Sephora's New Barbie Makeup Collection Is All Kinds Of 80's Magic

by Thea Glassman
Image via Sephora

Sephora’s new Barbie 80’s makeup collection is totally bodacious

Dig out all those dusty scrunchies, headbands, and the most colorful stretchy pants you own. Sephora is launching a limited edition 80’s themed Barbie makeup collection, and it’ll make you want to use the word “rad” all over again. Seriously, it comes in a straight-up boombox shaped kit — be still all of our retro-loving hearts.

Okay, let’s get ready to dig into what this collection has to offer. First up is the aforementioned boombox makeup kit, appropriately colored the brightest, most bubblegum pink.

Then, we’ve got tons of goodies inside —including a Barbie hat (which will probably be worn exclusively inside the house) along with a mini eyeshadow palette, Outrageous Extension mascara, and Stylographic felt liner. Sadly, Barbie’s pink convertible is not included in the swag bag which is fine, but also soul crushing. Goodbye childhood dreams.

If you’d prefer to snag the makeup individually, you can pick up the palette for $10 here. It features — per Sephora’s website — “six eyeshadows in matte, shimmer, and glimmer finishes.” Also, you can grab the Stylographic felt liner for $14 on Sephora’s website. Side note: how DARE they make doing the cat eye look so easy?

I mean, *squeal*.

It seems like there might be a few items that haven’t been released yet — including a bright, shiny lipstick and more clothing merch. Come onnnnn Barbie, let’s go party.

The collection is only available online in the U.S., so get out that credit card. Here’s to bringing back the 80’s and wearing a cat eye with supreme confidence. Barbie knows you can do it.