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Secret’s New Video Inspired Us To Find The Best Ways To Celebrate Moms This Year

May 10, 2020 Updated May 11, 2020

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If you told us two months ago that May 2020 would see us social distancing and sheltering-at-home to the point of not being able to celebrate the special women in our lives in person –– well, let’s just say a lot of brunches are being made at home this year.

Dealing with this new temporary “normal” has been tough, but we’re trying not to sweat it, and relying on the strength we get from our favorite women now more than ever. It’s never been a better time to honor them and everything they’ve done for us. Secret is helping us do that virtually (and safely) with inspiring e-cards and suggestions on how to celebrate this year.

In Secret Deodorant’s new spot, “Mom Strong,” featuring Serena Williams, Swin Cash, and Alex Morgan, Secret salutes all the women who raised us or raised us up. Whether it’s your birth mom, your stepmom, or your first female boss who helped you see your true potential and power, you’ve been touched by amazing women who’ve taught you what it means to be all strength, no sweat.


Secret Deodorant knows how important it is to honor these women –– even if social distancing means it’s from afar this year. So we asked Scary Mommies: How are you celebrating the women in your life this year?  Here’s what they shared:

1. An in-person visit –– even while social distancing –– is the mom fantasy we all have this year.

2. Some traditional gifts are still the best way to go. 3. Virtual celebrations are probably going to be popular this year.

4. It’s definitely time to up your video conferencing game.


5. Making EVERY day feel special means missing out on that ONE day is not as bad.

6. The gift to end all gifts right here.

7. Self-care is super important for us all these days and moms are no exception.

8. Stay positive and save your hugs for next year! (There will be so. many. hugs.)

9. Take your favorite IRL activity and make it virtual!

10. Helping her make her space more beautiful will keep her positive and happy.


Share the video and its powerful message. Then send an e-card to a special woman in your life who taught you how to be strong, and Secret will donate a stick of deodorant to a front-line worker.* Now more than ever, we are depending on the women in our lives. Let’s celebrate everything they’ve done and continue to do –– every day.

Secret is the first and only antiperspirant brand designed specifically for women. The brand, which has always proudly supported women’s advancement, celebrates women who are #AllStrengthNoSweat — those who boldly pursue their passions without “sweating” the obstacles in their path.

*For every Secret e-card shared from between May 4th and May 17th, 2020, Secret will donate 1 stick of deodorant to front-line healthcare workers and those who need it most, up to 50,000 units. Secret will donate the product to Feeding America which will distribute the product to eligible consumers.