50 Cheap Home Upgrades That Are So Clever You'll Be Upset You Didn't Know About Them Sooner

The only downside to these upgrades is that they aren’t already in your home.

Written by Amanda Pellegrino
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One of my favorite things is stumbling upon an easy home upgrade that makes a big difference — and doesn’t break the bank. The intersection of a great home add-on and something that is affordable (or cheap even!) may seem impossible, but I’ve found 50 cheap home upgrades that are just that — and you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing about them sooner. From inventive storage solutions to declutter and organize to standout decor pieces that instantly elevate your space, these are the clever home finds you need to know about.


An Automatic 2-Gallon Garbage Can That’s Surprisingly Chic

This automatic garbage can has a gorgeous ribbed design and gold accents, so every part of your bathroom can look chic and modern. The 2-gallon bin features a smart sensor that opens when it detects motion and closes after five seconds of stillness so you can toss your tissues and flossers hands-free. It’s waterproof — great for a steamy bathroom — and has an internal ring that keeps your trash bag in place.


These 5-Section Bins To Organize Your Cabinets, Office & More

A budget-friendly way to instantly upgrade the look of your closets, pantry, or fridge is organizing your snacks, medicine, or cleaning supplies into these plastic bins. They have five pre-divided compartments to smaller items tidily and lets you view all your stuff at a glance so you know how exactly what you have. And each clear, stackable bin has built-in handles so you can grab it with ease.


These Grippers That Keep Your Rugs From Curling & Sliding

Rugs that curl are not only a tripping hazard but also a bit of an eyesore. Introducing: these grippers that adhere to all four corners of your rugs. Not only do these easy-to-install pieces keep your rugs from curling, but they also have a sticky gel bottom to keep them from sliding as well. Your rugs will sit seamlessly on your floor and look better than ever with these grippers.


This Portable Motion Sensor Sconce With A Mod Wooden Design

Swap out old, plug-in night-lights with this gorgeous battery-operated one that adds to your home’s aesthetic. It features a chic wooden and frosted glass design, and you can install it light up or light down. It automatically turns on when motion is detected within 13 feet and turns off after 15 seconds. It has a rechargeable battery with an eight-hour battery life if used in constant light mode, which is handy if you choose to take the light off the base so you can use it as a flashlight in the case of a power outage.


A Wireless Charging Stand That Can Be Used Vertically Or Horizontally

This wireless charger doubles as a stand that elevates your phone vertically or horizontally so you can text, watch a video, or film yourself all while getting your battery into the green. It charges through your case so you don’t have to worry about taking it off, and it has a ton of safety features like short circuit protection, overcharge protection, and over-voltage protection.


A Stainless Steel Sink Caddy That Helps Your Sponges Dry

Keep your sponges and brushes off the counter and aerated to dry faster with this sink caddy. It uses suction cups to secure to the side of your sink (or your tile backsplash, metal appliances, or glass) and is made of stainless steel grates that allow for proper drainage and quick drying. There’s even a hole in the grates to fit your dish brush.


These Restaurant-Worthy Glass Carafes With Tight-Fitting Lids

These glass carafes are so versatile, they’re a great way to elevate your dinner parties, date nights, or daily water intake. They’re 33 ounces and feature a narrow neck style that easily pours juice, cocktails, infused water, ice tea — you name it. Plus, they come with tight-fitting plastic lids that keep your beverages fresh while you store them on the table or in the refrigerator.


A Quick Drying Bathtub Mat That Keeps You From Slipping In The Shower

This bathtub mat is made of loofah-like material that’s porous to dry super quickly while simultaneously feeling great on your bare feet while you’re showering. It also has a nonslip bottom designed with holes that not only keeps you from slipping and sliding around but also ensures seamless drainage. It doesn’t have any suction cups that might irritate or damage your tub’s surface, and it can be hung on the side of the tub to dry when not in use.


This Easy-To-Install Draft Stopper That’s A Bestseller

This draft stopper sticks to the bottom of your doors or windows to fill gaps, keeping noise, pests, dirt, and (of course) unwanted drafts out. It can be cut to the size you need for your door and fill gaps up to 1-inch wide. This stopper has three layers of super strong silicone that won’t bend or break as you open and close your door. Plus, it’s cold- and heat-resistant — so you can install on interior and exterior doors.


This Plug-In Warmer That’s Great for Coffee & Candles

This warming plate not only keeps your drinks warm, but it can also heat up a candle so you can enjoy a flameless scent. It features a built-in gravity switch that turns on automatically when something is placed on top of it, and it keeps your beverages or candles at an optimal 131 degrees. Pro tip: it works best with flat-bottomed mugs and candles.


These Toilet Seat Handles To Easily & Hygienically Lift & Lower

These convenient little handles use 3M adhesive tape to mount onto the bottom of the toilet seat, creating an easy and more sanitary way to lift and lower it. It has a curved edge that conforms to the shape of the toilet seat, and the adhesive is strong but still thin enough to keep the toilet seat flush against the base when down.


These Long-Lasting, Battery-Operated Puck Lights With Motion Sensors

Adding puck lights to your stairwell, kitchen cabinets, closets, halls, and other dark places is a super easy and budget-friendly way to upgrade your home. These puck lights are battery-operated and will automatically turn on when motion is detected within 10 feet. They last for 100 hours, and they can be installed with screws or adhesive tape, which makes them great for owners or renters.


These Silicone & Felt Furniture Caps That Protect Floors From Scratches

Cover your chair, table, and other furniture legs with these silicone pads to protect your floor from scuffs and scratches. They’re made of clear silicone that conforms to any shape leg, and they feature a super strong felt bottom that’s gentle on your floors. Plus, they don’t require any gel adhesive so you don’t have to worry about sticky residue on your pricey wooden chairs.


A Shower Caddy & Soap Dish To Organize Your Bathtub

Get your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash off the side of your tub and looking neat and organized with this shower caddy and soap dish set. Each piece uses super strong suction cups to adhere to your marble, steel, tile, glass, or mirrored wall, and feature a self-draining rack for your bottles and tubes. This two-pack also has four hooks to hang your loofah, wash cloth, razor, and more.


A Supportive Pillow With Memory Foam You Can Add & Remove

This pillow is stuffed with super soft shredded memory foam that you can add or remove to customize it to exactly how you like it. Because it’s adjustable, it’s comfortable and soft whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, which also makes this ideal for guest rooms. It has a bamboo cover that’s breathable, moisture-wicking, cooling, and machine-washable, adding to its versatility.


These Space-Saving Hangers With A Nonslip Velvet Surface

One of the most impressive things you can do to instantly upgrade the look of your closet is using all the same hangers. These velvet hangers are a great option because their thin silhouette saves space, they have a 360-degree swivel hook, and they feature a soft velvet surface that’s gentle on clothes and ensures they don’t slip off. They have contoured shoulders that conform to the natural shape of your clothes and have shoulder notches to secure strappy pieces.


A Decorative Wooden Riser To Store Kitchen Or Bathroom Essentials

Put this decorative riser on your kitchen or bathroom counter to create a cute, convenient little spot for your soaps, sponges, oils, spices — you name it. The farmhouse-style stand displays your kitchen or bathroom essentials in a rustic and chic way that adds some dimension to your counter decor. Plus, it elevates your things off the counter, which instantly makes it seem more organized.


These Highly Rated Silicone Baking Mats With Even Heat Distribution

These baking mats are made of food grade silicone and fiberglass mesh that can withstand up to 480 degrees and offers even heat distribution, which is super important when baking and roasting. Each mat is reusable up to 3,000 times in the oven and is nonstick so you don’t need to worry about greasing them up before using them. It’s no wonder why this popular set has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


A Wall Mountable Battery Organizer That Comes With A Tester

Clear out your junk drawer and use this organizer to neatly store all your batteries. It fits up to 93 batteries — 45 AA, 25 AAA, eight C, six D, four 9-Volt, and five flat — and even comes with a built-in tester to make sure your batteries are still working. It’s waterproof and shockproof, too. Bonus: it can be mounted on the wall and features a clear top so you can see everything you have in stock.


This Toilet Paper Holder With A Built-In Shelf

Keep your bathroom organized and stocked with this toilet paper stand. It has a sturdy base that holds up to three excess rolls of toilet paper, a rack at the top to store the current roll, and a shelf on the top for your cell phone, keys, wallet, wipes, soap, or whatever else you need while you’re using the toilet.


This Egg Drawer That Attaches Below Your Refrigerator’s Shelf

This egg holder stores up to 18 eggs and snaps onto the bottom of your refrigerator’s shelf to save space and act as a drawer. It takes advantage of vertical storage space and has an adjustable depth to customize to the size of your refrigerator. The thick plastic drawer protects your eggs from other foods while keeping them easily accessible.


These Color-Changing LED Lights That Can Reduce Eye Strain

Install these LED lights onto the back of your TV or laptop to add a backlight that increases contrast while potentially reducing eye strain and headaches from watching television. They’re controlled with a convenient remote and feature 15 colors, 10 brightness levels, and two modes: constant and fade, so you can even set the lighting for the particular show you’re watching. They’re USB-powered and mount with strong 3M tape.


These Bamboo Dividers To Organize Every Drawer In Your Home

These bamboo dividers have a spring-loaded end that makes them adjustable from 17 to 22.25 inches, which makes them great for organizing everything from your utensils and office supplies to your sweaters and socks. Plus, they have rubber padded ends that keep them from slipping around and damaging the inside of your drawers.


A Wildly Fluffy Throw Blanket With Over 21,000 5-Star Ratings

This incredibly plush and fluffy blanket is designed with 1.5-inch thick shag on one side and sherpa on the other,to be extra luxe and cozy whether you’re snuggling underneath it or draping it over the back of your couch. It walks the line between warmth and breathability, offering just enough weight to feel cuddly without making you too hot.


A Small & Sturdy Shelf That Attaches Directly Above An Outlet

This shelf mounts directly onto your standard duplex wall outlet and can hold up to 10 pounds — offering a great spot to store your phone, headphones, speakers, toothbrush, or other essentials while they’re charging. It seamlessly assembles around two-plug outlets and only takes a few minutes to install.


These Sleek Hooks To Organize Your Jewelry Or Keys

Each of these organizers features 10 small hooks that are spaced just enough apart to fit necklaces, bracelets, rings, keys, keychains, and more. Using strong 3M tape, the organizer can be mounted to your entryway wall, closet door, bathroom cabinet, vanity — you name it. It allows you to keep all your jewelry and small essentials accessible and clutter-free.


A Tall Hamper With A Removable Laundry Bag Inside

This fabric and bamboo hamper has a sleek design that will blend in with your bedroom or bathroom decor. The exterior is breathable, and there’s a removable bag inside to make bringing your dirty clothes to the washer easier than ever. It’s waterproof, features built-in handles for easy movement, and has a lid that helps keep odors from workout or athletic clothes inside.


A Cable Management Box That Hides & Organizes Your Cords

This cable box is an easy but noticeable way to upgrade your space and remove the eyesore that is tangles of cables and power strips around your desk, nightstand, media center, and more. Keep your extension cord and power strips inside the base of this box, and it features seven holes along the side to let your chargers and other wires out neatly without exposing the mess.


This Automatic Night-Light With A Warm Amber Glow

Mounted on a gorgeous oil-rubbed bronze finish stand, this night-light looks like a candle in a glass votive. It emits a subtle warm amber glow that won’t disrupt your sleep, and it flickers like a real flame to seem hyper realistic. Plus, it has a light sensor, so it automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.


These Best-Selling Hooks That Look Like Gorgeous Built-Ins

If you’re looking for hooks that match the finish of your bathroom accessories, check out these best-sellers, which come in five stylish and popular finishes. Though they attach to your tile, mirror, metal, quartz, or porcelain wall with a super strong suction cup, their elevated metallic finish makes them look like a built-in fixture. They’re waterproof, rust-proof, and can hold up to 15 pounds each.


This 3-Tier Shelf Organizer With 32,000 5-Star Ratings

This three-tier shelf makes the best use of your space by allowing you to see all your spices, pantry items, makeup, office supplies, cleaning essentials — you name it. Each shelf is 2.75 inches deep and is lined with a nonslip surface to keep all your things secure. It can live on your bathroom or vanity counter, underneath your kitchen sink, or on a shelf in the pantry.


This Popular Frosted Film That Gives You Privacy

A bestseller on Amazon with over 23,000 five-star reviews, this frosted film is a wildly easy and budget-friendly way to add privacy exactly where you need it. It’s removable and reusable, and can be installed on bathroom windows, bedroom windows, shower glass, or anywhere else you’re looking to make glass, well, not glass. It can be cut to the size you need and is installed with only water, so it won’t leave any sticky residue when removed.


A Manual Grater & Mandolin That’s Way Easier Than Hand Grating

This manual grater has three blades to coarsely shred, finely shred, and slice your cheese, veggies, fruits, starches, and more. The drum blades are interchangeable, and the machine features hand crank operation to keep your hands and fingers away from the sharp blades. It suctions right to your counter, so you can shred and slice with one hand. The set even comes with a peeler and a duel-sided brush to easily clean the blades.


A Convenient Foot Rest That Holds Up To 270 Pounds

Keep this foot rest in the shower to elevate your leg and make shaving easier on your back. It’s 11.2 inches high and features a slightly sloped top to keep your foot at a natural slant while shaving. It can hold up to 270 pounds and takes up very little floor space in the shower. It even has a built-in compartment to store your shaving and foot care essentials.


A Gorgeous Reed Diffuser That Comes With Preserved Flowers

This reed diffuser comes with 6.7 ounces of delicious-smelling oil, a reusable glass bottle, five reed sticks, and a real preserved flower to make your home look as great as it smells. By adding or removing reed sticks, you can control the intensity of the scent — two sticks is light, all five is strong. Then, when the scent gets weak, just turn the sticks upside down, and it replenishes.


A Serving Tray That Comes With Removable Divided Sections

Great for chips and salsa, veggies and dip, or a snack-filled girl dinner, this serving tray comes with five pre-divided compartments to keep things separate. The four outer bowls are curved to surround a center dipping bowl, and all five of them sit on a large round tray. And it’s made of a white porcelain that allows the colors of your food to truly pop.


These Smart Plugs That Work With 55,000 5-Star Ratings

This smart plug works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to add customization and voice control to your outlets. The outlet features one traditional plug that you can turn on and off, schedule timers or countdowns, and more from an app — no matter where you are. It also allows you to control your lights when you’re away on so it looks like someone’s home.


This 3-Tier Table That Tucks Neatly Into A Tight Corner

This tiny side table features three triangular shelves that tuck neatly into a corner to maximize storage space. The design is simple but eye-catching with three tiers that each hold up to 15 pounds and feature rounded edges to reduce injuries from sharp corners. Plus, it’s super easy to assemble — no tools required — which is a handy feature that helped it get 48,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Popular Mini Food Processor That Works With 1 Tap

Over 10,000 people have purchased this mini food processor over the last month, and reviewers love it for its easy-to-use design. Just add in your onion, garlic, nuts, or veggies, close the cap, and press trhe button. The stainless steel blades will dice, emulsify, or puree your foods in an instant.


A Powerful Humidifier That Can Run For Up To 25 Hours

This humidifier has a super large, 2.5-liter tank that keeps you comfortable for up to 25 hours to soothe congestion, dry throat, dry eyes, allergies, and more. It has a super low noise level that won’t disrupt your sleep, and a 360-degree rotating spout so you can point the mist toward or away from you. Plus, there are very few nooks in the tank or base, so it’s way easier to clean than some other models.


A Cotton Rope Basket That Stands Upright

This rectangular cotton rope basket is a pretty and convenient storage solution to keep toys, blankets, pillows, towels, and other knickknacks out of sight and out of mind. It’s made of 100% natural cotton and comes in a few gradiant colors to match your space’s aesthetic. Plus the built-in handles make it easy to transport from room to room to fit your storage needs.


A Reversible Sofa Slipcover With Over 54,000 5-Star Ratings

Whether you’re looking to change up your living room style or protect your furniture from pets or kid messes, this slipcover is an easy and budget-friendly solution. With elastic straps and nonslip foams, the slipcover sits flush against your couch and won’t slide or sag with use. It’s water-resistant and machine-washable to keep those messes off your hard-to-clean furniture. And don’t worry, this popular cover comes in three dozen colors and 10 -plus sizes.


This Dish Drying Rack That Drains Directly Into The Sink

This stainless steel dish drying rack unrolls directly on top of your sink, so after you do the dishes, the excess water drains directly back into the sink for less mess. Not only does it save valuable counter space, but the rack has a silicone edge to protect your sink from scratches. When not in use, it rolls up for super easy and space-saving storage.


A Soft Stone Bath Mat That’s Super Fast Drying & Absorbent

This soft take on a trendy stone bath mat has four layers, which are super absorbent, quick-drying, and nonslip. In fact, this stylish piece absorbs water and dries in mere seconds. The faux suede top is super chic and soft, too, which helps to make your bathroom floor look good while staying dry.


These Pillow Covers With A Chic Corduroy Design

Instantly upgrade the look of your couch for the price of two lattes with these gorgeous pillow covers. They’re made of durable and soft corduroy in a cross-stitch striped design that adds a simple and chic touch and some texture to your room. It comes in a dozen neutral and vibrant colors that can go with any aesthetic. Plus, they have an invisible back zipper for an overall seamless look.


A Portable Table Lamp With A 48-Hour Battery Life

This portable lamp is dimmable, rechargeable, and has a 48-hour battery life, making it a perfect way to brighten up your table, desk, nightstand, and more without worrying about plugging it in. It has a built-in touch sensor to turn on, off, and dim to three brightness levels, and it charges with a USB.


These Cheeky Cable Clips That Look Like Peas In A Pod

Made of super soft and stretchy silicone, these cable clips can be adhered to the side of your desk, nightstand, bookshelf, and more to manage your cables and wires, keeping the end easily accessible. They’re shaped like adorable peas in a pod, and have four slits to keep up to four cords organized. Plus, the adhesive film doesn’t leave any gooey residue when removed.


A French Dish That Keeps Your Butter Spreadable & On The Counter

Keep room temperature, super spreadable butter on the counter for easy access with this French butter dish. Just pour water into the base up to the pre-measured line, add up to one stick of butter into the lid, then put the lid into the base. It creates an airtight water seal that keeps the butter fresh and spreadable. Just refresh the water every two to six days.


This Light Switch Attachment That’s Controlled Via App

Simply tape this smart pusher to a rocker switch with the included 3M tape and make any switch accessible and controllable via an app or with voice control. It allows you to turn on any switch remotely, so you can control your lights or appliances from anywhere. It can also be used to set timers or schedules automatically while you’re away.


This Airtight Coffee Canister With A Near-Perfect Rating

This stainless steel canister has a super strong airtight seal, making it great to store tea, coffee, beans, nuts, and more, while keeping the contents fresh. It has a rotating date tracker on top so you always know the insides are still good, and it comes with a stainless steel scooper that affixes to the side of the canister for easy access.