This 'Schitt's Creek' Version Of 'All I Want For Christmas' Made Mariah Proud

by Julie Scagell
Dan Levy/Instagram

This is the holiday ‘Schitt’s Creek’ mashup you’ve been waiting for

It’s the holidays, and if that doesn’t make you think of the Schitt’s Creek episode where Johnny tries to recreate the Rose family Christmas party but no one has time to help and he gets super sad and heads to Café Tropical by himself only to be surprised when the whole town pitches in to surprise him upon his return, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. In keeping with holiday traditions, the show’s digital producer, Calum Shanlin, created a mashup of scenes to sing the iconic “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” that was so magic it even got Mariah Carey’s attention.

Shanlin, who managed all the show’s social accounts and created content intended to make us all fall more deeply in love with the characters than we already were, shared the video on December 12 on his Instagram account and it’s something you really have to see to believe. The video brings a flood of memories from the show and even manages to include Moira Rose’s iconic “Bébé!” into the mix.

Dan Levy was quick to give his praise, sharing it on his social media account, writing, “You simply outdid yourself this holiday.” But what really stole the show was when the Queen herself, Mariah Carey, commented on Shanlin’s cover of her song. “I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it!!!” she wrote. “Did I mention I love it? LOL.”

Shanlin’s song pick is perfect because of David and Patrick’s love of Carey that was written into the show. Levy’s love of Carey is strong actually in real life as well. Carey has happily joined the lovefest and is clearly a big fan herself, so much so she made a surprise appearance during a virtual 2020 commencement event. “Moira darling, I hope you didn’t mind I jumped in like that,” she said during the broadcast when the Jazzagals were singing. “You all sounded so good I had to get in on it!”

The singer also endorsed the show on several occasions on social media and the pair have gone back and forth hilariously over the years:

After his many Emmy wins this year, Carey also took to Twitter to acknowledge Levy’s big night and managed to reference one of the show’s most perfect moments. “Congrats @danjlevy!!!,” she wrote. “You’ll always be my David Rose.”

All of this is perfection when you think about Shanlin’s video, the fans’ desire for anything Schitt’s Creek to make a comeback, and a perfect way to end 2020. Short of a Schitt’s Creek holiday special, this video is most certainly the next best thing and also, simply the best.