Seth Meyers And His Wife Secretly Welcomed A Daughter Two Months Ago

seth meyers third child daughter surprise thanksgiving
(Taylor Hill / WireImage via Getty Images)

The Late Night with Seth Meyers host delighted fans with the news that he and his wife welcomed their third child, a baby girl, two months ago

Seth Meyers has something of a Thanksgiving tradition with his kids. Each year, he and his wife have dressed up their kiddos and dog for Thanksgiving. When Meyers went to show audiences this year’s turkey outfits, he said, “if you peel your eyes very closely, there’s sort of an Easter egg that maybe you will find. But again, watch very closely.” He then showed off a photo of his two boys, Ashe, 5, and Axel, 3, with their dog Frisbee dressed up as turkeys.

“Boggle, boggle, boggle, Thanksgiving!” the boys say in their turkey outfits, jumping on the couch. The two boys then hold up turkey feathers and count down, “One, two, three, surprise!” revealing their new baby sister, Adelaide Meyers, also dressed up as a little turkey. “We had another one, you guys! We had another one!” Meyers said. He then revealed his wife gave birth to Adelaide 10 weeks ago. Meyers’ mom then revealed that the name “Adelaide” is Meyers’ maternal grandmother’s name, making the announcement all the more sweet.

“Oh, my gosh, her name is Adelaide — Addie — after my mother,” Hillary Meyers, Seth’s mom, said of the name. “I knew, knowing Seth and Alexi, it had to start with an A, it had to be a cool name and I know what family means to all of them. I thought I pretty much had it [guessed] but I didn’t know and I didn’t want to ask. … [When I found out], I burst into tears.” Awwwwww.

Meyers went into delivery details, noting that it wasn’t as eventful as Alexi’s previous pregnancies

Both of Meyers’s sons Axel and Ashe made some pretty exciting entrances into the world. In 2018, Axel was born in the lobby of Meyers’s New York apartment building.

“I cannot stress to you how quickly [my wife] gave birth to our son. I was on the phone with 9-1-1 and this was the extent of my conversation: ‘We’re about to have a baby. We’re having a baby. We had a baby.’ And let me tell you, it is very strange to be on a 9-1-1 call that ends with the operator saying, ‘Congratulations!’” he noted in his 2019 Netflix special Lobby Baby. His older son, Ashe, almost didn’t wait until they were out of the Uber to make his earthly debut.

Since Alexi was aware she has a freakishly fast labor process, she opted to have Adelaide at home with a midwife. As soon as the labor pains started, Meyers called over the midwife and Alexi gave birth to their daughter in their home bathtub. Still pretty exciting! Congratulations to Seth and Alexi and the newest addition to the Meyers family.