Sandra Bullock And Kelly Clarkson Have Major Mom Friend Energy And We Love It

The Kelly Clarkson Show/Youtube

Sandra Bullock and Kelly Clarkson couldn’t stop laughing together and seemed to instantly connect as moms

Sandra Bullock dropped by The Kelly Clarkson Show this week, and the pair seemed to instantly click upon meeting. What followed was 10 minutes of non-stop talking, one-liners, and out-of-control laughing — as if we were seeing a mom friendship bloom before our eyes between the actress and pop star.

It’s a joy to watch, and if you can do it without calling up your best mom friend afterward, we salute you.

At the beginning of the interview, it immediately seemed like they were going to have trouble staying on track — but that was okay with everyone, because they were having a great time.

The two are mutual admirers of each other’s work — and at first there were nerves.

“I’m going to be so cool!” Clarkson says at the beginning of the interview.

I’m going to be so cool!” Bullock says right back.

“I can’t even look at you for a long time!” Clarkson says.

“I can’t look at me for a long time!” Bullock says back.

But then the pair started talking about their kids and both fell into easy conversation filled with quips and laughter. Bullock has two kids, Louis, 11, and Laila, 8, while Clarkson also has two: River Rose, 7, and Remy, 5. It seemed like they were immediately finishing each other’s sentences and relating.

“Are you good at homework or does it freak you out?” Clarkson asks, referencing “new math” strategies that kids learn in elementary school now.

“I don’t even try,” Bullock says.

“I don’t either, you should really phone a friend,” Clarkson says to more laughter.

The pair then bonded over deflecting their kids’ requests for smart phones — but the interview went off the rails again when Clarkson referred to Bullocks parents in the present tense.

“My parents were singers — both are dead,” Bullock corrected light-heartedly.

“But they were singers, though. Okay, that’s cool.” Clarkson replied, a bit mortified.

Bullock responded with more laughter, “That they’re dead?!”

“No! That they’re singers! That’s so sad that they’re dead! I’m sweating!”

At this point, both of them have collapsed into themselves laughing — and then there was a very well-timed commercial break.

The pair attempt to seriously talk about Bullock’s new movie , The Unforgiven, when they returned from the break, but within a few more seconds, they are laughing again.

At one point, the actress mishears Clarkson while they are trying to have a normal conversation.

“Did you just call me a whore?” Bullock jokes. Clarkson stands up and walks away, laughing hard.

“Honestly to god, it’s uncanny how close to my friends you are! The things that keep on coming out of your mouth!”

“Your friends are whores as well?” Bullock quips back, and the laughs keep coming.

The pair finally struggle toward the last segment, when they’re supposed to be talking about Christmas decorating — but neither of them can keep it together.

“The producer’s in her ear are like, Segue to Christmas! It’s supposed to be a Christmas episode!” Bullock told the audience.

“I love Christmas, especially Christmas at Wayfair!” She then says, referencing Clarkson’s partnership with the retailer, to the audience’s bursts of laughter.

The interview wraps to repeated peels of laughter from both women.

“She’s happy my parents died, I was called a whore,” Bullock concludes.

“This is a great interview. This is your favorite interview, I am aware,” Clarkson ends, still laughing with her new friend.

If that’s not mom-friend energy, I don’t know what is.