This Hilarious 'Shady Bird' Meme Is Taking Over The Internet

by Julie Scagell
Image via Twitter

You wish you could throw as much shade as this bird

Sometimes the stars align and everything’s right in the universe. Sure, we’re the laughing stock of the world and people are too scared to go on vacation, but luckily someone invented memes so we can smile through the pain of it all. Brace yourself though; because the meme of all memes is floating around and it is funny as duck.

Image via Twitter

No, that’s not autocorrect, it’s an actual duck. According to Buzzfeed, the earliest use of said duck was on a Russian social media site with a translated caption saying, “Beware. This muscovy duck is trying to seduce you.” I have no idea what this actually means but when my editor sent the link to me with the subject “Dead,” I obviously stopped playing with my children to check it out.

Oh, who am I kidding, I wasn’t playing with my children anyway.

For what it’s worth, it didn’t ducking disappoint. It seems Twitter cannot get enough of itself with this little nugget, either.

This duck looks like she is in on every last family secret you’ve been dying to know all of your life. She knows all of the gossip you don’t (yes, obviously it’s a she). She throws shade like a boss and is not going to take your shit. Every woman has given this look at some point in her life. Hell, she is every woman and she gives zero ducks what you think (yes, we are going to keep making duck puns, and no, we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon).

This is how you look at your friend who tells you (for the tenth time) that she will be starting a vegan/sugar free/carb free/joy free diet on Monday. I just gave my husband this very look tonight, in fact, right after he changed the song I was listening to.

Me-Hey, what are you doing, I love that song.

Him-It’s on our sex playlist. It’s weird playing it in front of the kids.

Image via Twitter

Me-Bless your heart. We never get to that song, anyway.

We are shocked no one has come up with a hashtag for this gem yet. This is comedy gold, people!

If anyone needs us today, we’ll just be over here thinking of a hundred more captions for this hysterical meme. Yes, we know it’s Saturday and no, nothing is more important than this.