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33 Clever Home Organization Products To Kick Clutter Out For Good

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Long before Marie Kondo became a part of pop-culture vernacular, people everywhere were trying to figure out how to deal with a pesky household problem: clutter. And while Kondo’s brilliant method works beautifully in many cases, parents know you can’t always get rid of something if it doesn’t “spark joy.” Otherwise, your teenager’s stinky clothes would probably be long gone, right? So, when you can’t get rid of clutter, you need clever home organization products that at least make the clutter less aesthetically offensive.

Thanks to the era of online-store-to-door shopping, such clever organizational items have never been more accessible. That’s technically a good thing, but there’s just one hitch — with so many products out there, finding the really great ones can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Well, the heavy lifting has been done for you. The curated goods below are smart, affordable, and highly rated. Happy organizing!


A Mountable Battery Organizer & Tester

No one — and especially not overworked, over-tired parents — want to spend precious time they don’t have scouring every drawer in the house in search of batteries. Not to mention, merely finding them doesn’t mean they’ll actually work. This mountable battery organizer holds up to 93 batteries of various sizes and has a built-in tester so you can say goodbye to the “will it or won’t it work” headache for good.


Vacuum Storage Bags To Flatten Fabrics

Raise your hand if you feel like you’ve spent half your adult life shuffling oversized blankets from one room to another, just trying to figure out where to store them. You don’t want to get rid of them since you like to have them handy when it’s cold or when company comes to stay. But bulky fabrics — pillows, sheets, blankets, clothes — take up a lot of space. That’s where these Spacesaver premium vacuum storage bags come in handy. The jumbo bags (they come in a set of six) give you 80% more space than similar bags.


Bamboo Dividers To Corral Drawer Chaos

If every drawer in your house is so messy it looks as though you’ve been burgled, these bamboo drawer organizers could help you tidy things up quickly. Adjustable and expandable, they’ll fit in almost all standard size drawers and can change to fit your needs. You won’t have to worry about them constantly popping out, either, since each divider comes with a built-in spring to keep it in place. And not only is the bamboo construction beautiful, but it’s also water-resistant and easy to clean.


Stylish Charging Port For Multiple Devices

It’s a modern-day dilemma — everyone in the family has smart devices, and they constantly go missing or remain uncharged because there isn’t a central spot to juice them up. This USB charging station solves the quagmire by providing charging-slash-storage ports for multiple devices, both Apple and Android.


A Lazy Susan For Spice Cabinet Overflow

It doesn’t matter if you have a spice storage rack or cabinet; random spices will always find their way to a stray destination (in our house, it’s on top of the microwave). This two-tiered, 360-degree lazy Susan turntable has plenty of space to catch that cluttery spice cabinet overflow. Made of bamboo, it’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.


An Organizer To Keep Silverware Straight

Sometimes, reaching into the silverware drawer can feel — in the immortal words of Alanis Morrissette — “like 10,000 spoons, when all you need is a knife.” Well, no more. Help your cutlery get its life together with this space-saving utensil organizer. The unique stacked, angled compartments create more space and make all of your cutlery much easier to find.


The Underwear Organizers You Need

You can never find your good bra. Or a pair of socks that actually match (where does the other one always go?!). Organizing your underwear drawer might seem like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference when you know exactly where everything is while trying to get out the door in the morning. This drawer divider set includes four super-practical bins: 6-cell, ideal for scarves and ties; 8-cell, ideal for underwear and briefs; 7-cell, ideal for bras; and 24-cell, ideal for socks.


Space-Saving Clothes Hangers

Whether you have a tiny closet, too many clothes, or both, these space-saving clothes hangers can help keep your wardrobe in check. Made from durable plastic, each organizing hanger holds five garments — up to 6 lbs horizontally and up to 8 lbs vertically — and prevents clothes from slipping off. Since the edges are smoothed and beveled, you don’t have to worry about them snagging your favorite outfits, either.


Sturdy Space-Saving Clothes Hangers

Space-saving clothes hangers are great; but for heavier wardrobe items like jeans, you need ones that won’t bend or break. These S-type organizers should do the trick. Thanks to their stainless steel construction, they can withstand the weight of jeans, pants, shawls, and more. They’re also scratch-resistant and won’t rust.


Hanging Pockets For A Bathroom Makeover

Even the roomiest of bathrooms seem to wind up with clutter on the counters or inside the shower — and let’s not even talk about what underneath the sink looks like. This hanging, mesh-pocketed caddy gives you an easy solution for bathroom storage. It features four large mesh pockets and four smaller mesh pockets, offering plenty of space to stash everything from shampoo bottles to curling wands.


An Outlet Extender With USBs

If everyone in your family is constantly fighting over USB chargers, this wall outlet extender could preserve the peace. In addition to three AC outlets, it’ll increase your household USB charging ports by two. Not only that, it has an adjustable nightlight and a convenient ledge where a charging phone can sit. Plus, it’s dual voltage means its suitable for worldwide use.


The Answer To Your Purse Storage Problems

Tired of throwing your purses on the dining room table or in an empty corner of your closet? This two-sided closet organizing hanger securely holds purses of many shapes and sizes. The six large hooks are made of durable steel metal wire, so even those oversized purses your partner makes fun of can hang. You can also add a few to your kids’ closets to keep their satchels, backpacks, and lunch bags off the ground.


Space-Maximizing Shelf Dividers

Don’t let that top shelf in your closet languish with nothing but dust bunnies to keep it company. You can put that area to good use with this set of structured shelf dividers. Just slide the dividers into place, and you’ll have additional (beautifully organized) compartments for things like cardigans, towels, blankets, and even purses.


Organizers To Put Canned Goods In Order

When you want soup, you want soup. And when you need a can of green beans for the green bean casserole you promised to bring to Sunday lunch with the fam, you need the damn green beans. So, it’s not unreasonable to have a little mini-meltdown in your pantry when you feel like you can’t find anything among the maze of canned goods. Save yourself future frustration with this organizer, which easily stores up to 36 cans or a mix of cans and jars. You can also stack multiple units to give your pantry a total canned-goods overhaul.


An Easy Over-The-Door Hat Rack

Maybe your partner is the culprit. Perhaps you have kids who play ball. Or, hey, maybe you’re the guilty party. But baseball caps have a special way of ending up everywhere. Store and organize up to 18 of those suckers with this over-the-door or wall-hanging hat rack set. If someone in your house has a bit of a hat obsession (no judgment), double up on each of the hooks and squeeze in up to 36 caps.


Adjustable Box Organizer For Foil & Such

If you’ve run out of real estate in your drawers but can steal some under the sink or in the pantry, this adjustable box organizer may answer a common question: “Where do I keep the foil, plastic wrap, and baggies?” Adjustable, this sturdy storage solution can hold up to 20 lbs and snaps together quickly without tools.


A Storage Solution For Brooms & Mops

Unless you have a spare closet somewhere handy, you probably play the oh-so-fun game of figuring out where to stash your broom or mop after every use. You likely also know that no matter where you stick it, it will fall or someone will inevitably trip over it. Avoid that potentially hazardous situation by installing this organizer. Commercial-grade and spring-loaded, it’ll hold up to 35 lbs — making it perfect for kitchen tools like brooms and mops as well as lightweight garden tools. You can even use it for your kids’ sporting equipment, like baseball bats!


A Caddy To Store Bedside “Stuff”

If you don’t have a bedside table (or you use yours for something else, like holding your lamp), this clever little storage caddy can serve the same purpose — keeping commonly used items nearby, whether that’s your remote control or your reading glasses. With two cloth pockets and four mesh pockets, it’s also ideal for storing supplies you don’t have room for on your desk. Some reviewers say there’s a slight off-gassing smell when you first unpackage, so let it air out for a day or two before adding your personal items.


An Organizer Designed Just For Bottles

Have water bottles, baby bottles, or both taken over your kitchen cabinets? If so, it might be time to shift a bottle organizer from your “wants” to “needs” list. These adjustable shelves can hold anything from large water flasks to baby bottles and travel mugs with handles.


A Storage Rack To Hold All Types Of Shoes

Hey, even experts say wearing shoes inside can track illness-causing germs and particulates through your home — which, of course, could get your family sick. Skip that stress by asking everyone who enters to place their shoes on this six-tier shoe organizer rack. It holds up to 28 pairs of shoes, which is fantastic... but arguably the best part is that it includes a four-pair side pocket organizer perfect for flip-flops, slippers, and other slim-profile shoes.


Chic Airtight Food Storage Containers

No one wants to reach for a handful of their favorite granola only to find it’s stale. Plus, having a ton of plastic bags, cereal boxes, and other food packages isn’t exactly pantry goals. These food storage containers are airtight to keep your food fresh but also pretty enough to feel like they’d make The Home Edit cut — especially since they come with reusable labels and a chalk pen.


Versatile Foldable Storage Bins

Whip your wild and unruly closet into shape with the assistance of these foldable clothing organizer bags. Fill them up with off-season clothes, hats, shoes — anything you aren’t using that’s making a mess — and then store them out of the way. A see-through window in the front lets you easily identify what’s in each bag when you need to pull a particular item out. Reviewers love the flexibility and size of this storage option, but they do caution against being too rough with the zipper.


A Cute & Practical Apothecary Jar Set

Say it with us: “A place for everything, everything in its place.” This plastic apothecary jar set can help you see that mantra in action. It comes with two 10-ounce clear containers with lids, four clear labels with black pre-printed words, and four white labels. You can go the classic route and use them to stash your cotton balls and swabs, or you can think outside of the box and use them to store makeup sponges and brushes.


Caddy Shelves For The Kitchen Or Shower

Everyone has things they use every single day that they want to keep handy. And while that makes them convenient, it also makes them clutter. Fortunately, the solution could be as simple as adding aesthetically pleasing caddy shelves to your kitchen or bathroom. This two-shelf set holds up to 15 lbs and is constructed of rustproof stainless steel.


Clear Refrigerator Organizer Bins

If you’ve spent any amount of time on TikTok, you’ve probably discovered the addictive joy of #OrganizationTok or #CleanTok. In which case, you’ve definitely seen these clear storage bins that make refrigerators divinely neat and organized. Built-in, easy-grip side handles make them easy to move in and out (to fill with all your kids’ favorite healthy snacks, natch).


Multipurpose 2-Tier Storage Baskets

Stick these baskets under your sink. Pop them on an empty shelf in your pantry. You could even place them on your vanity. No matter where you put this two-tiered organizer, though, it’ll undoubtedly help you declutter by providing a place for hard-to-organize stuff (looking at you, electronic accessories).


Divider Bins To Streamline Many Drawers

Let’s be honest: Everyone says they have a (singular) junk drawer when, at some point, practically every drawer starts to fit that description. This huge drawer dividing bin set comes with 25 storage pieces in four different sizes, making it versatile enough to suit all kinds of drawers. And if you don’t want them sliding around, you can use the provided 100-piece silicone pads to stick to the bottoms of the trays.


An Adjustable Under-Sink Organizer

For those of us who have small under-sink areas, finding practical storage solutions that work with the exposed piping can feel impossible. Speaking from personal experience, this organizer offers an easy workaround to that problem. It expands from 15 to 25 inches and has adjustable panels to ensure you can find a configuration that fits around your pipes. (My under-sink area no longer looks like a disaster zone.)


A Sturdy But Easy-To-Stash Laundry Bag

Say hello to a cult favorite among Amazon shoppers: yep, this humble pop-up laundry bag. Reviewers swear by its convenience, portability, and durability — the double-stitched handles, polyester mesh, and high-carbon steel frame mean it can hold up to 50 lbs. Since it pops open and easily folds closed, you can stash it away if you feel like laundry baskets should be tucked away when not in use. Or, if you’re cool with having yours out, this one would work great for corraling dirty clothes, linens, and toys in kids’ rooms.


A Modern & Elegant Makeup Storage Case

You’ve seen tabletop makeup storage caddies before, but have you seen one so chic?! This beauty features four large drawers, two small drawers, and 16 slots to cover all of your cosmetic sorting needs. The durable acrylic-like clear plastic comes in nine colors, ranging from sophisticated (Bronze Glow, Black Jewel, Clear) and classic (Pink, Purple, Blue Brilliance) to just plain fun (Teal Thrill, Glitter, Tie Dye).


A Bean Bag That Hides Stuffed Animals

Tired of walking into your kid’s room only to feel like the stuffed animals will overtake you? Since it’s unlikely your little chaos creator is willing to part with their favorite plushies, you’re going to have to find a covert way to keep them out of sight. Well, here it is. This extra-large “Stuff ‘n Sit” holds about 90 standard-size plush toys, so they’ll never be far from your kiddo — but you won’t have to see them all over their room. Plus, it creates a comfy seat!


A Sink Sponge Holder

This may seem like a small tool, but a sponge holder gives your dish soap more space on the sink and helps preserve your sponge. It allows your soap to drain out instead of soaking water and detergent. This will help your sponge stay fresher longer.


Under The Bed Storage Bags

Is your house overwhelmed with clutter? Hide the extras under your bed in a sleek way using them under the bed storage. The pack comes with four drawers that have a beautifully intricate woven design.

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