50 Genius Things For Your Home That Seem Expensive But Are Actually Bargains On Amazon

Clever ways to make home your favorite place.

Written by Maria Cassano
Genius Things For Your Home That Seem Expensive But Are Actually Bargains On Amazon
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When looking down a laundry list of problems and an extremely slim budget to get them all fixed, I was so glad to have some of Amazon’s best cheap home finds that only look expensive. Since moving into my place, I’ve organized every drawer and closet, revived old grout so it looks new again, removed seemingly permanent rust stains, and upgraded the lighting inside and outside my home — all without setting foot in a hardware store. If you’re also looking to improve the appearance and functionality of your home on a budget, check out these popular products from Amazon.


This “Book” That’s Actually A Lock-Protected Safe

Put this diversion safe on your coffee table or shelf, and it’ll look like a hardcover book in your choice of several designs. In actuality, the center is hollow and lined with metal to hold money, jewelry, or important documents, and you need one of the two included keys to open it.

  • Available styles: 6


A Waterproof Speaker You Can Take Virtually Anywhere

Camping, on picnics, to the beach, on a kayak ride, in the shower — you can take this Bluetooth speaker virtually anywhere thanks to its 1P67-waterproof rating, and its compact design that weighs less than 8 ounces. Its rechargeable battery lasts for up to 12 hours and it has a cord that secures it to just about anything, including the suction cup.

  • Available styles: 6


These Drawer Liners That Are Infused With Fragrance Oils

These damask-print drawer liners don’t just protect your furniture from stains and scratches; granted they’re infused with fragrance oils, they also have an uplifting scent that makes your clothes and linens smell fresh and clean. Get them in five colors and scent options and cut them to size for a custom-like fit.

  • Available styles: 5


This Adorable, Squishy Tap Light Shaped Like A Cat

“My child has developed a fear of the dark and this light [is] perfect,” one reviewer wrote — but according to others, this kitty night light isn’t just for kids. “I am a grown woman and I am obsessed with this adorable light. Surprisingly bright and so cute!” another wrote. Just tap the soft silicone head to cycle through white light, color-changing mode, and standby mode.

  • Available styles: 2


This “Amazing” Herb Keeper That “Really Works,” According To Reviewers

If you love to cook with fresh herbs, but the bundle often goes bad before you can use the whole thing, this herb keeper is “amazing” and “really works,” according to reviewers. The vented design allows greens to breathe, while the water reservoir keeps them hydrated, so parsley, cilantro, dill, rosemary, and more stay fresh for up to three weeks. You can also use it for vegetables like kale and asparagus.


These Whimsical Solar Lights That Look Like Fireflies

In my front yard, I went with standard solar lamps, but I put these swaying garden lights in the back because they’re functional and whimsical. The solar-powered bulbs sway on the flexible wire rods when the wind blows, making them look like fireflies in your yard. They’re also easy to install (just stick them in the dirt) and they turn on automatically at dusk.


Some Colorful Globes That Automatically Water Your Plants

Maybe you travel often, or maybe you forget to water your plants even if you’re home. Either way, these colorful, hand-blown watering bulbs automatically release moisture into the soil as needed. Just fill them with water, flip them over, and stick them into the dirt, and your plant should be set for up to two weeks.

  • Available sizes: Small — Jumbo
  • Available styles: 2


These Elegant, Sturdy Garden Lights That Are Solar Charged

“Elegant, sturdy, and just bright enough to enhance the look of any yard,” one reviewer wrote about these outdoor solar lights, which charge using sunlight and turn on automatically at dusk. They’re waterproof and weather-resistant, and you can stick them anywhere you need them along pathways and in garden beds — without having to worry about cords or batteries.


This Pumice Stone Cleaner That Removes Rust, Hard Water Stains & Limescale

I’ve used these pumice stone cleaners to get rid of rings and hard water stains in my toilet and sinks. I’ve also used them alongside this Iron Out spray to finally get rid of the rust marks in my bathtub when nothing else would work. The pumice cleans porcelain, tiles, and concrete without scratching, while the long handle gives you leverage and control.


Some Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Won’t Break

Made from unbreakable stainless steel, these shatterproof wine glasses are great for camping, fire pits, barbecues, or clumsy people. The curved, stemless design feels comfortable in hand and allows your wine to breathe. They’re also dishwasher-safe and come in insulated designs with lids, too.

  • Available styles: 20


These Brilliant Pull Chains So You Can Stop Mixing Up The Light & The Fan

“I was [so] sick of guessing which chain was for the fan [and which was] for the light,” one reviewer wrote — but these cute pull chains “solved [the] issue” once and for all. One has a light bulb design while the other has a fan, and both metal cords are adjustable so you can change the length.

  • Available styles: 6


Some Night Lights That Automatically Turn On When You Approach

Plug these motion-sensor night lights into an open outlet in the bathroom, in the kitchen, along the hallway, or in a child’s bedroom. When they sense movement, they’ll automatically give off a soft, warm glow, so you can see where you’re going without having to turn on the overhead lights. They turn off after 60 seconds to save energy, but you can also set them to always-on mode.

  • Available styles: 7


This Elegant Charcuterie Board With A Slate Tray & Included Cheese Knives

This round charcuterie board has plenty of smart features that make entertaining easier and more elegant. It’s made from bamboo with a detachable slate tray, so you can serve cheese, crackers, meats, and fruit. Underneath, it has a hidden organizer that holds four included cheese knives with bamboo handles and stainless steel blades.


These 6-Plug Outlet Extenders For An Incredible Price

Each one of these outlet splitters gives you six new grounded plugs where you used to have two. As a result, you can use them in home offices, as a charging station, and alone kitchen counters. Despite their low price, reviewers wrote that they “stay in the outlets really well” and are “as slim as [they] can get with great access to multiple outlets.”


A Cozy Comforter That Makes Your Bedroom Feel Like A 5-Star Hotel

Even though it costs less than $30, this down-alternative comforter has earned an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 6,500 reviewers. The microfiber shell is ultra-soft, the synthetic goose feathers are plush and warm, and the box-stitched design prevents shifting. “Feels like I’m in a 5-star hotel,” one reviewer raved.

  • Available sizes: Full/Queen — King/Cal King
  • Available styles: 3


This Best-Selling Humidifier That’s “Life-Changing”

“You can't beat the value of a life-changing product,” one reviewer wrote about this best-selling ultrasonic humidifier, which has over 114,000 reviews on Amazon. “Literally in one night I felt like a new person.” The cool mist aims to hydrate nasal passages and moisturize skin, hair, and eyes. This one has a 10-hour run time, but you can opt for two larger sizes for bigger spaces and less refilling.

  • Available sizes: Small — Extra Large


These Must-Have Accessories For The Candle Lover

If you love candles, this three-in-one accessory kit minimizes soot and waxy messes while extending the life of your candles. Each set includes a curved trimmer to keep your wicks short, a dipper to retrieve a bent wick, and a snuffer to blow out candles without soot or accidental wax spray. The tools are made from stainless steel, so they’re durable, temperature-resistant, and easy to clean.


A Set Of Bento Containers For Meal Prep Or On-The-Go Snacking

Since these four-compartment snack containers (made from BPA-free wheat straw) are freezer-safe and come with leak-resistant lids, they’re great for meal prep and on-the-go snacking. Each section holds up to 1/2 cup of fruit, vegetables, nuts, or crackers, and they’re also dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.


This Cheap, Rechargeable Ring Light For Both Your Phone & Laptop

Because it’s rechargeable for up to two hours of cordless use and it clips onto both your phone and your laptop, you can use this LED ring light for Zoom calls, video recording, selfies, and more. It has 10 brightness levels and three lighting modes, and one reviewer wrote that their “live stream is much better” thanks to “no shadows” and “brighter video.”


This Bio-Based Stainless Steel Cleaner That “Works Like A Charm” & “Smells Amazing”

According to reviewers, this stainless steel cleanerworks like a charm” when it comes to removing smudges, protecting appliances, and leaving a shiny, streak-free finish with minimal effort. The pH-neutral formula is also bio-based and cruelty-free, plus it “smells amazing” and comes with a free microfiber cloth.


A Stylish & Practical Turntable Made From Genuine Marble

Lazy Susans are undeniably practical, but they don’t always look great on your countertop or table. Since it’s made from genuine marble, this turntable organizer is a stylish way to display your decor, ingredients, or appetizers. It’s 12 inches in diameter and turns 360 degrees around so you can see and access anything on it.


This Grease Container For Storing & Reusing Cooking Fats

Rather than storing grease in an old can (or worse, throwing it down the sink or in the garbage while hot), this grease container stores fat and oils in a neat, practical way. It’s made from heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe steel, plus it comes with a strainer so those who reuse their cooking fats can filter out the residue first.


A Best-Selling Desk Mat That’s Stylish, Protective & Functional

Protect your desk, keep your keyboard in place, create a smooth surface for writing and using your mouse, and give your office space a sleek, elevated appearance — all in one fell swoop. This waterproof desk mat comes in four sizes and 14 colors, all made from a durable faux leather material. No wonder it’s a number-one best-seller.

  • Available sizes: 23.6" x 13.8" — 47.2" x 23.6"
  • Available styles: 14


This Battery Organizer That Makes Everyone’s Life Easier

According to one reviewer, “everyone needs one of these” battery organizers because it’s “easy to store” and a “great way to keep track of all your batteries.” It has designated slots to hold up to 180 batteries of all different sizes while its transparent lid lets you see at a glance what you have — plus it comes with a free battery tester.

  • Available styles: 8


This Automatic Feeder That’s Changing Pet Owners’ Lives

“It makes feeding so much easier when I'm not home,” one reviewer wrote. Another raved, “This cat feeder is fantastic — life-changing even.” In addition to its programmable timer that automatically releases one to four meals per day, this automatic cat feeder also lets you record your voice for meal announcements and has a backup battery supply in case the power goes out. Its 3-liter capacity holds enough food for up to a week.

  • Available styles: 2


A 1-Handed Dispenser For Sugar, Honey, Or Syrup

Fill this glass dispenser with sugar, honey, syrup, or chocolate sauce; then press the trigger on the handle to dispense the precise amount you need — without spoons, drips, or waiting. It even comes with a base, so the jar’s contents collect at the bottom near the spout in between uses.


This Brilliant Cleaning Tool Organizer That I Installed In Under 15 Minutes

My house is pretty small, so I need to maximize storage space wherever I can. Thanks to its five spring-loaded grippers, this broom holder organizer gets my mop, broom, steamer, and vacuum hose off of the floor. It also has six flip-down hooks for smaller things, and I installed it myself in under 15 minutes using a drill and the included mounting hardware.

  • Available styles: 4


Some Smart Light Bulbs That Make Your Life So Much Easier

When I moved in, one of the first things I did was install smart bulbs in all of the overhead light fixtures. Now, I can just say, “Alexa, turn off the bedroom light” without getting out of bed, set the bulbs to fun colors for parties and holidays, put them on automatic schedules, and adjust the temperature and brightness settings. This set includes four bulbs and uses your phone as a remote control via the Govee Home App.


This Kit That Lets You Control Your Garage Door From Anywhere

This garage control kit has more than 90,000 reviews on Amazon because customers no longer have to wonder, “Did I shut my garage door when I left this morning?” Since the smart sensor syncs up to your phone, you can also set automatic schedules, open the garage for deliveries, and grant access to friends and family members from anywhere.


This Genius Mat That Boosts Counter Space & Doubles As A Brush Cleaner

No space for your makeup and hair tools on your bathroom counter? No problem. This compact sink topper extends the usable space on your small vanity or pedestal sink. It’s made from heat-resistant silicone, has a cut-out for the faucet, folds up when it’s not in use, and has tiny holes that double as a brush-cleaning mat.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large
  • Available styles: 3


These Motion-Sensor Flood Lights For Safety & Security

During the day, these outdoor floodlights charge with sunlight. When triggered by motion at night, they automatically turn on to light your way to the door or scare off intruders. The four-head design illuminates up to 800 square feet, while the various modes let you customize the brightness and length of illumination.


This Best-Selling Raceway Kit So You Can Camouflage & Redirect Wires

Use this best-selling raceway kit to camouflage the wires from your wall-mounted TV — without having to break through the wall. You can also use it to keep wires away from kids and pets, minimize cord clutter from lamps and other devices, and neatly direct an extension cord around the edges of a room. The kit comes with 157 inches of paintable, cuttable channels, plus elbows, connectors, and mounting hardware.

  • Available sizes: Medium — Large
  • Available styles: 5


A $10 Desktop Organizer With Thousands Of Rave Reviews

Get your desktop looking neat and functioning more efficiently with this office supplies organizer, which comes in a huge range of layouts and colors. This one has pen holders, a shallow compartment for odds and ends, two transparent drawers, and a file slot for mail, papers, and notebooks. So far, it’s earned an overall 4.5-star rating from more than 8,500 reviewers.

  • Available styles: 20


This Long-Handled Dry Brush With 2 Bristle Textures

Dry brushing is believed to help with lymphatic drainage, exfoliates your skin, and just plain feels good. This dry body brush has a dual-sided head with both soft and stiff bristles and a long handle with anti-slip rubber grips to help you reach all over.


These Solar Lights That Scare Off Nocturnal Predators

Keep raccoons away from your garbage, deer away from your vegetable garden, or skunks away from your pets. These nocturnal animal repellers are solar-powered, so you don’t have to worry about cords or batteries. Just mount them with screws or included zip ties, and the strobing red lights will scare off predators from dusk until dawn.


This Jewelry-Cleaning Pen That’ll Have Your Diamonds Shimmering In Seconds

Most people rarely go to get their jewelry professionally cleaned — which explains why this Dazzle Stik has an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 50,000 reviewers. “Can’t believe how quick and easy it was to clean my ring,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s shocking how much brighter the diamond is after approximately 20-30 seconds.” The gel-based formula removes dirt and oils, while the pen’s brush head makes it easy to apply.


An Easy-To-Install Shower Filter That Softens Hard Water

You can install this high-output shower filter behind your showerhead in about a minute and without any tools, according to reviewers. From there, it uses a 23-stage filtration system to soften hard water for up to three months, smoothing hair and reducing skin irritations. You can get it in eight metal finishes to match your bathroom fixtures.

  • Available styles: 8


This Magazine Holder That Makes A Statement

Thanks to its modern triangular design, this gold magazine holder makes a statement while organizing your books, notepads, or reading material. Each one has nine slots made from sturdy iron wire, and you can get it in a handful of other colors, too.

  • Available styles: 5


This Cheap Tool That Makes Cleaning Blinds & Vents So Much Faster

Make quick work of cleaning all the blinds in your home thanks to this three-prong duster, which has a microfiber-sleeve design to clean several rows (both the tops and bottoms) at once. Each set includes five sleeves, which can be washed and reused, and the tool also works for AC units and car vents.

  • Available styles: 2


Some Slim Brushes For Cleaning Grout Or Hard-To-Reach Spots

Use these ultra-slim brushes to clean door tracks, window gaps, fans, blinds, and tight spaces behind your faucet — or use them to apply grout colorant to make your floors, backsplash, and shower tiles look brand new without regrouting. They’re made with stiff, curved bristles and an ergonomic handle that gets where other brushes can’t.


A Soap Dispenser That’s A “Game Changer” For Easier Dishwashing

Reviewers have called this dish soap dispenser a “money saver” and a “game changer for your kitchen.” Just fill it with your favorite soap, and its press-down design dispenses the ideal amount onto your sponge with a single hand and without drips or spills. It also doubles as a sponge dryer thanks to its removable drip tray that catches residual liquid to prevent the build-up of mildew.

  • Available styles: 2


This Storage Bag That Makes Wreaths “Much Easier To Carry & Store”

This wreath storage bag is made from tear-proof, non-woven fabric, has a dual zipper system that lets you open it all the way, and offers two sturdy handles and a card-slot label. Needless to say, it makes your holiday decor “much easier to carry and store,” especially since it comes in four sizes and four colors.

  • Available sizes: 24 Inch — 48 Inch
  • Available styles: 4


This Cheap & Effective Way To Clean Your Grill

According to reviewers, the Better Grillin Scrubbin Stone is cheap, works, and doesn’t leave metal bristles behind like brushes do. The non-toxic recycled material wears down like a pumice stone, removing grease and burnt-on food with it. You can also use it on griddles, bakeware, trays, and skillets.


This Clever Way To Display Your Flowers Or Kitchen Utensils

If you’re looking for a vase that’s as eye-catching as the flowers inside of it, this ceramic Rise and Shine vase has been called “charming,” “unique,” and “so fun.” Artist Dustin Williams designed this retro-inspired orange juice carton with a wide opening perfect for bouquets, serving utensils, or office supplies.


This Rainbow Privacy Film Reviewers Are “Obsessed” With

Buyers are “obsessed” with this rainbow privacy film, which not only prevents people from seeing into your windows and sliding doors, but it also has a sparkly, 3-D design that looks like modern stained glass. Instead of sticky glue, it installs with water and static cling, so you can remove it at any time without damage.

  • Available sizes: 11.8'' x 78.7'' — 35.4" x 157.4"


These Brilliant Wall Plates With Built-In Night Lights

Replace your standard wall plates with these LED GuideLight receptacles so you can have the convenience of night lights without using up all of your outlets. They’re designed for electrician-free installation and have a softly diffused, energy-efficient light bar at the bottom, which turns on automatically when the room goes dark.

  • Available styles: 4


This Wall-Mounted Cup Holder For Your Favorite Drink

Because it’s made from waterproof silicone and it attaches to most smooth surfaces using self-adhesive, this drink holder is a great way to keep your favorite beverage secure and within reach while you’re in the bath or shower. It’s also great for workstations, RVs, and boats, especially since the bracket design is durable enough to support 8.8 pounds and works with cans, bottles, paper cups, and stemware.

  • Available styles: 6


A Minimalist Coat Rack That’s Sleek But Sturdy

Sold in both dark and light wood colors, this minimalist coat rack is a stylish, space-savvy storage option if you don’t have an entryway closet. It’s height-adjustable (from 39.8 to 68.9 inches tall), and it assembles in minutes without the need for tools. It has eight hooks, and one reviewer called the base and construction “strong” and “sturdy.

  • Available styles: 2


This Affordable Mini Security Camera With Over 260,000 Reviews

Reviewers use this Blink mini security camera (which has over 260,000 reviews) to keep an eye on their homes, communicate with their pets from afar, and check in on their family members. In addition to clear feed and smartphone alerts with customized motion detection zones, it also has two-way audio, night vision, and Alexa compatibility for voice-activated controls. Opt for a Blink subscription plan to save, back up, and share clips.

  • Available styles: 2


A Shower Curtain That Is Actually Soap Scum & Mildew Resistant

It’s super affordable, but according to reviewers, this plastic shower liner did what all others couldn’t: “Extremely water resistant and doesn’t get a build-up of soap scum or mildew!” It also has rust-proof metal grommets and magnets at the bottom, so it sticks to your tub to prevent billowing and leaking.

  • Available sizes: 40+
  • Available styles: 22