This Creepy AF Footage Of Ghosts In A School Is Here To Give You Nightmares

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The principal says it’s not a ghost — this video says otherwise

In case being ghost-murdered is on your bucket list, there’s a school in Ireland that appears to have a little haunting problem. OK, kind of a big haunting problem, we won’t sugarcoat. Security video caught some pretty wild stuff last week in a hallway of the school at 3:00 am.

Because nothing good happens in any hallway at 3:00 am, y’all.

This creepy business is going down at Deerpark CBS school in Cork, Ireland where deputy principal Aaron Wolfe sent the chilling footage to principal Kevin Barry.

Watch this and try not to pee your pants. It won’t be easy.

It starts with the door all the way at the end of the creepy hallway.

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Things get even more WTF very quickly from there with some violently shaking lockers.

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Oh, did you think the ghosts were all finished making their point? You’re adorable.

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If these demons were of the chatty variety, they’d be like, “and screw your wet floor sign too.”

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End scene.

Wolfe tells Scary Mommy he believes “ghosts don’t exist,” and as such, assumes the footage has human origins. “It probably is a prank we just don’t know how it was done,” he says. “That’s why we posted the video – however no one can explain it and no one has come forward. If it is a prank it’s very elaborate – I’m not sure why anyone would have wasted their time!”

That’s because this is no prank, Deputy Principal Wolfe. Alright, fine — I’m not an authority on the supernatural, but I do spend most weeknights watching all the haunted house shows I can and this looks legit AF to me. If it was staged as a prank by students, then those students should send this clip as their resume to a Hollywood production company.

“We do have a Halloween event coming up,” Wolfe explains. “‘Fearpark,’ an interactive Halloween experience – some people are saying we created a viral video to publicize that event. Honestly; it’s a school fundraiser we run every year – schools aren’t in the habit of viral video campaigns.”

Sounds like maybe Wolfe is partly a believer after all. Maybe a teeny weeny bit? Because there’s also this:

“The school is built next to Green Gallows, a site in Cork where criminals were hanged in the 18th Century,” he admits.

Huh. Old-timey criminals hanged there, you say? No reason in the world why the school would be haunted. I mean, can you guys think of anything? All of this is probably the work of an especially determined rodent.

Wolfe tells us the school had some paranormal pros investigate the hallway this week who ended up pretty shook by what they recorded — yet, he remains unconvinced. “The medium sensed a presence – the camera lady’s camera gear moved; she was convinced it was a ghost – people can easily scare themselves!” he says. “I’m a total sceptic but the TV crew were convinced – when up in the school’s attic, the presenter said ‘if any place in the world is haunted, it’s this school.'”

As far as how this whole “haunted school” thing is affecting the students? “They ain’t afraid of no ghost,” Wolfe jokes. “No, the students are fine – or so they’re saying,” he shares. “There’s a lot less of them on the corridors between classes, maybe they don’t want to be on their own?”

If there’s one thing we know from horror films, it’s that you should never split up. Smart idea, guys.

He also concedes that the kids aren’t too keen these days on evening activities at the school. “We run a music college at night and on Monday night we host a traditional Irish music club called ‘Club Ceoil.’ Apparently their numbers are down and no one wants to use the ladies’ toilets (they’re where the incident was captured.)”

Alright, Principal Wolfe. We get that you’re adamantly opposed to ghosts, but it looks like the evidence is speaking for itself. Stay safe out there, kids.

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