Hilarious SNL Skit Nails Reality Of Being The 'Perfect Mom'

by Thea Glassman

This SNL skit perfectly demonstrates the realities of motherhood

There’s no such thing as a perfect mother. Last night’s Saturday Night Live sketch made that point perfectly clear when they showed the realities that go down behind-the-scenes of motherhood. Prepare for a whole lot of cursing, crayon eating, screaming about stuffed animals, and more cursing.

First of all, Emma Thompson guest hosted this SNL episode AND Amy Poehler and Tina Fey showed up so you already know it’s going to be some truly solid gold comedy content.

The sketch opens with a very exhausted, very frustrated mom (Heidi Gardner) asking her mom (Thompson) how she managed to be such a perfect parent.

Thompson is coy about the whole thing, saying that her daughter made everything really, really easy. But in flashback scenes we can see that statement is, in fact, a straight-up lie. Like, here’s some footage from a birthday party:

Or that time she tried to take out the trash without any pants on and the neighbor was SUPER JUDGY for some reason.

And, no, she did not respect her daughter’s privacy during those teenage years. Next time: diary with a very complex lock.

Next, it was time for Gardner to blatantly lie and pretend like things are totally, totally fine behind-the-scenes. This is an argument she had with her husband over a stuffed giraffe:

This is them having all of that really great post-baby sex:

Thankfully for all of us, Saturday Night Live served up even more excellent Mother’s Day content. During the opening, Thompson teamed up with Fey and Poehler to decipher things that moms actually mean. Like, Thompson explained, when you ask your mom what she wants for Mother’s Day and she responds “just to relax in the backyard, maybe a massage” what she REALLY means is “how does one buy weed?”

Or…if she tells you that she likes your shirt what she REALLY means is: “Oh, I think I bought you that shirt.”

Oh yeah, and then Pete Davidson’s mom met Jon Hamm which is a very, very happy Mother’s Day indeed. Nope, not jealous at all.

Happiest of Mother’s Days to all of the perfectly imperfect moms out there!