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Alert: Costco Is Rolling Out McFlurry Dupes In Canada

Will they come to the United States soon, or will we all have to move?

Some cities in Canada have Costcos that are offering Oreo and Skor ice cream blends that look like M...

Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Costco seems to be testing a new amazing-looking ice cream treat that’s a dupe of a McDonald’s McFlurry or a Dairy Queen Blizzard — and it looks amazing. The bad news (unless you live in Canada) is that it only seems to be available in limited Canadian locations right now.

Canada, you already have universal health care and amazing maternity leave and Tim Horton donuts and now this?

Here’s all the info you need to know: The new sweet treats seem to be Costco’s good old soft serve vanilla ice cream mixed with candy. They currently come in two flavors: Oreo and Skor. They’re selling for $4.99 (in Canada bucks) and weigh in at 13.5 ounces (and just over 900 calories). For those who need to know exactly how big that is? A Ben and Jerry’s pint of ice cream is just a tiny bit bigger at 16 ounces.

The new treat is making its rounds on the internet after a TikTok user posted a short video of the new Costco dessert.

“Run to Costco right now,” she says in a super-close up, in a tone that is appropriate for the gravity of the moment. “They have McFlurries.”

“Oh my God, amazing,” she says, taking a bite.

Another reviewer on TikTok added that there’s “definitely enough for two people to share,” but that person should keep their observations to themselves.

A third reviewer gives a more in-depth review of the ice cream treat, and it is hard to not just jump in the car and drive vaguely north.

“Okay — way better than McDonald’s and let me tell you why,” she says while enjoying a spoonful in her car. “The ice cream tastes like McDonald’s ice cream if it had a baby with Dairy Queen’s ice cream but was more creamy. And the Oreo chunks are thick boys. And it still has the cream in them. It’s not just the cookie.”

The final score? “27 out of 10,” she declares.

Tragically, no one has much information on where the treat is available, whether it will come to the United States soon, or how I, personally, will obtain one of these things. But the comments did provide a little more information from people around the world.

Specifically, it seems like the Blizzards are available in parts of Ottawa and Ontario, Canada.

In some cases, Costco will try out new foods in one region of the world and then expand them to more markets. In other cases, the population of the world just has to accept that in some places (CANADA) you can get things like French fries and in other places, you just can’t.

One downside about the ice cream, though, if you need to feel a little better? The comments report that the new ice cream options mean that the chocolate fudge topping disappeared from the menu. And that is very sad news. Maybe we don’t want them after all.