12 Things People Swear Will Help You Sleep Better

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Becoming a parent means the value of sleep increases. Parenting is the most exhausting job you’ll ever have, sleep regression is a real thing, and often times our sweet babies can’t sleep without us.

But the other thing about parenting is that it taxes our minds, which robs us of precious sleep even if the whole family is snoring away. Believe me when I tell you my teenagers sleep more than anyone I’ve ever met and I still struggle to catch some quality shut eye. Something about the emotional and mental labor of being a parent keeps our eyes wide open and our minds racing.

If you are struggling to sleep, we have some great products for you to try. People swear by this stuff, folks. And we all know if you aren’t fully rested, you aren’t going to be living your best life.

1. REN Pillow Spray


We are obsessed with this pillow spray. After you are done washing, toning, and moisturizing, give your pillow three squirts and you are off to dream land.

2. Lush Sleepy Lotion


We can’t stop talking about how well this SLEEPY lotion works, how good it smells, and the fact that it’s under $10. Take a warm shower and rub this on before bed and you’ll be off to dream land before you know it.

3. Bath & Body Works Lavender Spray


Another great pillow spray with hints of vanilla, this spray goes on your pillow and helps relax your body and mind. And at a minimum, it smells really fantastic.

4. Sleepytime Tea


Sleepytime tea has been helping us fall asleep for decades with its blend of lemongrass, chamomile, and spearmint. I especially like having a cup while watching a good show or reading before bed.

5. Lavender Oil


Are you sensing a theme? Lavender is like a magic sleep elixir. We love lavender oil — it can be diffused or added to another carrier oil or lotion for topical use.

6. Calm Magnesium Powder


People have been using magnesium to help them sleep since the beginning of time, and right now, this magnesium powder is all the rage. Just make yourself a fizzy beverage with the powder right before bed and it helps you feel calm and relaxed.

7. Melatonin


My sister introduced me to melatonin years ago and told me she couldn’t sleep without it. Since then I’ve realized almost everyone I know has it in their home and takes it about a half hour before they go to bed — works like a charm.

8. Valerian Root


Valerian root is an herb used to promote good sleep and help manage stress and anxiety. Much like melatonin, it works best if taken about a half hour before bed with food and water.

9. Weighted Blankets


The weighted blanket makes us feel safe and secure because when one is draped over you, it feels like a hug. Lots of people say these blankets are the reason they are able to have a good night’s sleep.

10. Kikoko Tranquil-Tea


Cannabis comes in many forms and people swear by it all — the tea, the oil, edibles (as well as doing it the old fashion way and burning one before bed) — to help them feel relaxed. But people say this tea has worked better than any other cannabis product they’ve tried to help them fall asleep.

11. White Noise Machine


My youngest has always had trouble sleeping, but when I discovered he loved the sound of a white noise machine and it made him fall asleep faster, it was a game changer. We love this one as it has ten different sounds depending on your mood.

12. Moonbeam Sleep Aid


This light helps you fall asleep because of its “gently pulsing light that projects on your ceiling, creating a hypnotic effect that helps quiet anxious thoughts and slow down your breathing to a sleep-inducing level.”

Sleep is important and we all know the feeling of rolling around in bed at night in a panic because you have to get up soon. So try slathering on some calm, spraying your pillow with lavender and vanilla before you drift into dreamland or for a better result, mix a few of the products together — I personally love a noise machine and lavender oil after a hot bath.

Is it bedtime yet?

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