Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost Star In Hilarious Amazon Super Bowl Ad

by Lauren Gordon

Married duo Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost pretend Amazon’s Alexa can hear their thoughts in hilarious Super Bowl AD

I’m not going to lie, there have been plenty of times I was suspicious of Amazon’s ability to read minds. Once, I casually thought to myself that I’d like to change up my skincare routine and boom! Suddenly there were a bunch of ads in my Instagram feed featuring the best routines for combination skin. I’m telling you: Alexa KNOWS.

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost would likely agree with me. Well, at least they’d act like they did. After all, their new Super Bowl LVI ad tackles this very concept.

It starts with Jost calling for Johansson to watch this cool “trick” Amazon’s Alexa can do. With a sly smile Jost says “Alexa, it’s game day,” and before we know it the TV is on, the lights are dimmed and the wine (Rose to be specific since it’s an afternoon game) begins chilling. The two simultaneously joke that it’s almost as if Alexa could read their minds. Suddenly we are in a dream sequence where Alexa exposes the couple’s inner monologues and thoughts about each other. From ordering mouthwash to combat morning breath to telling an entire dinner party that Johansson’s family recipes were actually bought from Whole Foods, Alexa airs their “dirty laundry” out in the open. And TBH it really isn’t that much different from my inner monologue when dealing with my husband. You know, minus the bits about upcoming acting gigs and grandiose dinner parties.

Sadly, neither the couple’s first child together, Cosmo, nor Johansson’s daughter from a previous marriage made it into the ad. This isn’t the first time the two acted together, as they met on the set of SNL in 2006. After several appearances and two divorces later, Jost and Johansson hit it off at an SNL afterparty in 2017 and really haven’t looked back since.

Considering the chemistry and acting chops these two have together, hopefully this is the first of many joint projects to come.