50 Clever Home Upgrades Selling Out On Amazon Because They're So Damn Cheap

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

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Even the smallest home upgrades can make your living space feel refreshed. And luckily, you don’t have to shell out a bunch of money to add to your home’s decor and functionality. Scroll through this list to find affordable, clever home upgrades that are flying off Amazon’s (digital) shelves.


This 3-Foot-Long Under-Cabinet Light Strip For Less Than $20

Place this light strip under a cabinet or shelf for additional light in a room. The three-foot strip adheres to wood, plastic, or metal surfaces, so all you have to do is stick it on and turn it on. It’s a great way to highlight specific areas under a cabinet or shelf discreetly. There’s also no need for an electrical outlet nearby since it’s powered by two AA batteries.


This Popular Duvet Set That’s Easy To Put On

Duvets can be a pain to put on, especially if you’re doing it solo, but not this duvet cover set that Amazon itself has declared a top pick. The fabric is thin, which makes it easier to manage, and it features ties and a zippered closure to keep the comforter in place. In addition to the duvet cover, the set comes with two matching pillow shams. You can buy it in over 25 colors and every size from twin to oversized king.


A Pack Of 3 Linen Closet Organizers With An Easy-Access Panel In The Front

A great way to keep your linen closet organized is by using this pack of three fabric closet organizers. The front and back sides of the organizers can be opened to easily store and remove towels, sheets, or whatever you’re storing. Each basket has a spot to label the contents inside so you don’t have to dig around for what you need.

“The storage containers worked perfectly. After searching online, looking for the appropriate size, design, and price, I found these to be perfect in every way,” said one reviewer.


This Museum-Worthy Picture Light That Comes With A Remote

Highlight your wall art with this picture light that’ll make you feel like you live in a fancy art museum. The 16-inch metal light comes with a remote to make switching it on and off a cinch, and the light is dimmable via the remote as well. It’s available in several sizes and color options and is a great way to control what people notice first in your living room.


This Best-Selling Fleece Blanket You Can Buy In 28 Colors

Not only will this incredibly soft fleece blanket add the warmth you need in the cool months, it’s light weight also makes it a great blanket to use when it’s warm outside. The blanket is available in seven sizes and 28 colors, so you’re sure to find the color that best matches your bedroom or living room decor. Over 128,000 customers gave it five stars.


These Rug Corner Grippers That Will Fix Your Curling Rugs For Good

If the corners of your rug won’t stop curling, try this four-pack of corner grippers. They’re designed to flatten rug corners to prevent people from tripping, and they totally work. The sticky gel adhesive on the grippers sticks to the rug without leaving residue, and they can be reused when you’re ready for a new rug.


These Space-Saving Hanger Holders To Increase Your Storage Capacity

Save space in your closet when using these unique hanger holders, because they allow you to hang more clothes and accessories while taking up less square footage. Each of the four holders features five vertical hooks to hold hangers, clothes, or accessories. Made of heavy-duty plastic, the holders are sturdy, and the hooks won’t easily break, even when you carelessly pull a shirt too hard. (Hey, it happens.)


Some Charming Drawer Liners That Are Scented With French Fragrance Oils

Add some vintage charm and a light scent to any dresser or shelf with these scented drawer liners. Each box includes six non-adhesive liners at 14 by 19.5 inches that can be cut to perfectly fit your drawers or shelves. The rose scent, provided by French fragrance oils, is light and pleasant and can freshen up vintage furniture while making your clothes smell extra fresh. That said, if rose isn’t the scent that brings you joy, these are available in a variety of scents that may.


This Clever & Space-Saving Scarf Hanger That Can Hold Up To 8 Scarves & Accessories

While it’s certainly easy to ball up your scarves and shove them somewhere in your closet where you may or may not see them again, it makes a lot more sense to keep them accessible with this scarf hanger organizer. Crafted from rust-resistant metal, it features eight loop hooks for scarves, belts, ties, or jewelry, and it takes up minimal space in a closet.


These Stainless Steel Wine Cups That Are Virtually Unbreakable

Take these insulated wine goblets on the go without worrying about them spilling or breaking. Made of stainless steel, the cups are virtually unbreakable, and they come with spill-resistant lids. They come in 10 color options and make an excellent gift for yourself or a friend you love splitting a bottle with.


This Easy-To-Install Pan Rack Organizer That Holds 5 Pans Or Lids

With this pan organizer, you’ll finally have a way to keep your pans and lids neatly put away. The freestanding gadget, which you can place on a kitchen counter or in a cabinet, can sit vertically or horizontally and hold up to five pans. Best of all, it can be installed with just one screw. It won’t just keep things organized, it’ll also help save on space.


This Waterproof Shower Phone Case With An Anti-Fog Window

If you enjoy listening to music in the shower or multitasking while working, try this shower phone case holder. It’s completely waterproof and has an anti-fog window that works as a touch screen so you can operate your phone inside the shower. A strong adhesion keeps the phone case mounted to a shower wall.


These Spoon Rests That Double As A Phone Holder

With the sole purpose of keeping your kitchen counter clean (and vice versa for the utensils), this spoon rest will become one of your most-used kitchen items. The compact holder can fit a couple of cooking utensils, has a spot to hold a pot or pan lid, and can double as a phone holder to keep your recipe in clear view. It comes in a two-pack, but you can also buy it solo in green or white.


These Under-Bed Shoe Organizers With More Than 9,000 5-Star Reviews

During the off-season, you can store a total of up to 16 pairs of shoes and four pairs of boots in these two under-bed shoe organizers. The organizers have durable and strong handles that make it easy to pull them out from under your bed. A see-through cover with a zippered closure allows you to see the shoes you’ve stored. No wonder more than 9,000 reviewers have given it a five-star rating.


These Satin Pillowcases My Entire Family Loves (Along With Over 222,000 Amazon Reviewers)

I’ll never go back to cotton pillowcases after making the switch to these satin pillowcases. I’ve found that with this pillowcase, I don’t wake up with sleep lines across my face, and my hair is relatively under control. I’m not alone — over 222,000 Amazon customers gave this specific set a five-star rating. The set of two pillowcases comes in tons of colors and several size options.


These Electric Pepper & Salt Shakers For One-Handed Seasoning

For better efficiency in the kitchen, this electric salt and pepper grinder set is quite impressive. After you fill the shakers with seasoning, you can adjust the level from fine to coarse. Powered by six AAA batteries, which aren’t included in this set, simply tilt the shakers with one hand, and the salt or pepper will automatically be dispersed.


This Fireplace Diffuser With The Option For 7 Flame Colors

Not only does this three-in-one fireplace aroma diffuser imitate the warm and cozy feelings you get with a fireplace (a very small one), but it also diffuses the air with your favorite essential oils. In addition, it’s equipped with a humidifier function and seven flame color options to help personalize it for your day or event ahead.


This Adorable, Vintage-Inspired Ceramic Vase

This decorative ceramic vase is likely something you didn’t know you 100% needed. Designed to look like a vintage orange juice carton, the vase will certainly be a conversation starter. The vase is small at 9.75 by 2.75 inches but will make a big impact on your happiness. You can also get it in a strawberry version.


This Minimalist Vinyl Record Display That Holds Up To 50 Records

This vinyl record display can hold up to 50 12-inch LPs or 7-inch singles, and it looks cool while doing it. Made of wood and acrylic, the stand is sturdy and will keep your collection from sliding. Because the acrylic is transparent, the stand isn’t just a holder, it’s also a display that your friends can easily page through during get-togethers.


These Seriously Cute Duck Bookends That Stay Put

Bookends but make them cute. These seriously adorable duck bookends look like they’re hugging books, a sentiment most book lovers can get behind. The two ducks, which also come in yellow, are made of resin with a velvet fabric bottom that keeps them from sliding. If ducks aren’t your thing, there are also elephant bookends to choose from.


These Cute Wooden Snail Coasters That Make Fun Gifts

Give these adorable wooden snail coasters as a gift to someone with a fun personality for some added joy around their house. (Note: That fun personality person can also be you.) Five coasters sit in the body of the snail and look like the snail’s shell. They’re magnetized, keeping them together.


This Under-Cabinet Touch Light That Doesn’t Require Any Tools To Install

For additional lighting in your kitchen without needing electrical wiring or tools, check out this LED puck light. The wireless under-cabinet light is battery-operated and can be tapped to turn on or off. You can also set an auto-off timer to set it and forget it. The light can easily be mounted via the included adhesive or screws.


These Silicone Furniture Leg Protectors That Stay Put

One thing’s for sure with these chair leg floor protectors — you don’t have to worry about them falling off. Made of silicone that fully fits over the bottom of a chair or table leg, the protectors stay put no matter how hard someone pulls out a chair. Each of the 32 protectors has a felt bottom to protect floors from scratches.


These Easy-To-Install Floating Shelves That Are Made From Solid Pine

These floating nursery bookshelves add a sweet touch to your child’s room while giving you space to display things like special books, stuffies, and photos. The set comes with two long shelves and two mini shelves, all made of pine. The shelves are both easy to install and quite versatile — you can hang them upside down to store towels, clothes, and baby products.


These Stackable Refrigerator Bins That Come In A Set Of 8

Separate food and beverage items into this set of eight refrigerator organizer bins to quickly find what you need. The space-saving bins can be stacked or placed next to each other on a shelf. They’re great for holding fruit, veggies, dairy products, sodas, condiments, and anything else that could use its own section.


A Pair Of Air Fryer Basket Liners That Are Dishwasher Safe

Making dinner using an air fryer saves time and energy, but if you want the cleanup to be just as easy, try this two-pack of silicone air fryer basket liners. The liners keep the mess out of the air fryer so all you have to do is hand wash or throw the liners in the dishwasher and they’ll be ready for next time. Be sure to check your air fryer’s measurements so you know they fit.


This Digital Wooden Alarm Clock That Can Wirelessly Charge A Phone

This digital wooden alarm clock is one of those “why didn’t I buy this sooner” products. The clock features a dual alarm, dimmer, weekday/weekend mode, and snooze, and provides the time and the outdoor temperature. It’s also cleverly equipped with wireless charging for your phone, saving space with one less cord on your nightstand.


This Hanging Hat Organizer With 10 Shelves

Store your hats neatly in a closet with this hanging hat organizer. The 10-shelf organizer has a sturdy metal frame and is strong enough to hold up to 15 pounds, so in addition to being a safe spot to keep hats from losing their shape, it’s also ideal for items like shoes, sweaters, and jeans. “Fit perfectly in the space, easy to assemble, sturdy, and looks nice. Just what I wanted,” said one reviewer.


These Stylish & Strong Shower Shelves That Suction To The Wall

No tools are needed to hang these stylish stainless steel shower shelves — all you need to do is suction them to the wall. Two caddies come in the pack, and each can hold a good amount of products and up to 20 pounds. You’ll also find four hooks attached to the shelves to hang things like razors, loofahs, and washcloths.


This Fun Chalkboard Wallpaper That Sticks To Any Surface

Turn any wall into a chalkboard wall with this peel-and-stick chalkboard paper roll. The wallpaper is available in several sizes to fit whatever space you’re working with, and it comes with five pieces of chalk and one chalk marker. The paper can be used on any flat surface, so while it’s fun on walls, it can be great on tables, too.


This Clever Breakfast Sandwich Maker That Cooks In Just 5 Minutes

This breakfast sandwich maker takes just five minutes to cook the breakfast of your dreams. The griddle has a spot for bread, whether it’s an English muffin, croissant, or mini waffle, as well as eggs, precooked meat, cheese, potatoes, and veggies. As for cleanup, all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.


These Mirror Hexagons That Stick To The Wall

If your space could use some intriguing wall art, you won’t be disappointed with this 12-piece hexagon wall decal set. The mirror stickers are easy to hang and remove, and they can be hung in any design you choose. They are made of acrylic, not glass, so they don’t offer a true mirror reflection, but they sure are fun.


This Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set You Can Stack To Save Space

Save space in your kitchen cabinets with this stainless steel mixing bowl set. Five stackable bowls come in the set in a range of sizes. Wide rims allow you to pour without creating a mess, making life easier and cleaner. The bowls come in a variety of colors and are dishwasher- and freezer-safe.


This Metal Countertop Wire Shelf Rack That’s Purrfect For Cat Lovers

There are two types of people in the world: Those who don’t have cats and those who are obsessed with their cats and would absolutely rock this countertop wire shelf rack featuring two metal cats. The two-tier metal shelf can sit on a desk, countertop, or even on top of the toilet tank and can hold any small items. If you need extra space, you can also buy it with a third tier.


These Unique Intersecting Floating Shelves With A Modern Design

You’ll love the look of these unique intersecting floating shelves on your wall. The four wooden shelves are connected, each great for displaying books, candles, small plants, and other decor. They’re even ideal for holding toiletries or towels in the bathroom. These cube shelves come in five colors to best match your interior.


This Cozy, Plush Rug That’s Perfect For Lounging On

This round plush rug is the type of rug kids and teens dream of having in their rooms. The faux fur rug is the perfect size for kids to play on, take a nap, or read a book. It’s available in nine colors and two sizes. And just a warning: If you have a dog who loves cozy spots, they’ll for sure take over the rug as their own.


These 16-Ounce Mason Jar Mugs With Handy Lids

Whether you use this set of six mason jar mugs for a party or as drinking glasses around the house, the old-fashioned straws make them fun to have around. The 16-ounce mugs also feature leakproof lids that make them a great choice for your on-the-go beverages like smoothies, iced coffee, or tea.


This Motion-Activated Bed Light That Makes Midnight Trips Much Safer

Instead of stubbing your toe when you wake up to use the bathroom, grab this motion-activated bed light that turns on when you need it. The motion sensor light has an automatic shut-off timer that can be set from 30 seconds to six minutes — just enough time for you to hop back in bed. You can also use the light with stairs, furniture, or cabinets for added safety.


This Best-Selling Door Draft Stopper That Also Blocks Out Noise

If your front or back door has a draft, this draft stopper can keep the cold or hot air out so your home’s temperature stays regulated. The stopper adheres to the door and comes in a variety of color options to match. In addition to keeping the draft out, it also blocks outside noise. Dubbed a bestseller on Amazon, this draft stopper also has over 28,000 five-star reviews to back it up.


These Fuzzy Bathroom Towels With A Loop For Hanging

Level up your bathroom towels by using this set of two fuzzy ball towels. While the towels add a bit of fun to the hand-drying experience, they’re also functional and effective. They feature loops for hanging and — especially in comparison to standard towels — make stylish additions to your bathroom decor.


This Stylish Over-The-Door Organizer With 14 Hooks

As far as hooks for the door go, this over-the-door organizer is impressively stylish. It features 14 generously-spaced, wooden pegs that give you enough room to actually use all of them. They’re spaced out enough to hold all types of items, including jackets, bags, scarves, belts, hats, robes, and more.


This Silicone Baking Mat Set That Last For Up To 3,000 Uses

These silicone baking sheets will last a lifetime — or at least as long as 3,000 uses will get you. Three nonstick sheets come in this set, and they’re thick enough to hold baked goods but thin enough to roll up for storage. Ditch the heavy baking sheets that are annoying to clean and go for silicone baking sheets — you won’t regret it.


This 4-Cup Frying Pan That Lets You Cook More Food At Once

Whether you’re cooking eggs, pancakes, or crepes, this egg frying pan is an efficient way to end up with a perfectly round breakfast. The nonstick pan features four cups so you can fry four eggs, burgers, or whatever type of food you want — all at the same time. The handle of the pan has a hole for hanging, which can also save you some cabinet space.


These Stove Gap Covers That Are Dishwasher Safe

Keep the crumbs and oil splatters out of that annoying gap between the stove and your kitchen counter when you use this two-pack of stove counter gap covers. Made of flexible silicone, the smooth covers conform to the surface. They also work well for laundry machine gaps, preventing socks from going missing once and for all.


This Compact Cutting Board Set With A Storage Mount

Keep your cutting boards in the most convenient spot with this cutting board set and storage case. Two cutting boards in two sizes come in the set and fit inside the storage case, which can be mounted via adhesive. That’s right — you don’t even need tools to install it. With an overall score of 4.6 out of five stars on Amazon, this inexpensive gadget has helped organize hundreds of kitchens.


This Magnetic Key Holder That Works Without Any Hooks

Your kids (or maybe just you) will get a kick out of this whimsical magnetic key holder that’s shaped like a cloud, because not only is it cute, but it’s also quite functional. Instead of hooks, the key holder is designed with three strong magnets that will hold three iron key rings underneath the cloud. It mounts to the wall and is easy to install.


A Genius Stainless Steel Veggie Chopper With Two Blades

This stainless steel salad chopper makes it easy (and dare I say, enjoyable) to chop vegetables. Simply place salad ingredients, herbs, or veggies in a bowl or on a cutting board and rock the chopper back and forth. It has two blades with a wide gap so food doesn’t get stuck. It also comes with blade protectors and can be thrown in the dishwasher for an easy clean.


This Gorgeous Geometric Peel & Stick Wallpaper That Can Be Cut To Size

You will love this peel-and-stick geometric wallpaper for two main reasons: It has a chic and modern vibe, and it’s easy to install and remove. The wallpaper works wonders behind a desk or on an accent wall, but it’s also great for an entire room. Wherever you plan on putting it, know that it can be cut to size.


These Silicone Soap Dish Trays That Has A Drain Chute

Use this soap dish tray to hold a bar of soap or a sponge in the kitchen or bathroom. The two-pack of silicone trays feature a drain chute for the water to exit so you aren’t left with a moldy mess. Choose from four different sizes and six colors to match the aesthetic of the room.


This Peel & Stick Contact Paper For A Faux Wood Finish

Instead of spending money on a wood table, countertops, or an accent wall, give this wood peel-and-stick wallpaper and try. The high-quality, waterproof contact paper has a slight texture that makes it look like real wood. It’s the perfect way to give your kitchen an upgrade, even with a small budget.