'SNL' Skit 'Let Kids Drink' Is The Video Tired Parents Need

by Julie Scagell
SNL Let Kids Drink skit

‘SNL’ gives hilarious take on how to get through the remaining days of quarantine with kids

Leave it to Saturday Night Live to say what we’re all thinking. After day lord-only-knows of quarantine, all most of us want for Mother’s Day is to be alone, locked in a room with Netflix with our favorite beverage of choice and some peace and goddamn quiet. One way to accomplish this? According to SNL, just let our kids drink. (Yes, they are kidding; and, yes, some people are actually outraged).

“Well, Mother’s Day is Sunday,” SNL cast member Kenan Thompson sings, kicking off one of a few musical sketches in the #SNLatHome season finale. “Father’s Day’s in June,” said fellow castmember Cecily Strong. “It’s been a hard-ass time for families,” Beck Bennett added. “Feel like animals in a zoo,” Aidy Bryant sang.

And then things took a turn.

They continue singing: “Parents could use some help these days. Kids could use some, too. So, given the special circumstance, we’d like to introduce a special rule. Just like Mom and Dad. If they got a little buzz on, would it really be so bad?”


The cast members took turns singing their defense of letting our kids tie one on, saying in part, “They used to give kids whiskey to help them fall asleep. So a teeny, tiny White Claw is just a babysitter on the cheap!” Well said.

“They let kids drink wine in France, a bottle or two a day. We asked Child Services and they said it was OK!” That seals the deal then.

People took to Twitter afterward to offer their opinion, and it’s worth noting — again — that SNL is a comedy sketch show, and they do not, in fact, condone children drinking.


The show even enlisted Frozen star Josh Gad to help drive home the skit. Gad, singing as his character Olaf, belts out, “Let kids drink. Disney said it’s fine …” before looking at the lyrics sheet and asking, “What is this?” — while “not approved by Disney. Multiple lawsuits pending” scrolls across the bottom.

Aside from the funny moments, SNL also had musical guest Boyz II Men on to sing the “Mama,” which, if you haven’t had a good cry today, grab some tissues because you’ll need them. Cast member Michael Che introduced them by giving a shout out to all the moms, especially the ones who can’t be with their kids today because of the pandemic and those we’ve lost this year.

Unfortunately, this episode marked the finale for its 45th season. We thank them for running the show from their homes and giving us a little bit of normalcy during this crazy time.