You Can Buy Skull Logs To Make Your House Extra Creepy This Halloween

by Team Scary Mommy
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Skulls logs will make your house 1,000 times spookier for Halloween

Halloween is almost, almost here and these next two weeks should be spent doing all the ~spooky~ prepping. That means rewatching Hocus Pocus for the millionth time, snagging cool costumes before they inevitably sell out, and making your house as creepy as humanly possible. On that note, please allow me to introduce you to skull logs, aka the scariest Halloween accessory out there.

What’s Halloween without a literal HUMAN HEAD burning in your house? These fireproof skulls are super heavy duty, terrifyingly realistic, and roughly the same dimensions as an adult skull. All you have to do is pile them onto your fireplace, fire pit, or camp fire, and get those flames going.

First, let’s check them out individually.

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Pretty terrifying, right? Okay, now take a look at them in a fire pit with flames shooting out of their evil, gaping mouthes. Apologies in advance for all the future nightmares.

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Will you win Halloween if you burn these skulls in the dead of night? Yup, I think so.

Now that you’re officially in the haunting spirit, let’s take a gander at some other extremely spooky Halloween decorations. It’s okay to get a little (okay, a lot) extra this holiday season.

Lawn Skeleton

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If you’re going to have skulls burning in your fire pit, you might as well get this skeleton creeping up from underneath the ground. The undead needs company too.

Lawn Zombie

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And, um, while you’re at it, this zombie is creepy as hell and should definitely make an appearance on Halloween.

Cat Skeleton

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What’s spookier than a human skeleton? A cat skeleton with red glowing eyes that will literally purr at your terrified guests as they enter the house.

Giant Spider

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Is it really Halloween without an enormous hairy spider with evil red eyes taunting the neighborhood? Set this bad boy up on your porch and automatically win the award for Creepiest House On The Block.

Animated Witch

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Kick it up about 1,000 notches with this 6 and 1/2 foot tall witch that will actually lunge at your trick-or-treaters. They’ll (probably) forgive you once they get their candy.

Grim Reaper

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There’s nothing quite as whimsical as the Grim Reaper swinging on your lawn.

Zombie Clown

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I take that back. An evil clown on a swing, FTW.

Here’s to having the absolute spookiest house on the entire block. Your neighbors have officially been warned.

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