SNL Makes Fun Of That Bizarre Mirror Workout In Cursed Sketch

by Madison Vanderberg
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Ever thought there was something off about the viral pandemic Mirror workout? Yeah, SNL thought so too

Raise your hand if you purchased any at-home workout equipment or signed up for some online streaming exercise class during the pandemic? Now raise your hand if you’ve used or done any of those said exercises. Cool, kay, all on the same page. Pandemic at-home workout gear was a fun experiment in “exercise capitalism,” with brands like Peloton rolling out uber-expensive bikes so you could cycle at home. However, the absolute weirdest at-home workout appliance was Mirror, which is a $1500 mirror that looks like a regular-old mirror except this one plays videos of fitness instructors inside the reflective area — as if the fitness instructors are trapped inside the glass. SNL, naturally, had something to say about this.

Not only is Mirror expensive, it gives me the creeps? What if it just turns on in the middle of the night and the fitness instructions inside just start…talking to you? “No that’s not a home invasion, that’s just my boxing instructor! Whoopsie!”

SNL’s sketch on Saturday, February 27, 2021 featured host Nick Jonas and regular Heidi Gardner playing Mirror-based fitness instructors. Everything’s going fine and normal as the Mirror instructors lead Mikey Day and Chris Redd in a workout when an elderly woman named Shannon Delgado appears in the mirror and is like, “Help I’m trapped inside this workout mirror.”

Shannon Delgado is played with perfect precision by Kate McKinnon as it’s revealed that she got stuck inside the mirror when the mirror’s overlord, a demon named Azuzel (played by Pete Davidson), banished her there to spend an eternity trapped inside a mirror, teaching people how to squat.

It was so delightfully deranged, though some people online are just like, “Okay but how do I get Nick Jonas as the fitness instructor in MY mirror?”

Mirror, as in the actually company that SNL was spoofing, took it all in stride, posting on social “thanks to Saturday Night Live for the feature! Nick Jonas, we’ll hold your teaching spot.”

SNL kinda killed it last night. In other noteworthy sketches, the “murder show” skit made fun of the fact that everyone seems to watch true crime docu-series about serial killers and murder as a form of self-care now. Because nothing says relaxation like an 8-part series on a violent murderer! “A body builder chopped an old lady,” McKinnon sings in the musical parody. “I watch while I text my sister about her baby.”

Between that, Nick Jonas pulling double-duty as host and musical guest, and a sketch called “So You Think You Want The Vaccine” — it was a damn good SNL.

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