LEGO Has A New Detail-Filled 'Seinfeld' Set

by Julie Scagell
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The beloved sitcom is now available in LEGO form

If you are a fan of (or mildly obsessed with) the sitcom Seinfeld, you treasure any and all items that commemorate the epic show’s nine seasons. What better way to honor the hilarity and complete randomness of the show than to build yourself a LEGO set of Jerry’s apartment?

To commemorate the show’s 30th anniversary back in July 2019, video game designer Brent Waller re-created Seinfeld’s iconic apartment where all sorts of shenanigans took place. Now, his idea has become a reality and will be available to purchase for $79.99 on Aug. 1.


The 1,326-piece set now on the LEGO website pays homage to all the best parts of Jerry’s apartment, with a bunch of easter eggs thrown in for the die hard fan. There are, of course, the main character figurines for Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, and, what would Seinfeld be without Newman, each with specific items that made them famous, like Jerry’s bike, Elaine’s goldfish from the parking garage (don’t worry, “fish don’t feel any pain”), and George’s marble rye (in a death grip). There’s even a Festivus pole because of course there is.


The easter eggs are aplenty, including Fusilli Jerry, a portrait of Larry David, an eyebrow-forward picture of Uncle Leo, and, of course, no episode would be complete without Superman. There’s also a stage so Jerry can pop in and do his latest set to a roaring crowd. The computer also has an internet browser open to the website for Vandelay Industries for all of your latex needs.


“I was just a kid growing up in a small town in Australia when ‘Seinfeld’ debuted in 1989,” Waller told The New York Post. “It became one of my favorite shows because it gave me a window into New York City,” he added, pitching the Seinfeld set via the brand’s “Ideas” platform. “A place I’d never been, and access to people with a sarcastic sense of humor like mine.”


If you must have this set now and cannot wait until August 1, you can sign up to be a VIP member. Anyone with a LEGO Store account can become a VIP member by clicking a couple of buttons and it’s free. Honestly, who doesn’t want to put on their resume that they’re a LEGO VIP? Plus, it’s a small price to pay for hanging out with your kid dropping in famous lines like, “This pretzel is making me thirsty” while they look at you like you have two heads?


If you’ve got an idea like this Seinfeld gem, you can submit it to LEGO for consideration, and if it gets enough votes, you could live in LEGO infamy along with Waller.

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