Fisher-Price Is Making A Stanley Cup Look-Alike For Toddlers

And yes, it keeps selling out just like the real thing.

Fisher-Price launched a Quencher-tumbler lookalike toy for babies and kids that has already been fly...
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The Stanley cup craze has been a lot. It seems like everyone wants to get their hands on the most popular water bottle in the world, and they’re willing to fight for it. Stanley is constantly releasing new colors and collaborations to make the exclusivity of these water bottles tempting to those who may have even a slight fixation on the viral water bottle.

Target shopping stampedes and crazy-fast launch sellouts have been the norm as of late for the water bottle company, and now thanks to Fisher-Price, there’s a Quencher-tumbler lookalike for kids that has already been flying off the shelves.

Since its launch this past fall the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Wake Up & Learn Coffee Mug has been in and out of stock both online and in stores.

However, there’s some hope on the horizon for parents looking to get their hands on this baby Stanley look-alike toy: Fisher-Price plans to restock the viral toy soon.

“Are you obsessed with the most buzzed-about tumbler as much as the rest of the internet? Excited to share that Fisher-Price is launching its own playful version of the viral stainless steel mug for young ones, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Wake Up & Learn Coffee Mug. The best part: it involves no overnight campouts at Target and chaotic matchups to get it!” Fisher-Price said in a media release. “Consumers can purchase the kid-friendly toy cup, that looks just like mom’s, from Amazon and Walmart in the coming weeks.”

When the product will officially be back in stock is still under wraps.

The toy features colorful lights, 20+ songs and phrases, and fun hands-on activities for babies and toddlers to explore. And yes, the toy is purposefully styled like that to-go beverage cup. The toy even has mocha-colored rattle beads on one side and a cute “matcha” latte swirl on the other.

“Laugh & Learn toys foster babies’ natural curiosity with opportunities to develop the whole child through experiencing the world around them, and learning concepts in context. Laugh & Learn toys are sized just right for baby, and introduce early academics in context through early role play items that they see their caregivers interact with daily,” experts at the Fisher-Price lab tell Scary Mommy.

“The Laugh & Learn brand was developed after Fisher-Price development teams went into consumers’ homes to see how families were playing together. Over and over we saw how much babies enjoyed engaging with real items in their homes. Laugh & Learn takes those desired everyday items, like mugs, earbuds, and remote controllers and makes them just right and safe for baby to play and discovery with.”

Fisher-Price’s adorable Stanley cup look-alike toy is a refreshing news bite when it comes to the popular tumbler considering some of the other not-so-great headlines circulating lately regarding Stnaley.

Recently, a mom went viral after sharing how her young daughter was bullied at school for having a “fake” Stanley cup. Another video took over TikTok featuring people screaming at one another over suspected line cutting while waiting for the new Stanley color release ending with the police coming to mitigate the nonsense.

The baby Stanley isn't shipping just yet but will be available on Amazon soon. In the meantime, there are some listings on resale sites like eBay if you’re willing to pay double or triple retail — sound familiar?