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The Best Discreet Sex Toys When You Want To Lowkey Get Off

January 13, 2021 Updated July 28, 2021

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Let’s face it, discreet sex toys are where it’s at. Whether you have a large tickle truck with lots of variety, or you have one vibrator that’s become your favorite way to spend ten minutes in bed (or an entire Friday night), you don’t want something that screams, “I am about to go masturbate now!”

And, if you are traveling, moving, have kids or a roommate, you want to be able to store your sex toys in a secret place and not worry that they’re going to sound like an airplane flying overhead while you are getting your rocks off after you think everyone is fast asleep. We can like our sex toys and want to grow our collection, and want discreet sex toys we can depend on to give us a good time in private.

So, cozy up with your favorite blanket and click “add to cart” in confidence because we are bringing your the best discreet sex toys that will never leave you hanging (or your friends and family wondering if you are pushing a vacuum around under the covers)

The Best Discreet Sex Toys

Le Reve Mini Bullet Vibrator

The Le Reve Mini Bullet is not only easy to use (there’s one button that does the job), it’s whisper quiet which allows you to have a relaxing experience and peace of mind no one can hear what’s actually going on behind closed doors. Its small, sleek style and design allows you to tuck it away in your purse, behind your socks, or in your nightstand drawer with out taking up a bunch of room. This little number is also waterproof and is easy to hide in your hand or robe pocket as you slip off the the “shower” or for a “potty break.” The best part is the Le Reve offers sexy G-spot and P-spot stimulation which will leave you feeling satisfied. (And definitely wanting more.)


FingO's Screaming O

I must confess: the Finger O is the first (and best) vibrator I’ve owned. It’s so small you can literally hide it in your M&M bag if you need to, yet let me tell you, it produces the best orgasms. I love control you have over it because it fits right on your finger and there’s no large shaft you have to fumble with. The control button is so easy to operate, you can do it with you eyes closed so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to get the speed right. It’s really quiet and I keep mine right in my makeup bag (in its own compartment and pouch) when I travel. It’s waterproof, which is a must when you are trying to buzz off in private, so feel free to keep it next to your bubble bath and face masks.


Happy Rabbit Mini Vibrator

Rabbits have been a long time favorite with many people who use a vibrator. And this mini version is no different. Its shape is perfect for G-spot and P-spot stimulation as well as penetration. You can use the little bunny ears, or not. And its size makes it easy to handle as you explore the different speeds it offers. The rabbit mini is six inches long and stays charged for 150 minutes which makes it the perfect toy to introduce into sexy time with your partner without being intimidating for either of you.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Kyss Rechargeable Lipstick Vibrator

This could easily be one of your lipsticks, but surprise! It’s a vibrator. It includes three vibration patterns and seven pulsation patterns, and users love the angled lipstick head that give you control over how much pressure you want to put on your clit.


Womanizer Liberty

Every woman or person with a vagina must own a Womanizer. It simulates oral sex, is super duper quiet and is great for clitoral stimulation with its unique air technology and fits right in the palm of your hand. Another bonus: it’s great to use on your nipples during sexy time with your partner, or while you are using another vibrator on yourself. It fits perfectly in your hand which makes it easy to handle, and it can be used making direct or non-direct contact. It has six levels on intensity, is waterproof, and comes with different sizes of body-safe suction cups to get the perfect fit.


Maude Vibe

The Vibe is know for being discreet. It’s easy to use, has three speeds and comes with a nice canvas pouch for storing. The Vibe is also latex and phthalate-free for those with allergies.

$45.00 AT MAUDE

YTOY Wearable Panty Vibrator with Wireless Remote Control

There’s nothing like a vibrator that fits right into your undergarments. The panty vibrator from YTOY can be an exciting way to spice up your sex life. No one will even know you are wearing it if you choose to take it out on the town for a date night. And, if cleaning, drinking a glass of wine, and getting a bit of stimulation is your jam, this little beauty has got you covered. It’s controlled by a wireless remote which you can do yourself when you are alone, have your lover watch you please yourself, or you can hand the reins of to them and they can take it for a test drive while you reap all the benefits.

$25.99 AT AMAZON

YETRUN Mini Wand Massager

The Yetrun Mini Wand is just over an inch long. You can’t get more discreet than that if you tried. It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and comes with a two-year warranty so you can be sure to get your dose of pleasure for years to come. It’s not only discreet, it offers big pleasure with its super soft design that will literally massage you to ‘O’ town.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Adorime Clitoris Tongue Stimulator

This stimulator offers double the pleasure. It’s great for your nipples as well as getting your G-spot going. It’s cordless, ultra quiet, and lasts for up to two hours of pleasure time. Its unique rose shape will keep your secret safe.

$27.89 AT AMAZON

Better Love C Ring

The Poseidon C Ring is a little piece of penis jewelry that can make your love making sesh explosive. It’s tiny, fits right over the penis and offers vibrating pleasure for the both of you while you just pump away and enjoy. It’s hands free and has 10 different vibrating modes depending on your speed between the sheets.


Better Love Mini Zip

The Mini Zip Clitoral Stimulator is the one of the best (and fastest) ways to get yours. Clitoral suction is becoming so popular in the sex toy industry, we really do need more than one. This mini version can fit anywhere in your bathroom, bedroom, or car (hey, we don’t judge here) without taking up a lot of space. Since it’s whisper-quiet, the only thing you will have to worry about is the noise you will be making after you experience the incredible orgasm that’s in store for you.


Maude Oil no.0

Sex toys don’t have to vibrate or be recharged. Something as simple as a nice massage oil, like Maude’s Oil No. 0 can be just as powerful as introducing a toy into the bedroom, or pleasuring yourself. Just because you are without a partner, or masturbating solo doesn’t mean you don’t crave foreplay. This massage oil can relax and get you in the mood while doing something nice for your skin. It’s made of natural oils we crave like Jojoba, coconut, and castor and will leave you feeling hydrated and taken care of. As a bonus, it can also be used as a bath oil to accompany your favorite vibrator.

$35.00 AT MAUDE

Hot Octopuss DiGiT Finger Vibrator

If discreet is your game, you can’t get enough of your finger vibes and this Digit finger vibrator is great for giving yourself a quickie or stimulating your partner without a lot of bulk. It has 5 speeds so you can experiment and is waterproof. Keep in mind, it’s made for right-handers but left handed people can use it too, it just may not be as comfortable.


3-Piece Bead Set

Sex toys aren’t only for the genitals. This 3-piece bead set is perfect for those who want to experiment with some anal play. These can be used alone or with a partner and are great because you control them completely. They are 100% manual so no vibrations or recharging or cords. The beads have different sizes so you get to play around and decide what’s right for you. They’re perfect for beginners and are super safe as they have a base (most anal toys do).


Remote Control Panties

Remote control panties are the definition of being discreet. Even if you don’t want to take these babies on a ride outside of the house, they can be incredibly sexy to use while staying at home. You or your partner can control the 10-mode remote control that slips inside and no one has to know what’s going on in your shorts unless you want them to. The comfortable design of the panties are made to fit and move with you as well as making you feel sexy with their lacy texture. They work within a range of 20 feet, so you can be watching television while your partner is doing the dishes and they can give you a little teaser when they feel like it.


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