From The Confessional: Moms Confess Their Role-Playing Fantasies

by Cassandra Stone

A French maid? A secret agent? A famous politician? These moms are down with the role-playing

Roleplay is a fun way to spice things up and keep things seductive with your partner, and lots of people are very into it. When you’re with a trusted sexual partner, it can be really fun to let loose and just…be someone else for awhile. It’s not just for the Samantha Joneses of the world, either, you know.

A lot of moms in our Confessional are all about that role-playing life. Others wish they were.

I am lucky DH has always been good and creative in bed. Lately we've drifted into role play and reversal. He bought a strap on for me to use on him. First it kind of freaked me out, but I tried it with him and we had the hottest sex ever, 4 O's for me!!!

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I want to be more adventurous in bed - use sex toys, role play, watch porn with DH, but he has no interest. He thinks those things take away from a relationship. But I think they would add back the spark we are missing.

Confessional #25083564

DH is so vanilla when it come to sex. Cock ring? No. Role play? No. Take a video of us fucking? No. Sex outside of the bedroom? No.

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My husband doesnt feel comfortable flirting by text or sending dirty texts. He's also not comfortable with toys, role play, or basically anything else. How am I supposed to make sex fun and get turned on??

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One major benefit to playing a character during sex is that if you’re a character, you’re not yourself — and that character may not have the same inhibitions you do. If you’re too self-conscious or embarrassed to try certain things, sexually speaking, role-playing is a great way to take a test drive. Taking on a role can give you more power, more freedom, and more confidence in the bedroom.

I have always had a rape/domination fantasy, to get off I HAVE to role play being "taken" or "forced". I have come to realize that stems from being raised to believe good girls don't do that willingly. I will not raise my daughter to believe that.

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DH’s latest role play is that he pretends he’s a baby breastfeeding on my boobs. OMG. To make it more realistic I’m going to diaper him this weekend. I know lots of people role play but I never had any idea it was such a turn on for me. Love it.

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I want to be like Claire and Phil Dunphy and role play with hubby. But don't know if I could go through with it or if hubby would want too. I find it a major turn on!

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DH and I had Pokemon-themed role play sex last night.

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Many people never indulge their role-playing fantasies for fear of feeling stupid or judged. But honestly, if there’s ever a place for Going There with your fantasies, it’s role-playing with a trusted participant.

It may take awhile to find the kind of vibe you’re both into. Have a light convo about what turns you both on (uniforms, costumes, or simply just the idea of pretending to be someone else). Dip a toe in the fantasy waters and see what feels good and right for both of you.

I have terrible sexual fantasies and I confessed them to my DH. Turns out he shares some of them. It's made role playing really fun.

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I call my H Daddy, he calls me his little girl, princess, etc. We totally role play father daughter every time we have sex. It's fucking hot and no plans of stopping. He cums soo hard. Win

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Role played first time with H. Wore pink pajamas with a star barret in my hair and read him a bedtime story. He confessed -buzzed - the other night how much he loved Nina from Sprout. Love this man.

Confessional #1753186

Sometimes DH and me role play. DH is the gynecologist and I'm the patient. Too bad I can't be this excited for my real gyno.

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One major thing that’s vital when it comes to role-playing: making the bedroom (or wherever your fantasies take you) a No Judgement Zone. Fantasies aren’t always…politically correct…and as long as you’re both eager, consenting participants, then there’s no place for criticism or judgment.

I pretend like I don't like it but I love it when my husband is rough with me....sometimes I fantasize about role playing, being kidnapped and the kidnapper has his way with me...

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My DH and I are on church staff, have 3 kids, live on a farm.No one would believe our sex life is as crazy as it is.BDSM, anal, toys, role play.I have the most gentle dh and most intense lover all in one and want to gloat!

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Dh and I did the "stranger" role play sex last night. It was so hot. I have bruises where he spanked me it.

Confessional #1625623

I was so horny last night, I let my DH do role play I rarely care for it but was like wtf, I was the slutty hooker and everything I did to him I way over charged. So much fun! To bad it wasn't for real money!

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Before engaging in your favorite characters during sexy time, make sure you both are clear about limits and what you want/what you don’t want, etc. ahead of time. Maybe even come up with a list of your favorite scenarios to try, and go from there.

Sure, you might end up feeling ridiculous and not wanting to do it anymore. Or you might have some seriously wicked fun.