Ryan Reynolds Issues PSA Asking 'Young Folks' To Stop Partying & Not 'Kill My Mom'

by Julie Scagell
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Ryan Reynolds joked his mom would rather be cruising the beach for ‘love’ rather than at home

Like the U.S., Canada continues to see a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in teens and young adults as a result of social gatherings, parties, and the like. B.C. Premier John Horgan over in Canada called them out specifically in a tweet and, as one does when trying to stop a global pandemic, called on Ryan Reynolds (a Canadian native) to help.

During a press conference, Horgan urged beloved British Colombians like Seth Rogen and Reynolds to reach out to the province youth and remind them this pandemic isn’t going anywhere if they continue to ignore it. “We need young people to understand that now is not the time to go to large parties. @VancityReynolds & @Sethrogen – please help spread the message to stop the spread of #COVID19,” he tweeted. Of course, Reynolds delivered like only he can.

The hilarious actor shared a very on-brand PSA calling on young people in his home country to please stop thinking only about themselves. Sure, young people are less at-risk for serious illness or death as a result of the virus, but they can pass it onto others who may not be. For Reynolds, that includes his mom.

The Deadpool star tweeted back to Horgan, writing, “Called your office. Left a message.” He then “played” his message in his tweet and it was as predictably hysterical as one would imagine.

“I’m not sure it’s a great idea, frankly,” Reynolds began. “I don’t think they want medical advice from guys like me, no sir. Unless it’s plastic surgery, which — a lot of people don’t know this — but I used to be Hugh Jackman.” Then, he got serious; just for a minute. “Young folks in B.C., they’re partying, which is of course dangerous. They probably don’t know that thousands of young people aren’t just getting sick from coronavirus, they’re also dying from it too.”

He went onto say it not only impacts them, it impacts their most vulnerable neighbors. “My mom, she doesn’t want to be cooped up in her apartment all day. She wants to be out there cruising Kitsilano Beach looking for some young 30-something Abercrombie burnout to go full Mrs. Robinson on. She is insatiable,” Reynolds jokes, before seriously pleading, “I hope young people in B.C. don’t kill my mom frankly.”

For his part, Rogen also responded, telling fans that hanging out alone and smoking weed is WAY more fun than putting people’s lives at risk. “People of British Columbia! Please do not go out to parties and BBQs and other large gatherings! The COVID is still out there! It’s more fun to hang out alone and smoke weed and watch movies and TV shows anyway! Do that instead! Thank you!” Rogen tweeted.

Reynolds agrees with the alone part as well, adding in his PSA: “My favorite thing to do is sit alone in my room with a glass of gin and the first 32 seasons of Gossip Girl. That’s a party.”

In the end, Reynolds made the point many have been trying to make for months. “Let’s not kill anyone,” he said. “I think that’s reasonable.”

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