Product Reviews Editors Say These Are The 60 Weirdest, Most Genius Things Under $30 On Amazon

These people look at hundreds and hundreds of Amazon products a week.

Written by Amanda Pellegrino
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No one knows how to find a genius product on Amazon better than a commerce editor. After endless amounts of time spent sifting through the wilds of the internet to find the best and most interesting products, some things are just so impressive, the editors buy it themselves. From innovative storage hacks to gorgeous but budget-friendly home decor, here are 60 weird but genius things under $30 on Amazon that our product reviews editors love.


These Best-Selling Sheet Straps That Keep Your Linens Tucked In

Commerce editor Carolyn Menyes calls these bed sheet straps “the No. 1 best thing I have ever bought off of Amazon.” And she isn’t alone. These straps are a bestseller with over 34,000 five-star ratings. They feature three stainless steel clips that hook onto the corners of your fitted sheet underneath the mattress to keep it tucked in no matter how much rolling around you do at night. They’re gentle on fabric, feature adjustable bungee cord locks, and are so sleek you’ll never feel them beneath the mattress.


A Lightweight Neck Light With 3 Brightness Levels & Color Temperatures

“I use this for crafting and am very impressed by how much I can adjust the lighting and the gooseneck arms to see exactly what I'm doing,” says Menyes. This LED light sits around your neck and features three brightness levels and three color temperatures — cool white, warm white, and amber — to give you adjustable, targeted light hands-free. Plus, it’s rechargeable and has up to an 80-hour battery life on one charge.


The Moisturizing Hair Wax Stick That Tames Flyaways & Frizz

“I have curly hair, so I get the worst flyways,” says Menyes. “This hair wax definitely tames them for a sleek ponytail. It doesn't leave my hair greasy and washes out pretty easily.” Packed with beeswax, vitamin E, and a bunch of nourishing oils, this stick deeply repairs and regenerates your hair fibers, while also smoothing frizz, taming flyaways, and leaving your hair looking soft, shiny, and sleek. It’s easy to apply, just push up — no fingers required. The end result looks natural and won’t leave you with a sticky, greasy, or hard residue.


These Breathable Under-Bed Storage Bags With Clear Tops

Menyes also recommends these narrow storage bags, which are great for taking advantage of the oft overlooked space underneath your bed. “My apartment only has two closets,” she explains, “so these bags have been a total game-changer for out-of-season clothing and bedding.” They’re made of a super breathable material with reinforced handles and a clear plastic top that zips open on three sides so you can easily see and access everything inside.


This Sturdy 5-Tier Shelf That Hangs In Your Closet

Another easy and budget-friendly solution Menyes recommends if you’re low on storage space is adding this hanging shelf to your closet. It has five reinforced tiers which are great for storing your sweatshirts, pants, and jeans to free up dresser space. They also feature six mesh side pockets on the side for your sunglasses, hats, scarves, and other accessories. And the whole thing is on two hooks with a metal frame that keep it sturdy and secure.


This Sturdy Over-The-Door Hook Shaped Like A Cute Cat

“Anything cat themed is a-OK in my book,” Menyes says, “and installing these over your door is super easy.” This cat-shaped hook has such a thin silhouette that you can hang it over your door and it won’t stand in the way of opening or closing it. The cat is made from long-lasting iron, has two hooks — in each of the cat’s paws — and can hold up to 20 pounds.


An Easy-To-Apply Lip Scrub That Moisturizes While It Exfoliates

“My lips are often chapped, and this exfoliator really works to scrub away dry, flaky skin,” Menyes says. Not only does it use exfoliating sugar to buffer and soften your lips, but it’s also infused with shea butter, jojoba oil, and avocado oil to nourish and moisturize your lips at the same time. It’s a a great primer to prep your lips when you want to wear lipstick, and Menyes notes that she also likes the tube it comes in “so I don’t have to use my fingers.”


These Nonstick Tortilla Pans For Restaurant-Quality Taco Bowls

Menyes loves these tortilla shell pans, calling them “all the fun of a restaurant taco salad at a fraction of the price.” They have a wavy, nonstick surface that allows your tortilla to bake into the perfect shape of a bowl in which you can add all your taco favorites. Simply add your tortilla, press it into the curves, bake for eight to 10 minutes, and there you have it. “These also take up very little cabinet space,” Menyes notes — essential for easy storage.


These Powerful, Cheap Sponges To Deep Clean Walls, Appliances & More

“I love how cheap these are, so I use them multiple times a week, whether I'm wiping stains off my counter or giving my beloved white sneakers some TLC,” Menyes says. Simply dampen these powerful sponges, wring out any excess water, and start scrubbing your appliances, shoes, walls, pots or pans, tile, grout — you name it — and get them looking good as new. Then just let them dry and reuse again and again until it slowly starts to decompose.


These Soothing Under-Eye Masks That Brighten & Rejuvenate

“I've had dark circles under my eyes for as long as I can remember, and these help to refresh my skin in ways that my everyday moisturizer just can't,” Menyes says. Not only are these masks super budget-friendly for a large batch — which makes it easier to justify wearing them often — but they work on dry, combination, or oily skin to brighten, rejuvenate, and de-puff your under eye area in just 20 minutes. Pro tip: toss them in the refrigerator for an added cooling benefit.


An Electric Lighter That Automatically Turns Off After 10 Seconds

“I hate the smell of matches, and nothing is more frustrating than running out of fuel in a lighter when I want to vibe out with a candle,” Menyes says. “This lighter has been a total game-changer for me. It charges quickly and lights super well.” It features a super long and flexible neck topped with an ARC pulse ignition that lights your wick with an electric current while keeping your fingers and hands safe from the fire. It has a windproof design — great for lighting candles on your deck or a fire while camping — and features a safety lock and circuit protection so you can relax without the worry.


A Digital Meat Thermometer That Gives Accurate Readings In Mere Seconds

Whether you’re a new cook or a seasoned pro, a meat thermometer is a must-have in the kitchen, according to Menyes. “I used to chronically overcook chicken and undercook red meat,” she says, “but not anymore.” This popular, budget friendly option is waterproof, heat resistant, and gives you a read on the backlit digital screen in under three seconds. Plus, it has a handy temperature guide directly on the handle so you can reference it at a glance.


These Easy-To-Use Foot Masks That Make Dry & Callused Skin Peel Away

Menyes says these foot peel masks packed with a blend of oils, extracts, and fruit acids are “way more efficient than any pedicure I've ever had.” Just slip your feet into the pre-lotioned booties, wear them for 60 minutes, remove, rinse, and watch as dead skin, dry skin and calluses peel away within two weeks. They leave your feet feeling soft, smooth, and ready for sandal season.


This Sheer, Tinted Mineral Sunscreen That Seamlessly Blends

“Some mineral sunscreens make my sweat bead and give me that horrible white cast, but this one doesn't, all while protecting my face from the sun — something I'm pretty diligent about,” Menyes says. Not only does this sunscreen have an SPF of 30, but it’s also packed with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to calm, hydrate, and soothe your skin, all while protecting it from the sun. It has a slight tint to give you a subtle, glowy tan and can be worn alone or as a primer underneath makeup.


These Satin Pillowcases That Are Soft & Smooth On Your Hair & Skin

Menyes, along with over 223,000 fans give these best-selling pillowcases five stars. “It's hard to believe, but the hype around these pillowcases is so real,” she says. “They're super smooth, soft, and cooling. I need them to sleep now and even travel with them.” They’re made with a buttery soft satin that is so gentle on your hair and skin, reducing red marks and sleeping wrinkles and frizzy hair. Plus, this set comes in a ton of gorgeous colors so you can match them to your bedding aesthetic.


These Teeny Disposable Cleaning Brushes That Get Into Tight Crevices

These brushes are so clever because they’re super narrow with a tiny angled scraper at the head that lets you easily get into tight spaces and crevices around your home. “I use these for cleaning awkward spaces like behind my oven knobs, in the grates of my A/C, and around the drain of my bathroom sink,” Menyes says. They can be used wet or dry, depending on the kind of mess you’re looking to wipe up. Plus, Menyes continues, “I actually like that they're disposable, because I don't have to worry about keeping a grimy brush around or cleaning it.”


A Large Salad Spinner With A Nonslip Pump & Stop Button

“I buy all of my greens from the farmers market, and cleaning them was a huge pain in the butt,” notes Menyes. “This makes washing, drying, and storing my salad mixes super easy, and it keeps my lettuce fresh for a long time, too.” With a nonslip pump and stop button, this salad spinner fits a little over 6 quarts of your favorite greens. It has a see-through bowl and top so you can always see what’s inside, and the bowl is chic enough to double as a serving vessel after you’ve washed everything.


These Cute, Reusable Wool Laundry Balls That Reduce Dryer Time

“These have been in my cart forever, because my laundry is just always a little damp at the end of every cycle, and my cat likes to eat standard dryer sheets,” Menyes says. Made of 100% organic New Zealand wool, these dryer balls fluff up your clothes, towels, and sheets while they’re in the dryer, improving air circulation and reducing overall drying time. Plus, they remove wrinkles and stop your things from tangling while they’re circling the machine.


This Makeup Setting Spray That Gives You A Matte Finish

“I'm not going to lie, I sweat easily, and my makeup used to just melt off if it was above 70 degrees,” Menyes says. “This genuinely locks my look into place, so I use it every single day.” This spray has a long-lasting formula packed with gentle Korean ingredients to lock in your flawless makeup look all day long. It guards against smudging, creasing, and fading, and it has a weightless, matte finish that leaves your skin positively glowing.


A Dumpster-Shaped Pencil Holder With Flame-Shaped Notecards

“The first time I heard the phrase 'dumpster fire,' I didn't stop laughing for like 15 minutes,” says Menyes. “This office supply holder reminds me of that joy and makes me smile every time I come across it.” Shaped like an adorably realistic dumpster, this pencil holder features three pre-divided compartments to store your pens, pencils, and other essential office supplies. Plus, it comes with yellow and orange flame-shaped notecards for a silly and fun way to give yourself reminders.


These Simple & Sleek Toothbrush Holders That Are So Brilliant

“These absolutely mystify me,” says Menyes about these tiny toothbrush holders. Made of ceramic and shaped like a small donut, they’re the perfect size to balance the bottom of your toothbrush while adding a minimalist touch to your bathroom — which is great both aesthetically and for those short on counter space. They’re so simple and unassuming, it’s brilliant.


These Highly Rated Velvet Hangers That Are Super Slim

“I love a coordinated closet, and these hangers do that all while keeping every single top firmly in place,” says Menyes. Not only do they have a slim silhouette that doesn’t take up a ton of space in your closet, but the velvet texture and soft-cut shoulder notches keep your clothes from slipping off. They have a 360 degree swivel hook, a contoured shoulder, and they can hold up to 10 pounds each, making them great for bulky winter coats and silky summer dresses.


These Adorable Dip Bowls With Kitty Imprints

These adorable sauce dishes are the perfect complement to your meal, giving you a spot for your ketchup, soy sauce, honey mustard, and other dips. “I hate it when sauces are on my plate and get all over the place,” Menyes says. Plus, “the way that the soy sauce creates a 3D kitty in these is so adorable.”

They’re made of high-fire, food safe ceramic and have a slightly raised edge that keeps sauce from spilling and causing a messy disaster. And they’re stackable for easy storage in your kitchen cabinets between uses.


These Squeeze Up Treats That Your Cat Will Love

These squeezable cat treats are packed with a thick and creamy puree with protein, and Menyes calls them her “cat's No. 1 favorite thing.” They’re super easy to feed to your cat – just squeeze the tube into your cat’s mouth and they’ll be satisfied with their snack while you’re satisfied with the mess-free delivery. Other cat owners (and cats) are fans, too. These treats have a 4.8-star rating after over 17,000 reviews.


A Dish Brush That Neatly Rests Against The Edge Of Your Sink

“Puddles of water around the kitchen sink are one of my biggest icks, which is why this dish brush has been a game changer for me,” says commerce editor Danielle Kraese. It has a sturdy curved head with a nylon brush and an integrated scraper that makes scrubbing your pots, pans, and plates way easier. And it has a built-in rest with a nonslip grip that hangs over your sink’s edge so the brush stays inside and there’s no countertop mess. “Another plus,” Kraese notes, “It fits inside my wide-mouth water bottles.”


The Moisturizing Hair Cream That 1 Editor Calls A “Game Changer”

“I've never loved a hair product the way I love this protein cream,” says commerce editor Karen Belz. “I feel like it hydrates my hair, and keeps it looking orderly on shampoo days. The first day I tried it was a complete game changer.” This leave-in conditioner contains rosemary extract, vitamin B5, and silk protein that absorbs into your hair to revitalize, repair, and hydrate for silky looking locks. The lightweight formula offers UV and heat protection, prevents split ends, and doesn’t make your hair feel greasy or hard.


This Note Pad That Lets You Vent & Let Out Your Adult Tantrum

“These paper tantrums are the perfect way to help you explore your big angry feelings without accidentally taking it out on a loved one,” says Belz. “They help add a little humor to your bad mood, and are simply a fun way to communicate.”

The notepad comes with 50 sheets of tantrum paper you can rip off and keep to yourself or hand to your loved ones if you want to explain your mood. They feature sections to fill out how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling that way, additional notes, and ways in which your loved one can respond or support you through your big feelings.


The Compact Mosquito Repellent Incense That Burns For 24 Minutes

This conical mosquito repellent is infused with different kinds of oils — from rosemary to peppermint to citronella — to keep mosquitos away while you’re eating dinner, hosting a party, or just hanging outside. Each cone in pack of 36 has a 24-minute burn time — perfect for dinner outside. As a bonus, this set comes with a ceramic dish to hold the cone while it’s burning. “I've tried the stick version, and it really works!” says commerce editor Allison Bolt. “But this cone-shaped option looks perfect for small outdoor spaces (and possibly less messy).”


A Chic Cold Brew Bottle That Makes Up To 5 Cups

“This cold brew maker is seriously easy to use, looks impressive, and honestly makes my usual coffee routine feel more expensive,” says Bolt. Simply pour water into the base of the bottle, add your favorite grounds to the built-in strainer, close the lid, shake, and watch as a delicious cold brew is born. It holds up to 5 cups, and it’s not limited to coffee — you can also make iced tea, or simply infuse your water with fruits or herbs.


These Holographic Acne Patches That Work In Mere Hours

Bolt is also a fan of acne patches, noting that these holographic ones would “definitely make nightly skin care more fun.” They come in a bunch of adorable shapes and funky colors, but don’t worry, they’re packed with salicylic acid and hydrocolloid to absorb gunk and reduce the look of your troublesome pimple. Just leave them on for eight hours — overnight is recommended — and let them do their magic.


This Mesh Brush That Expertly Cleans Your Screens

“What's the point of cleaning your windows if the screens still make them look dull/dirty?” Bolt asks. This flat brush features long, sturdy fibers that dig into the tiny screen holes to get them looking good as new without removing the screen from the frame. It has two handles, a close ergonomic one and a long one that can be attached to get into higher areas.


These Revitalizing Eye Patches That Cool, Soothe & Brighten

“I'm actually obsessed with how cute these eye patches are,” says commerce editor Amy Biggart. “I put them in the fridge before I use them and they are so relaxing!” These masks are super soothing because they’re infused with cucumber extract and other essential vitamins and minerals. To use, just place the pads over your eyes, relax for five to 15 minutes, and then remove to reveal rejuvenated, refreshed, and brighter skin. Plus, they’re individually wrapped, so you can bring them with you anywhere you go.


These Adjustable Sauce Clips That Mount To Your Car’s Air Vent

“These sauce clips are so genius — they're game changers for long car rides,” says Biggart. With a universal mount that rotates and locks into 16 different positions, the clips attach to your car’s air vent to hold small, large, and round sauces so you can easily dip and drive. They even come with removable ramekin that you can pour your sauce into if the container doesn’t fit.


This Quick & Easy Veggie Chopper With 76,000 5-Star Ratings

With over 76,000 five-star ratings, this kitchen essential has many fans, including Biggart. “This food chopper is so great, and it makes really quick work of meal prep,” she explains. It comes with four interchangeable stainless steel blades for small dicing, large dicing, spiraling, and ribboning. It has a large catch-all tray to keep things mess-free while you’re meal prepping, and it comes with a ton of tools that make cleaning a breeze.


This Gorgeous Primer That Gives You A Subtle Glow

“I've been testing out a bunch of primers recently, and this one is so great,” says Biggart. “It does so much of the work of a highlighter, and goes on so smoothly.” Packed with shea butter and glycerin, this lightweight primer comes in five shades and can be applied as a highlighter or a contour. Wear it alone for a sun-kissed, dewy glow or wear it underneath your foundation as a primer to prep for your makeup look. Plus, it’s super hydrating to reveal rejuvenated, stunning skin.


A Highly Rated Phone Stand That You Can Fold & Take Anywhere

“I will shout from the rooftops about this phone stand,” says Biggart. “It folds down so small, I can tuck it in my pocket. I don't know how I lived without it.” Not only is it pocket sized when folded down, but when it’s unfolded, you can adjust the height to display your phone ergonomically while you’re using it. It has a weighted metal base and a nonslip rubber bottom to keep it sturdy while you’re using it. And there’s a space at the bottom so you can charge your phone while you’re using it.


A Pack Of Wine Purifiers That Remove Histamines & Sulfites

“I bought this for my sister who has been complaining of headaches after even just one glass of wine,” Biggart says. “She loves it.” Simply stir one of these single-use wands into your red, white, or sparkling wine, let it sit, and then drink. The filter enhances the natural taste of your wine, while removing histamines, sulfates, and other things that commonly cause hangovers. It can also be used to refresh a bottle that’s been open for a while.


This Hydrating Eye Stick That Cools & De-Puffs

“I love this eye stick; its cooling formula makes for such a relaxing step in my skincare,” says Biggart. It’s made with Icelandic mineral water, Iceland moss, seaweed extract, and other hydrating ingredients to relieve puffiness, brighten, nourish, and refresh your under eyes for positively glowing skin. The buttery soft texture is easy to apply and the cooling sensation feels amazing — especially the morning after a night out or a tough night’s sleep.


These Facial Razors With Super Slim Precision Blades

These facial razors use ultra sharp precision blades to exfoliate skin and remove unwanted hair for super smooth skin. “It's made such a difference in how my makeup applies and stays on throughout the day,” Biggart says. Each razor has a single blade that creates a smooth base to better absorb serums and moisturizers. They also prime your face so your makeup applies evenly and seamlessly for glowing skin.


This Super Cheap Ribbed Bralette That’s So Cozy & Soft

“I could talk about how much I love this bralette for ages,” Biggart says. “It's so comfy, and I own four of them now.” This piece is made by fan-favorite brand Hanes, so you know it’s cozy. And this bralette features a ribbed knit fabric with a touch of spandex for a close but stretchy fit. It’s totally seamless, so you won’t have any itchy seams pressing into your skin, and the hook and eye clasp is adjustable so you can customize the support to exactly what you need.

  • Available sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Available colors: 7


This Ceramic Vase That’s Tied Together With An Adorable Bow

Biggart also loves this vase, saying it’s “so unique and cute — it'd look chic on any table or bookshelf.” This high-quality ceramic vase is absolutely stunning, mimicking the design of a package of bouquets, with an adorable, on-trend bow tying it all together. It has nonslip pads on the bottom to prevent it from scratching your surfaces. The matte surface adds some subtle texture and you can paint it to customize it even more.


These Easy-To-Use Tablets That Easily Clean Your Water Bottles

If you’re always stressing about cleaning your emotional support water bottles like commerce editor Cristina Sanza, she recommends these cleaning tablets that work on stainless steel, plastic, silicone, glass, and more. Simply add one of these into your bottle, mug, or glass, fill it with warm water, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse it out and it looks good as new — without leaving any residue.


This Garbage Bag Dispenser With A Built-In Shelf

“For a simple (yet brilliant!) tool, this makes my kitchen feel surprisingly fancy,” says commerce editor Cassandra Seale. “I also love that it adds storage space to my cabinet.”

This garbage bag holder hooks to a kitchen cabinet door and can fit a standard roll of 13 gallon bags, dispensing them one-by-one as needed. The steel bracket has nonslip pads to protect your doors from scratches, and it has a built-in shelf with raised edges that is perfect for holding sponges, extra bag rolls, and other kitchen cleaning essentials.


This Softening Balm That’s Perfect For A Double Cleansing Routine

“I'm new (and sporadic) when it comes to double cleansing, but it does make my skin feel more deep-clean than single,” says Seale. “This has the most delicious orange scent and all around feels silky and hydrating as it melts away makeup.”

This oil-based cleanser is infused with pearl barley, vitamin E, and other antioxidants that not only cleans and dissolves makeup, but also nourishes and protects your skin. Simply used the included spatula to scoop out a generous amount, warm it up with your fingertips, gently massage onto your skin, then rinse with lukewarm water and a washcloth to reveal clean and glowing skin.


This Novelty Bag That’s Shaped Like An Adorable Goose

“This is the cutest little bag, and I get compliments on it all the time,” Seale says. That’s unsurprising considering its adorable design. The bag features a white base, a long white neck, a yellow beak, and yellow feet to create a charming goose that hangs over your arm for a standout accessory. It has one main zipper pocket, and one inner pocket to keep your smaller essentials. “I did add a more substantial strap,” Seale added. “Perfect for spring!”


This Teaser Toy That Will Occupy Your Cat For Hours

“My cat is obsessed with this — if she even hears me move it she runs out,” Seale says. “Got one for a friend's cat who doesn't like to play and she was similarly engaged! Something about it awakens their little predator.”

With a 36-inch rod, the toy features a fun and colorful feather topper that will keep your kitty engaged and excited, pawing and jumping for it all day long. Other reviewers said it’s super high-quality, and that it effortlessly imitates a bird flying around, guaranteed to catch and keep your cat’s attention.


This Clear Primer That’s Great For DIY Furniture Projects

“This magical stuff helped me paint over an ugly/cheap Ikea dresser with ease [...], says Seale. “It's like I have a whole new piece of furniture and it was a pretty fun and breezy DIY project.”

The clear primer uses bonding agents with no harsh chemicals to create a porous surface to help paint stuck better to laminate, glass, metal, wood, and more. It has a completely clear finish that not only prevents paint from peeling or scratching off, but also allows you to distress your furniture and see the natural wood underneath.


This Stainless Steel Wind Spinner That’s Mystifying To Watch

Seale also raves about this stainless steel wind spinner, saying it just “looks really cool in a backyard.” The metal is laser cut to form this vivid, captivating shape that moves with the wind to create different 3D shapes depending on the angle you’re looking at it from. It vividly reflects light and comes with a convenient hanging hook to add it to your porch, patio, yard, or balcony.


This Hydrating Serum That Creates Thicker, Fuller Brows

“A swipe of this every night has made eyebrow pencil a thing of the past for me,” raves commerce editor Anna Anderson. Infused with ginseng root and tuber fleeceflower, this serum strengthens, promotes hair growth, and repairs damaged hair for overall thicker, fuller brows. The brand claims that after using it for about two to four weeks, the serum boosts growth and improves the look and feel of your brows.


These Microwaveable Oven Mitts That Are Designed To Hold Bowls

These bowl-shaped pot holders do it all. “These are surprisingly useful,” notes commerce editor Lauren Beach. “They protect your hands and also your table from damage from hot bowls. They wash up great, too.”

They’re made of heat resistant polyester and are great for removing hot dishes from the oven or microwave, as well as carrying hot dishes to and from the table. They can be used to protect your hands while you’re eating, or as a trivet while serving to the whole family. Plus, the reinforced edges ensure they won’t lose their shape.


This Shaving Butter Bar That’s Hydrating & Won’t Clog Your Razor

“This shave bar works great (even for sensitive skin) and there's no plastic waste,” Beach says. It’s made with shea butter and white tea to soften and soothe your skin, and the formula creates a lush, foamy finish that nourishes without leaving a gross residue that clogs your pores or razor. It’s great for dry, oily, or combination skin, and helps your razor slide over your skin for a super close shave.


A Rotating Dishwasher Magnet That Tells You If It’s Clean Or Dirty

Beach also loves this stainless steel dishwasher magnet. “This isn't an eyesore and it makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page about whether your dishes are clean or dirty,” she says. “So useful.” It features the words “Clean” and “Dirty” on either side of the magnet, allowing you to flip it depending on the status of your dishwasher. It has a brushed stainless steel exterior and a strong magnetic back to stick firmly to your appliance.


This 3-In-1 Tool That Removes Hair & Fuzzies From Your Brush

“Finally, something that can get the lint fuzzies off all my hairbrushes,” says Beach of this clever tool. It has three separate ways to clean your hairbrush — stiff short bristles to brush, long bristles for dust and fluff, and a pointed tip to rake out anything else. Together, the three points of this cleaner remove loose hair as well as those random fuzzies that seem to collect.


This Herb & Spice Infuser That Makes Removing Stems Super Easy

This silicone spice infuser is great for adding “flavor to your food without worrying about fishing the herbs out later,” Beach notes. Simply open the bone-shaped lid, add your favorite herbs and spices into the drumstick-shaped base, close the lid, and let it float in your pot until your delicious dish is ready. Then, you can easily remove the spices in one fell swoop without having to pick them out individually.


This Rechargeable Glow Stick That’s 100% Waterproof

Beach also loves the cool look of these rechargeable glow sticks. They’re 100% waterproof so you can use them to spice up your bath or shower, or play with them outside in the rain. They have three color options — red, green, and blue — as well as a color-changing feature for added fun. Plus, they come with a built-in S-biner that allows you to clip it to your backpack, belt loop, or more while you’re camping, walking, or traveling.


This Silicone Boot For Your Stanley That Prevents Noise & Scratching

“This silicone boot will protect the bottom of your Stanley from damage [...]” says Beach. Simply slip it onto the bottom of your favorite Stanley water bottle, and it prevents scratches while also helping soften the tinny noise should it fall to the ground. It fits multiple-sized Stanleys and comes in a ton of gorgeous colors so you can maintain that cool, monochromatic look.


This Buttery Soft Satin Body Pillow Cover With 24,000 5-Star Reviews

“This body pillow cover is genius — it zips up the long side, making it a breeze to change,” Beach recommends. “The material is soft and silky, too.” It’s made of buttery soft satin that’s so gentle it prevents redness on your face and breakage in your hair while you’re sleeping. It comes in a bunch of colors to match your bedroom aesthetic, and the invisible size zipper is definitely an important thing to note — easy to get off and get on to clean.


This Form-Fitting Migraine Cap That Can Be Used Hot Or Cold

Commerce editor Mallory Moreno loves this migraine cap, calling it “a must-have for anyone who wants relief from headaches. It's so soothing and relaxing.” The one-size-fits-most cap is form-fitting, featuring 360-degree coverage around your entire head and eyes. Plus, it can be put in the microwave for 15 seconds or the freezer for 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on whether hot or cold therapy will soothe your headaches.


This Strengthening Treatment For Dry Or Brittle Nails

“This is the rare nail product that doesn't just cover up nails that look like they've had better days, but actually seems to make my nails feel and look a little healthier,” says commerce editor Jen Fiegel. The treatment is packed with tea tree oil, calcium, and vitamin E that strengthens, revives, and locks in moisture for long-lasting protection. Plus, it’s also a vibrant polish available in a bunch of stunning transluscent colors to give your nails a little pop.


This Trigger Lock That’s Compatible With Many Dyson Vacuums

“If your finger gets sore from pulling the Dyson trigger... someone came up with a fix for that,” Fiegel says. Simply mount it onto your vacuum’s trigger and let it lock it into place for you. It’s compatible with right- and left-handed users, and works on many common Dyson vacuums so you don’t have to worry about finger or hand pain and you can focus on getting your floor and furniture clean as can be.