Sex, Pregnancy and COVID-19: Here's What You Should Know


Sex, Pregnancy and COVID-19: Here’s What You Should Know

by Alison Bucalo

Does semen carry COVID-19? Do you need to wear a mask during sex? What if you think you’re pregnant? Madge the Vag is on the case with gynecologist, Dr. Lily Hanna to find out if you can get Coronavirus when you’re intimate with your parts!

As of now, it is unclear whether the Coronavirus particles semen carries are infectious. However, studies are leaning towards the traditional understanding of how Coronavirus is transmitted and that is through respiratory droplets. That might sound like a breath of fresh air, but don’t get too excited! It doesn’t mean you can go for a maskless romp to hump town! It’s always recommended that during sex, you and your partner should wear a mask to help prevent transmission. That’s why I have sex six feet apart (don’t ask how)!

Staying six feet apart isn’t always easy, especially when you have prenatal visits. Pre-Covid, if you were pregnant, you were heading to the doctor regularly for checkups. But now, due to the pandemic, doctors have streamlined visits by using telehealth for those appointments that don’t require being in person. Blood tests no longer have to be done at the office. The expectant mother can do them and drop off the tests at a lab. Prenatal visits have become more comprehensive, so you can get more done in one visit. Sounds good to me!

These times are uncertain, but there are options out there to make this experience a lot less unpredictable. Call your doctor and stay informed! And while you’re at it, call your partner and have sex over the phone! Who has time for that kind of in-person stuff anyway?