Moira's Epic Wedding Look In The 'Schitt's Creek' Finale Was Worth The Wait

by Madison Vanderberg
Moira Rose's Wedding Outfit (And Wig) on Schitt's Creek Is The Look We've Been Waiting For
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Moira Rose debuted her best look yet during the series finale episode of Schitt’s Creek on Tuesday

Schitt’s Creek said goodbye to viewers during a touching series finale episode on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 and yes, everyone was very excited to see David Rose’s magnificent wedding play out onscreen, but also, we’ve waited six seasons to find out what Moira Rose would wear (on her body and on her head) during the final episode and reader, she delivered.

One of the hallmarks of Schitt’s Creek is Moira’s eccentric regional dialect (if that’s what we’re calling it?), but also her insane wigs and her fashionable and couture outfits. Each episode she delivers a new iconic and bonkers look, so naturally, the bar for her series finale look was high. Without giving away too many spoilers, though if you didn’t know that David got married in the finale, we don’t know what to tell you — it was in the Season 6 trailer and like, all the ads — this is what Moira wore to officiate her son’s nuptials.

**Drum roll please**


According to PopSugar, Moira’s papal-inspired look consisted of a white Alexander McQueen gown and gold Tom Ford boots. Naturally, the look was ripe for the meme-ing, and Twitter had some gems.

“I’m gonna tell my kids this was the pope.”

“Me, the first time I leave my house after quarantine.”

“How I’m showing up to my family’s Zoom call on Easter.”

“God is a woman and her name is Moira Rose.”

We can’t imagine a future without Moira Rose and we can’t imagine the great Catherine O’Hara in any other role — though she would kill it at anything she’s given, because she’s a genius. One of the reasons why Moira is so iconic is because O’Hara, a comedy legend, was instrumental in shaping the character alongside show creators Daniel and Eugene Levy.

In a recent interview with Variety, O’Hara shared her inspirations when crafting the role of the Rose matriarch.

“I had this lunch with Eugene and Daniel, and I came armed with all these pictures, mainly of Daphne Guinness,” she told Variety. “She’s all black and white, she’s very avant-garde. You could see she is very conscious of the image that she’s putting out every day she walks out of her home. Really strong, a lot of it is like armor, the necklaces that she wears, and the heels. It’s so not your typical half-hour comedy wife.”

Also, we know — no spoilers — but from a pure sartorial perspective, here’s what the entire Rose family (and Stevie) looked like at David’s wedding.

Yes, Alexis wore a wedding dress to her brother’s wedding. Iconic. Farewell to a perfect show and here’s to bingeing it all over again, starting at the beginning.