Hallelujah! Whoopi Goldberg And Tyler Perry Producing 'Sister Act 3' For Disney+

by Kristine Cannon

Goldberg will star in the sequel, too

It’s official: Whoopi Goldberg and Tyler Perry are reviving the Sister Act franchise. Goldberg will not only produce Sister Act 3 alongside Perry, but the award-winning actress will also star in the much-anticipated sequel that’ll premiere on Disney+. The big news was announced on Disney Investor Day on Thursday, along with dozens of other exciting sequel announcements, including Disenchanted, a sequel to the hit film, Enchanted, starring Amy Adams.

“Sister Act 3 is in development!” Disney+ tweeted. “@WhoopiGoldberg returns to star and produce, with @TylerPerry as producer as well. Sister Act 3 will premiere on @DisneyPlus.”

Nearly 30 years after the premiere of Sister Act 2, Goldberg will reprise her role as lounge-singer-turned-nun Deloris Van Cartier. And it’s a role Golberg has long hoped to revive. In fact, in October, Goldberg told James Corden on The Late Late Show that she’s been working on reuniting the beloved cast.

“For a long time, they kept saying no one wanted to see it,” Goldberg told the late night host. “And then quite recently, it turns out, that may not be true. People may want to see it. So, we’re working diligently to try to figure out how to get the gang together and come back.”

For those who’ve never watched the iconic 1992 film (in which case, please do yourself a favor and watch it already; it’s on Disney+), Sister Act follows a singer (Goldberg) who goes into hiding as a nun after witnesses a crime. The film — and its 1993 sequel — were such a hit, a stage musical based on the first film premiere in 2006 and eventually made its way to Broadway in 2011 and earned a Tony award nomination.

Since, cast members of the popular Sister Act franchise have reunited over the years. For starters, Kathy Najimy, Wendy Makkena and Prudence Wright Holmes all joined Goldberg on The View in 2017 to perform songs from the film.

Goldberg and Perry are no strangers to collaborating, either. The two have worked together four times before, including more recently on Perry’s 2018 film Nobody’s Fool, which starred Tika Sumpter, Tiffany Haddish and Amber Riley.

During an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Cohen asked Goldberg a viewer question: “‘Tiffany Haddish is such a huge fan of Jumpin’ Jack Flash, she asked for a sequel. Are you gonna help make it happen?'” To which Goldberg matter-of-factly answered, “No. Because that’s not the sequel I want to do” — referring, of course, to Sister Act 3.

“The two of them in Sister Act, that should happen,” Perry said of Goldberg and Haddish on Watch What Happens Live while promoting Nobody’s Fool. “Let’s make it happen.”

And would you look at that; they are.