fairy 'Experiment' Proves Kids Are Smarter Than Us

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Getty/coscaron/Twitter/Rogue Dad MD

This nine-year-old conducted an undercover Tooth Fairy investigation

One thing we all know as parents is that we’re on borrowed time when it comes to the whole Tooth Fairy/Santa Claus/Easter Bunny trifecta. Most of us dread the day our kids come to us and ask for the truth about the magical, gift-giving characters of their childhood. But what if they don’t even ask us about it? What if they outsmart us before we get a chance to scramble for some temporary, half-assed answer?

Twitter user Fahd Ahmad recently shared how his nine-year-old son did just that — totally outsmarted his parents because he was determined to uncover the truth for himself. His plan is as hilarious as it is brilliant.

“Just learned our nine-year-old did an experiment on us,” Ahmad writes. “Lost a tooth, told no one for three days, kept tooth under his pillow. No money. Then he tells us he lost the tooth, next night there is money under his pillow. Then he confronted us with his scientific evidence that the tooth fairy isn’t real.”

Holy shit you guys, the kids are onto us. In fact, they actually might be smarter than us.

Naturally, most people were in awe over this kid’s undercover investigation skills. And since most of us found out the truth about The Trifecta all at once, this story is forcing us all to pause for a moment and try to think of ways to handle our little detectives.

Damn. Well now I’m wondering the same thing. I am perfectly content with being agnostic and falling into the stereotypical “I’m spiritual but not religious” camp, now I’m wondering if realizing the man in the red suit was a myth has anything to do with me feeling the same way about the “man in the sky.”

Okay, that is actually a great idea. I’m taking mental notes of this entire thread.

LOL. Maybe it was a molar, damn it!

I asked for the truth about Santa and the gang one last time when I was seven or eight years old, and my parents were honest with me. But before that, they used to sign my gift tags in scrawly, “elf” handwriting. And one year they put my wrapped Jungle Book VHS in the fireplace, telling me Santa must have “dropped it” on his way back up the chimney. Looking back, I honestly applaud their effort. It’s a bummer when kids don’t believe anymore.

“He’s an inquisitive kid, thinking his own thoughts,” Ahmad told Mashable. “He’s got sort of a scientific mindset naturally.” Smart as his son may be, he wasn’t thinking of the future loss of funds when conducting his experiment. “I think he lost his future cash flow, which is something he probably didn’t anticipate.”