A Mom's Hilarious School Photo Fail Basically Sums Up 2020 In A Nutshell

by Julie Scagell
Brittany Kinley Facebook

This mom’s school photo ‘fail’ perfectly sums up 2020

In a year where nothing seems to be going right, five-year-old Mason Kinley’s mom, Brittany, was excited her son was finally able to attend school in person and would be able to do at one least one normal school-year item: take his school photo.

But because it’s 2020, Kinley ran into issues filling out the form online, especially the section where it asked what she wanted printed on his photos. “Mason got his kindergarten pictures and I didn’t want his name [printed] on the bottom so I typed in ‘I don’t want this,'” she shared in a post on her Facebook page. “And they freaking printed this,” she continued, sharing his adorable photo with the words, “I DON’T WANT THIS,” in all-caps and white letters, next to the phrase “Kindergarten, 2020-21.”

“If 2020 was a school photo,” Kinley hashtagged the photo.

Understandably, the photo has gone viral, going down as one of the most 2020 mishaps of all time. “I honestly cannot believe it went viral like this,” Kinley told Scary Mommy. “I just thought I’d give a few people a good laugh, I didn’t think it’d be the whole country (or world for that matter).”

Like any mom, she couldn’t wait for the photos to arrive to check them out, especially Kindergarten because it’s just the cutest age. “I was so excited when I saw the envelope was in the mail,” Kinley told Kare 11 of the school photos. Then she opened the envelope and realized what had happened. “I was like, what is on here?” she said. “That’s when all of us took a closer look and all of us started just dying laughing at it.”

She added: “Yes, I do want this. I’ll keep him.” I mean, look at that sweet face.

Brittany Kinley

Kinley also said her entire family is now on the list to receive one of Mason’s school photos. “Everyone wants a photo with his autograph now,” she said. She might as well, she has “like 30 pictures of him with this on the bottom.”

In a year that’s given us raging wildfires, murder hornets, a global pandemic, civil unrest, and an election unlike anything we’ve ever seen, it’s nice to have something to laugh about. The fact that the school photographers took her so literally that they actually printed the words on her son’s pictures just sums up 2020 in a nutshell.

Kinley said Mason doesn’t totally understand what went down but he “thinks ‘it’s cool’ that people are laughing and that he saw himself on TV!”

It’s nice to know we’re not alone in our quest to correctly fill out the 800 sections of our kid’s school photos. It’s honestly more fun when things don’t quite work out like we’d expect. At least Mason has a poetic reminder of 2020 when he’s older.