Singer Macklemore Incurs The Wrath Of The Internet For Co-Sleeping With Baby Daughter

by Valerie Williams
Image via Shutterstock

Celebrities. They’re just like us. Well, in the fact that even they get shamed and judged for their parenting in the most ridiculous of ways. Possibly, even more than us regular parents. Macklemore recently posted some adorable snaps of him napping with his baby girl and naturally, the internet Sanctimommy patrol is out in full-force to make sure he knows just how terrible he is for potentially endangering his baby girl. Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

Macklemore posted this sweet image to his Instagram and Facebook accounts of him snoozing with infant daughter, Sloane.

Image via Instagram

There is nothing better, I totally agree. However, the internet wasn’t quite so supportive. Here is a sampling of the comments from Macklemore’s Facebook page letting him know exactly what wrong he is doing:

Adorable! But babies who co-sleep shouldn’t be swaddled, since they can’t push away the adult if they get too close!

Awwww! That’s sweet! As long as the dad doesn’t roll over on the baby.

This is soo wrong on soo many levels. A person cannot sleep with a baby in same bed as them cuz person could always roll over on the baby and that’s why it’s wrong

Not always safe for the little baby, though…….

no to be bitchy and all but co-sleeping is a major risk factor of infant sudden death, it’s not cute, it’s dangerous.

As a med student I need to say that this it’s actually quite dangerous. A lot of children die sleeping with their parents. Children should sleep always in their own bed or with u if you are awake.

Cute pic though

A few things, here. First of all, someone took that picture which means there is another adult around while he takes a nap with his baby. I know my husband and I did this several times when our kids were infants and one of us was awake and puttering around the house while the other rested next to the baby. Second of all, who died and made these Facebook fans the judge and jury of all things parenting? In desperate moments, I’m sure we’ve all done things with our babies that maybe weren’t by the book, but they worked for us. If he were home alone with the baby, perhaps he would’ve taken more caution with pillow and blanket placement. Maybe he doesn’t nap with his daughter at all if there is another adult around. The fact is, we really don’t know any details except what this cute picture tells us and what we can discern is that there is someone else around keeping tabs on this baby.

At the end of the day, do any of these sanctimonious Facebook fans really think they’re going to change the way Macklemore parents his child with their holier-than-thou comments? It’s silly to judge other parents and even sillier to judge a celebrity with a huge following who probably doesn’t even read those comments. As he shouldn’t, since most of them are nonsense. How about we stop judging him and others like him? We all have things we could be doing differently or better with our children so maybe those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The intentions may have been good, but it’s probably falling on deaf ears and only fuels the Mommy Wars fire.