Sarah Michelle Gellar's Son Got A Manicure And People Are Freaking Out

by Julie Scagell
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How dare a mother take her son to the nail salon — according to the internet

Sarah Michelle Gellar decided to take her kids to get their nails done over the holiday break. She shared this seemingly innocent outing on her Instagram page and of course, people had feelings about it — some even going as far as to say it was a form of child abuse.


The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress posted the adorable photos last week of eight-year-old daughter, Charlotte, and five-year-old son, Rocky getting pampered at the nail salon. Rocky is a boy, and that means people on the internet felt he should be shamed for getting his nails painted. Because that makes total sense.

Image via Instagram/Sarah Michelle Gellar

Image via Instagram/Sarah Michelle Gellar

“Wtf???? He’s five!!!! Once he’s grown that’s differ but wth are you teaching your kid?”

Ummm, that it’s fun to get your nails done?

“5 years old…you’re brainwashing this kids with your sick ideologies.”

And the clinchers:

“This kind of thing should be outlawed as child abuse! It can cause a child to doubt their true gender.”

“All too common, feminist child abuse!”

“I know its just nail polish but we are living in a society that’s promoting pedophilia in the media. Why are people teaching children not to accept their gender? Welcome to the New World Order.”

I’m sure there are words to respond to this garbage but these folks are so delusional as to how “gender” works, (and apparently what defines child abuse), it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Image via Instagram/Sarah Michelle Gellar

This happened to me when I took my then four-year-old son to get his nails done one day. He sat, fingers splayed, beaming with pride at me. That’s when I heard it. A man behind us whispered to his pregnant wife, “For your information, no son of mine will ever have painted nails.” I glanced back and the man was actually holding his wife’s stomach, obviously in an attempt to shield his unborn child from the nightmare unfolding before him.

For Gellar and other parents who dare take their sons to do something deemed “feminine,” the hits just keep on coming:

“If I took my 5 year old son to get full sleeve tattoos the world would go crazy. These children are being robbed of their own choices and shouldn’t be subjected to carry out a LGBTQWERTY agenda.”

What in the actual fuck? And then there’s this doozy:

“He needs band-aids on the end of his fingers, from his Dad teaching him how to work on a car, fish, hunt, and farm…”

(quietly sends this to my female mechanic and farmer friends and waits patiently for their response).

Kudos to Gellar for doing what makes her kids happy, and ignoring the haters while she’s at it.

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