6-Year-Old Knows So Much About Planes He Got To Be Pilot For A Day

by Mike Julianelle
Image via YouTube/Etihad Airways

Little boy stuns pilots, wins hearts with knowledge of planes

For most of us, it not only takes years before we know what we want to be when we grow up, it takes a long time before we’re any good at it.

This six-year-old pilot – sorry, captain – has a big headstart.

Earlier this month, a video of Adam Mohammed Amer, a little boy with an impressive awareness of the cockpit and how a plane works, went viral. For good reason.

The kiddo is cute as a button, but don’t let that fool you. He’s also smart as a whip, and based on the way he impresses the adult pilots in the video with his know-how, he clearly likes airplanes much more than gladiator movies.

In the video, he explains exactly how specific controls work, and blows away Captain Samir Yahklef, the Etihad pilot peppering him with questions and filming the video.

After Adam tells Samir that he too wants to be a captain someday, Samir asks to met the boy’s parents. Clearly that happened, as the next time we see Adam, he’s running up the steps at an Etihad Airways facility to don the world’s cutest pilot outfit and take a spin in the flight simulator.

Little Adam looks and sounds the part as he brings the simulator in for a landing and greets his imaginary passengers arriving in Abu Dhabi.

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop forcing my seven-year-old to study flying.

I’m not gonna lie, this budding pilot impresses me, but he also depresses me. My son can’t even make a paper airplane fly. Heck, neither can I.

Kudos to the little dude for being so passionate about planes at such a young age. Here’s hoping he stays focused on flying and isn’t one of those kids *coughMINEcough* who falls hard for something but quickly abandons it and moves on. Then again, he’s only six, and having the freedom to explore all the different stuff that lights your fire, however briefly, is part of growing up and learning who you are.

Besides, whether or not Adam follows through on his dream to become a pilot is beside the point; he’s clearly a very bright young boy, and his engaging personality and impressive knack for detail have him well positioned to succeed at whatever career he eventually pursues.

Just ask Samir Yakhlef. It’s clear that Adam is the captain now.