This Man’s Date Night Went Wildly Viral Because You Don’t Need Money To Show Love

by Valerie Williams
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His girlfriend had a bad day, so he decided to surprise her

In this social media-filled world of “date night” hashtags and couples out at fancy wine bars beaming at you through the screen, it can be easy to feel like your relationship doesn’t measure up. Not everyone can afford a pricey evening out on a regular basis — or ever, for that matter. But a post from a very thoughtful guy about a “date night” he set up for his girlfriend proves you don’t need money to bring the romance.

Author Demez White’s girlfriend Bell was having a tough time with her career last year when he decided she needed some cheering up, but money was tight and he had to get creative.

White explains that after a bad day, he wanted to do something to make Bell feel better, but his bank account at the time meant he couldn’t take her out somewhere nice. So he made the “somewhere nice” come to them.

“Sitting on my back porch I realized I had everything I needed right in front of me. Sometimes the best memories aren’t about the money we spend or the trips we take. They’re about putting a genuine smile on someone’s face that you really care about,” he writes.

Image via Demez White

White set up an adorably romantic dinner scene in the back yard, including cushions to lounge around on in the bed of his truck. The dinner looks amazing, and after a hard day, was exactly what Bell needed to feel a little better.

White tells Scary Mommy that the job troubles had started about a month before this photo. “She lost her job and was feeling sad about it but she was working hard, a lot of temp agencies and social media work. I saw that and wanted to do something nice for her but money was just tight,” he says.

Enter, his creative and sweet idea to surprise her and let her know he saw how hard she was working — and that he cared.

“Taking her to a movie or dollar bowling seemed fun but I wanted romantic,” he shares. “I’m from Houston and I’ve always loved BBQ and backyards so I figured let me combine them. I knew she wasn’t expecting it and I only had a couple hours to set it all up.”

“Even with all that happened since what I remember most is the look on her face as she opened the back door.”

Image via Demez White

And isn’t that what it’s all about? When you think back on the most memorable evenings with your significant other, is it a filet mignon or a $100 bottle of cab you split that first come to mind? Of course you remember those details, but the thing that sticks out is them. The person you love who you got to sit face-to-face with and have a nice talk. To catch up on the day and find out what’s on their mind — all of which can be done without spending a dime. It’s so easy to throw in the towel on romance and making a effort, to say that you don’t have the money.

But as White’s post reminds us, money has nothing to do with it.

“Money isn’t as tight anymore and we don’t argue as much but I wouldn’t trade those spring days for anything. Never stop dating, never stop impressing!”

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