This Nap Bar Is The Stuff Parents’ Dreams Are Made Of

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook

A bar where we can take naps? Yes, please

If there’s one thing parents will beg, borrow or steal to attain, it’s extra shut-eye. We’re all so desperate for sleep we’d even give up a night out if it meant catching more Z’s. Now, we can do both at once because there’s a bar where we can take naps.

No, we’re not kidding.

A bar in Madrid is making parental dreams come true with the opening of Siesta & Go, which is exactly what it sounds like. You siesta (nap) and leave.

Like, seriously? Why aren’t these on every block in every city in every country in the entire freaking world?

What parent wants to get dressed in actual pants (ew), spend a bunch of money they don’t have on a babysitter, drinks, appetizers and dinner when they could have the actual holy grail instead?

Uninterrupted sleep.

Oh, and also, WIFI, coffee, newspapers, slippers, and nightshirts. You can pay for sleep space by the minute or by the hour with an hour costing around $14-16 American dollars. It’s pretty much the god damn deal of the century when you consider that might buy you just one or two cocktails at an actual bar. All the rest and none of the pesky post-baby hangover, because you know you can’t hang like you used to.

Guests can pre-book a room, either private or shared, or walk in to see if any of the 19 beds are unoccupied and waiting for you to pass the hell out for a blissful hour or two. If public napping isn’t really your thing but you’re in need of a quiet space (which, hello, of course we are) you can also rent a work space or an armchair to simply sit and read in peace.

Is this heaven? Did we all die?

As far as cleanliness, no worries — everything in the joint is professionally cleaned regularly and their bedding and clothing are single-use. So we can nap in a cozy bed wearing a cool night shirt and not even have to do the laundry after? Sign. Us. Up.

Of course some will say this is silly and why not sleep for free at home while your spouse promises to keep the kids quiet and do whatever chores are hanging over your head? Problem is, that never happens. If I try to lay down mid-day while my husband and kids are home, I’m lucky to get 10 minutes of quiet before someone is asking me where the extra juice boxes are or when I’m going to “stop being tired, momma.” For parents, it seems the best way to get total silence and relaxation is to pay up.

Totally worth it.

H/T: Refinery29