Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown By This Genius Needle-Threading Hack

by Thea Glassman
Image via DNY59/Getty

Threading a needle just became so, so much less annoying.

You know that feeling when you’re attempting to thread a needle and it won’t go in and you consider maybe throwing your entire table against the wall out of sheer irritation? Well, your Hulk days are maybe, potentially about to be over. There’s a new threading hack that has hit the Twitterverse and we should all be so, so grateful.

Basically, a video circulating around social media shows that if you place a piece of thread on the surface of your skin and rub the needle back and forth over it, the threading will happen all by itself. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the sorcery below:

Is your mind currently blown? Are you irked that you have wasted so many cumulative hours trying to get that stupid thread through that stupid needle the old fashioned way? Please feel free to feel a full range of emotions right now.

Meanwhile, a huge chunk of the Twitterverse was completely taken aback by this sewing hack. The video has been shared more than 36,000 times and liked over 70,000 times. Looks like we’ve all been struggling real hard with threading.

Some people were overjoyed. Some people were pissed they didn’t know about this, like, 30 years ago. Some people tried the hack and said it didn’t work for them. Others said it just takes a little patience. Either way, there was something truly delightful about the internet coming together to have a unified, dignified conversation about sewing.

Okay, so, if it turns out that this trick isn’t actually working for you (because sometimes dreams don’t always come true) there are several other threading hacks circulating the internet that look just as easy, though sadly not quite as magical.

Whatever method you end up using, I feel like this is an important reminder that we should all have collective conversations about sewing more often. The world just might become a little bit of a happier place.